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  1. Congrats on the birth of your daughter. How is your wife doing? I know you are already wrapped around your daughter's little finger!!! Enjoy! seems like just yesterday I was changing my daughter's diaper....and poof, fast forward, she graduates from High School on May 30th. Where did the time go?????
  2. I am a premium member. I place coins in my member only caches and in my regular caches. I don't worry about who takes the coins, non-member or member. The coins are meant for people to enjoy. I would like to know where it is written in Groundspeak's rules that Premium Member caches are only for other premium members to find. How did you come to the conclusion that PM caches have nicer swag in them? I stock all my caches the same way. To the original poster, enjoy the "coin" you found. You did nothing wrong IMHO. If you email me your address I shall send you a coin as a gift to get your collection started. Jodi
  3. Email sent. I would like to trade for your other FSM coin. Jodi
  4. My day has been brightened by a "wishing coin" How on earth did the mystery coin find me? I think the coin world has little angel who whispers into ears of people telling them just the right time to mail a smile. Mine is coin number 201. Since Naomi posted pictures I will not add. I just want to thank the wishing coin person. Made me smile!!!!!!! Jodi
  5. I like them. I will buy a couple when they go up for sale. Nice job!
  6. I really don't pay attention to the number of coins minted. If I like it I buy two, one to keep and one to trade. Eventually someone will want the coin I bought to trade. If it stays in my trader collection too long, I'll raffle it off at my next event. I know that coins made by certain vendors will sale like hotcakes, if I want to get a really HTF coin, then I buy extra coins produced by these vendors. I have not been bitten by a bad buy yet. I do it differently than most people, but then again I am just a noob here. Jodi
  7. In hand today. Such beautiful detail, pictures do not do this coin justice. To hold it and look a the details..WOW!
  8. It is not a coin, but I have a TB sticker on my Tahoe. Everyone who sees it can discover it. I don't see why your idea wouldn't work with a coin attached to a cache. I have also seen coins as jewelery worn around the neck, wire wrapped by 0R0B0RUS (I hope I got that right).
  9. Tsun... relax, enjoy GW6. I am sure most of us can wait. Such a beautiful coin is worth the wait!!! Jodi PS.. are you paying interest on all the money you collected
  10. Roddy, the Glenrock/Douglas geocoin is a coin done by Kimba off Track and Converse County Chamber of Commerce. You can activate your coin at Hogcode.com. Nice coin huh!!!! Jodi
  11. I pre-ordered a two toned teal colored Claddagh coin. I am betting that these will look absolutely gorgeous and stunningly beautiful. Thanks! Can't wait to see the coin!!!!!
  12. 1) date of birth: May 13, 2008 2) time of birth: 1356 3) official weight: 7lbs, 6 oz. 4) geocaching motto for our new baby girl: Girls Get Grimy Geocaching Congrats! Hope it is a quick labor, that mom and baby girl do great! I predict that it will take exactly 0.05 seconds for your new baby girl to have you wrapped around her little fingers!
  13. Castleman said: "Yes, I released over 700 coins into the wild this year. I'll reach my goal of 1000 released as i still have two trips to Canada coming, one trip to Wyoming and at least two others planned to drop coins." Hmmm, one trip to Wyoming. Would that trip be upcoming and in the month of July? I would like to meet you if your going to be in the Southeast corner of the state.
  14. I think the coin is too cute. I have the Pathtags to match. I really don't care if there is an icon. That is just pixels on a computer, I like shiny hunks of metal I can hold and show to others. Thanks Fastest Turtle!!!!
  15. Congrats Kim. Couldn't have happened to a nicer gal. How is D? Jodi
  16. I like shiny hunks of metal, but there is NO WAY I would ever pay 300 - 1300 for a coin. I will donate to charity. There is just too many other things that I can think of to spend that kind of money on. Hmm a new Garmin COLORADO is the 1st thing that comes to mind. (once they get the bugs worked out) Good topic, but I would think that the opinions of others will vary due to the amount of discretionary funds they have. Jodi
  17. Email sent. Was I sleeping??? Dang, hope I can still get one. Jodi
  18. Woohoo. Got mine. Thanks!!!!
  19. Nice coin Highland Geofairy!!!! Mail..... nothing, nada..... but then again, I don't have a mailbox in Idaho. LOL I have to wait until I get back to Cheyenne to open my coinmail. Just think,,,three whole months of bubble mailers to open when I get home..woo hoo.
  20. "Whiskey" - American Pie - Don McLean I started singin, bye, bye miss American Pie Drove my Chevy to the levee but the Levee was dry Them good old boys were drinking WHISKEY and Rye, saying this will be the day that I die, this will be the day that I die...... Sweet "Baby James" - James Taylor "Calypso" - John Denver Just to be clear: my three suggestions are Whiskey Baby James - You could shorten it to Baby J or BJ Calypso Beautiful Dog, you are a hero in my mind. Thanks for the walk down memory lane in songs.
  21. Jodi jumps for joy..... I got my BLUE!
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