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  1. oooooo I sure like INDIGO/ BN Might be a good color combo.
  2. WOW. My mission came in the mail today. It really did put a little sunshine into my day! I have been sick, and this was the pick me up I needed! Today I got a coin that looks like a Airbrush for painting. I also got a Big Bear Cache Bash coin that was on my seeking list. To the person who sent me these wonderful coins, I thank you! I liked the song reference too! Now I am walking on sunshine and yes, it feels good. Mousekakat thank you for thinking of and setting up these missions!
  3. WooHoo. Quite the run! It does not surprise me. Paula does such wonderful work!
  4. Good Luck Geo.Error. I have been trying to get a Anthus Firefighter for 6 months now. It is truly a HTF coin.
  5. me and my computer are gonna go rounds today... arrg. sorry to all.
  6. Ooops Sorry. Can a mod please merge the two threads? Thank you so much.
  7. I ordered mine today. Anyone else? I can't wait to have them in hand. Nice design. I bought enough for traders too.
  8. w00t. My Montana coins came today. Thank you for the trade TSUN.
  9. Where was I? I missed out on the Moab Kokopelli BN, but did get a silver version (non-trackable). Once I had the nickel version in hand I realized I should try to find the BN. If anyone has a spare they would like to trade please clicky clicky on my linky in my sig line. I also have coins not listed on my trader list. Email me and we can strike a deal. Jodi
  10. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You will be in my prayers.
  11. Wow! Another Fairy has graced me with her presence. The Highland Geofairy coin # 12 has joined my Geocoin Fairy coin # 244 in my collection of mystery coins. I have been so blessed by the generosity of the people who make mystery coins and share them with this unique community. I shall treasure this addition to my collection! Thank you Highland Geofairy! Jodi
  12. Email sent! Thank you for doing this project.
  13. Wow P, you continue to amaze me with your creativity. I would get some of these coins just from reading your description of your concept. Way to go! I anxiously await further info on the development and progression of this coin on it's journey to fruition.
  14. A Pathtag - thanks for the trade Chancerider! My very first Geocaching- The Top 40 Coin - again thanks Chancerider. My first wooden nickles - Thanks Moosey. A new watch.. I sure needed one. 2 Deaf Awareness Coins
  15. Just a quick note about my mission. I want to let him/her know that I will mail out our mission to you on Thursday, 03/06/08. I work 12 hour shifts at night, so I have been unable to send the mission. I will put it in the mail when I get up Thursday afternoon, it's my next day off. I am sorry that you have to wait a bit longer for it. Thanks for your understanding! Jodi of Team Fireboy.
  16. Steph, I haven't sent out the Trout coin to you yet, but will on Thursday, I throw in a couple extra coins for the troops event. Thank you for doing this for the men and women who fight to keep us protected! Jodi
  17. Fireboy likes # 1 for large icon and 1 for small icon I like # 6 for large icon and 2 for small icon. We can't wait! Jodi
  18. Geoswag Coins & Pins Club February geocoin - kewl design, looks like Marky's avatar.
  19. 1. Participating - Email sent 2. Received Name - Yes 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Arrived!
  20. You have been "crashed" by IB.. LOL, He has this insane ability to know when someone needs a pick me up. When he sent to me and I questioned him, his reply was "cause you were seeking them" A truly generous man!
  21. Cache of the Day is still available for sale. I emailed you Smort78.
  22. Today I got LACKEY 2007.... w00t and thanks!!!!!!!! Cosmo LE Gold...... w00t and thanks!!!!! oOOoo had to edit because I forgot I also got 5 Nudibranch coins. Prrreeety!
  23. What does it look like? After 60 trades in 2 weeks, I'm just wrapping up the rest of them this weekend, wow, never been so busy on trades alone, lol. (So anyone who is waiting on stuff to arrive, they're coming ) I'll check out the coin this weekend. Me and you need to do a little flyfishing trip Sorry about the quality of pictures, I really have a killer headache.. hard to focus. Here is the Cache of the day coin.
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