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  1. Display??? Who needs a stinking display. Mine are all over the house. If I store them too close together they mate like rabbits... and then I have them all over the house again. It is a never ending battle. I do occasionally "round em up" using my "coin herding kitty" and then I sit on the floor doing a "Liz"... oh my precious you really needed polished today...... Love ya Liz!!!!
  2. w00t Kelly, congrats of your Mickey Diver. Today the mailbox surprised me with: Ble68's Peacock - nice! Thanks for the trade LoriDarlin's - Cache-Aid Kit in BN. Awwww, Lori ya shouldn't have!!! Thanks for the gift!
  3. My photos of a Pathtag Sherpa. Hope this gives people an idea of how the two products can work together.
  4. http://www.geocoincollection.com/cointrade/4139.gif A Pathtag Sherpa is a geocoin designed to "carry" a pathtag. The sherpa is trackable on Geocaching.com. This combo makes a good marriage of Pathtags and Geocoins for those of us who do both. I have a sherpa, I just can't let coins go to travel. I did have a Blarney Coin too, but sent it off to Roddy hoping to bring him good luck. Jodi
  5. Thank you Sarah! Today the Yaahl's Feather coin that I won in your cointest arrived, number 007. What a beautiful coin! It now joins the rest of my "truly special" coins. w00t! Jodi
  6. Hey Mike, Take the afternoon off from home and come join us at "the event". There are about 120 people here, you should be able to sell some of your coins!!! Come on, you know you wanna be here! Jodi
  7. Sure, get them addicted young How about a "What are you waiting for" coin, has a flying pig on one side. E-mail me your addy also and I will get it on its way. I am in a giving mood tonight. IBcrashen is up to his wonderful giving ways again. Those of us he "hooked" know...you can't have enough coins! WTG! He teaches "grasshoppers" well, soon you will be trading like a pro and sending gift coins to others. IBcrashen is a fine example of a gentleman. Welcome to the addiction KyPhoto, if you email me your address I shall send a coin also. jodi edit: cause I can't type
  8. Congrats! I do believe I have your address Mrs PengoFamily! I will put winning coin in the mail tomorrow. Thanks to all for participation in my first cointest. Mods please close thread.
  9. For those of you who don't know it, I am a traveling RN. I work in the ER. I am about to start a new job in... TEXAS!! I would like for you to guess which city will be my new home for 13 weeks. One winner, first one to guess the right city. I will give hints if need be. This cointest will run until the first correct answer or until 10pm tonight Mountain Time. I am not sure of the coin to offer for winnings yet, I have to dig out my box of traders. Mods, hope I did this right. If not..correct me please. Edit : Post as often as you like, hoping for this to be fast.
  10. Sleepyrn, aaawwwww I wanted to send you my NURSEGIRL NERD!!!! Please reconsider. I also am a night shift ER nurse. I love it! Jodi
  11. Sleepyrn. Coins get lost. Coins get stolen. Coins are hunks of shiny metal. I suggest if you don't want to lose a coin, don't set it free. That is the only way to keep your coins. Now that being said..here is my response from my heart. I hate losing coins too. If you email me your address I would love to send you a new coin. No strings, I would just like to return a smile to your face. Jodi P.S. are you a sleep lab nurse..or do you work nights.
  12. Got my planisphere - Northern hemisphere coin today- nice! The Pathtag Fairy pathtag - How cute and thank you very much. OMG TSUN - I was with Karma when she found you your cowboy. I thought is was a real cute guy then, although I couldn't quite tell if he had wrangler jeans on or not. I will be watching to see how your relationship develops in the next couple days.
  13. Long story-short version. I was hit by a semi while driving to work one snowy snowy night in 2001. As a result I needed 16 spinal surgeries to recover. I have always been a "outdoors" girl. Being home and trying to recover was heck. I would read my National Geographic Adventure Magazine trying to get my "outdoors" fix. I read a article about Geocaching and Geocaching.com. I mentioned geocaching to Jim, my husband. We became cachers in April of 03 I believe. Jim saw the potential of using caching to get me moving, so he would go and find the cache and hide something special near by and dare me to go find it with him. Geocaching and my husband helped me to walk again, helped me to get strong enough to return to work as a RN. The friendships I have made here have helped me through some very tough times. Amazing community!!! I am grateful to be a part of it. Jodi edit..spelling
  14. YAY! Marilyn... couldn't have happened to a nicer person.
  15. Wow!!!! See I told you lightning could strike. I won one.!!!!!!! woohooooooooo!!!! Sarah..did you put one in there that was super easy for us puzzle impaired???? Oh my... I won one!!!!!! Grin from ear to ear! Thanks for the cointest! jodi
  16. Roddy. I have a three leaf clover coin (activated) that has "a Bit 'o' luck geocoin" written on it. I also have a Blarney Coin (activated)with a pathtag in it that has a four leaf clover. Last, but not least I am willing to send you my POT of Gold - Coin..just PM me your address and they are all yours. I will adopt the coins to you! Jodi edit - spelling
  17. Sarah....look in the HOPE, IDAHO thread, your answer might be there. Jodi
  18. I skipped this thread..well because I really don't do puzzles. I so stink at them. I hardly ever do the mystery caches, cause I stink at them. Seeing a theme here??So, maybe I'll try and look and see if I can do one of your puzzles, but I am warning you Sarah, I stink at them! I would love to have a feather coin. Maybe a lightning bolt will strike and I will end up with the ability to solve puzzles... Hey, it could happen. Jodi Edit for... ok I tried one and now I have crossed fingers! I really am a dunce ya know.
  19. O.K. On Saturday I went caching with a few Idaho cachers before leaving to come home to Wyoming. Dorkfish, LoriDarlin, Broken W and I had a discussion at lunch about who this "HOPE IDAHO" person might be. We couldn't come up with answer. So imagine my surprise when I get home from a LOOOOONG drive pulling my trailer home to open the mail and find a envelope from HOPE, IDAHO. It was covered in stickers, was handwritten and also postmarked from Hope, Idaho 83836. Inside was a Message in a Bottle coin. The writing on the coin was - "Nunc est bibendum" anyone know what language that is and can you translate? Thank you VERY MUCH - MR or MRS HOPE IDAHO. I am enjoying the wonderful coin you sent to me. Jodi The mystery continues.....
  20. WOOHOO LOVE THE BLUE!!!!!!!!!! Got my order in, YAY!!!!!! THANKS TSUN!!!!!!!!
  21. Lorca is in Netherlands. She loves her and dog. Her turtle pim ate the flowers in her pond. Lorca likes the color of orange... it is her countries Royal color. Lorca works in a warehouse and tests electronics among other things. Lorca is a friend to Geo.error. 2 arms kiddo.
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