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  1. Joranda's avatar looks very similar to Rockin Roddy's avatar. Joranda has over 3000 finds!!!!! Woohoo. Joranda has about 115 coins activated. Nice collection! I must admit, I don't know Joranda very well, but would like to know more about Joranda.

  2. Geocoin Angel Coin - Merci beaucoup!

    A homemade Geo.Error coin -Hartelijk dank




    A "care" package from Lizard Breath. I have a BOOMER!!! and Australia 2008 coins. MMMm Fudge, truffles, and honey all from TAZ. Then to top it off there was a wonderful picture book of Taz, some Taz soap (I'll take my yearly shower before I see you in Nov.) Taz Gum tree oil and a beautiful necklace. Out of this world kiddo.


    Is it NOVEMBER YET??????


    Wait till you see your Wyoming/ Idaho package.


    Jodo T-Nose Spud Nurse :D



    How do I even begin to express how much I appreciate all my friends here in the coin forum world? You all have been so wonderful to me and I feel truly blessed to be among some of the best people in the world. :D

  3. Tsun. WOW!


    Pictures to follow. (once I charge the battery)




    Batteries charged... Look what I got today. I have no words Stephanie. You know how I feel. Cowgirl UP!






    Not the best pictures, but it is hard to get lighting at midnight in a camping trailer.

  4. It has to be some kind of record here folks!! I ordered a GeoGuitar and two of Landsharkz new Shark coins on 06/05/07. I got them today. 2 days from Canada to Idaho....amazing! Whew, Landsharkz you guys are fast. Posty dude/dudette..you're on fire!!!


    Love the new Sharkz designed coins!!




    Edit : spelling and adding picture.

  5. I have been traveling back and forth between Denver, Cheyenne and Twin Falls, Idaho. Those of you who know me know why I have been a frequent airport dweller. With all this travel it has been hard to keep track of my coin mail, most of it being sent to Cheyenne. This morning in Twin Falls I received the most wonderful package of coins. It made my very difficult day to come a little easier to take.


    A round about way of getting them but a perfect way to do so. MY TURTLES CAME!!!!

    My gosh TSUN ...absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!


    Then if it couldn't get any better... a very special card from some of my friends who attended GW6.. you all made me cry. How is it that you have touched my heart so well. To each and everyone of you who signed the card...thank you. I couldn't make it to the event, but now know you missed me. The amount of friendship I have from this forum of coiners is just amazing.


    Marilyn... you are sneaky indeed. So much love sent in a small bubble mailer. I am without words to express how thankful I am to have you as a friend. :grin: My first Geo guitar, a GWVI yellow bear, Rivercity Nerd and a GWVI event coin. Thank you for making me feel special.




    edit: spelling

  6. Name of Mystery Geocoin:Geo-Leprechaun (my 1st)

    Method Obtained: Handed to to me at the 1st event we held.


    Name of Mystery Geocoin: Crappy Cache 1 gold 1 silver

    Method Obtained:Mail


    Name of Mystery Geocoin:CreepyCrawlyCachers

    Method Obtained: Mail


    Name of Mystery Geocoin: G.O'Coin B.U.G. Esquire

    Method Obtained:A dear friend mailed it to me.


    Name of Mystery Geocoin: Highland Geofairy #12

    Method Obtained: Trade


    Name of Mystery Geocoin: Mystery Christmas Stocking (green glitter))

    Method Obtained:Mail


    Name of Mystery Geocoin: Oakcoins Mystery Christmas Caching in the Holidays Gold

    Method Obtained: Mail


    Name of Mystery Geocoin: Oakcoins St. Pat's Oak Leaf

    Method Obtained: Mail


    Name of Mystery Geocoin: The Geocoin Fairy II Antique Silver

    Method Obtained: Found in a cache.


    Name of Mystery Geocoin: Baned Binary Coin

    Method Obtained: Mail from special friends!


    Name of Mystery Geocoin: The Wishing Well Coin

    Method Obtained: Mail, woo hoo!


    Name of Mystery Geocoin: Geocaching Jedi

    Method Obtained: Mail


    We have been very fortunate in "mystery" coins. But more importantly we have great friendships with a fantastic group of people. We continue to be amazed at the generosity of all who have shared their "mystery" coins with us and also with the people who frequent the Coin Forums. Thank you so much who have gifted us such wonder coins!!


    Hope I didn't forget any as I am 620 miles from home and do not have access to my coins.


    1 Maritime Geocaching - I have no idea where this came from, who it came from or why it came. Thanks though!!! (if I owe you a trade, please contact me)



    hmmmm If I remember correctly (It has been a few months and I'm lucky I can remember what I did yesterday lol) I think that is the coin your Hubby won in my cointest :P


    Glad it got there safe and sound :D




    Yes, got it and it is a beauty. Thank you!. Where shall I go to get the code to activate it? The envelope did say Trena, I just had forgot trading or winning a cointest. Jodi

  8. What a coin mail day!!! A month I have gone without. Hubby sent all the bubble mailers to me!

    I had lots of fun opening them and they brought a little cheer to a rather bad day.


    Poison Sumac

    Phantom Logger

    Blue Claddagh- just beautiful!!!

    Pickle Geocoin - cute

    Found coin -

    DNF coin

    3 Compass Rose Coins

    4 Caching on the Moon Coins

    2 - 4 Musketeers - Black

    2 - 4 Musketeers - Purple

    4 Pirates Booty Coins

    NERDS- Geo.Error and Lorca - thanks for the trades!


    1 Maritime Geocaching - I have no idea where this came from, who it came from or why it came. Thanks though!!! (if I owe you a trade, please contact me)



  9. It's painfully obvious to me now that I totally misunderstood the following:

    Member Only Caches

    Some caches are only available to Premium Members. This has been a request of many geocachers who want to put more energy into designing a cache for dedicated geocachers. As the cache owner, you can make any of your caches "subscriber only" so folks will need a subscription to seek it out. (Note: Member Only caches may not be any better than public geocaches. Each cache is managed by its cache owner.)"

    My only crime here is misinterpreting the above statement, in my eyes I was right in defending it - nothing more, nothing less.




    You're right though, they did find it legitimately and I'm sure a non-member finding a members only cache is a rare occurrence.


    To Moonstar27, my apologies and I'll PM you one as well.


    To everyone else that took my comments WAY out of context... You were far harsher on me than I've EVER been to ANYONE on this forum. If anyone should be reprimanded or called out in this thread is sure as heck isn't me, I did no name calling whatsoever, nor did I imply that I was better than anyone. SNIP


    So far I've been called a prude, and elitest (whatever that means, apparently a bigot) and full of myself - glad to see that is acceptable... talk about having an attitude.

    Hi XopherN71,

    I did not name call, I did not insult.


    "I would like to know where it is written in Groundspeak's rules that Premium Member caches are only for other premium members to find. How did you come to the conclusion that PM caches have nicer swag in them? I stock all my caches the same way."


    I asked questions and then made a statement about how I stock my caches. I am sorry that you have had bad experiences with your caches, be they PM caches or regular caches. I think all caches can come up missing at anytime. Muggles don't care if the cache is PM or regular. They just find something and take it.


    Please email me your address and I shall send you a new coin too. :blink:

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