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  1. Karma, can you hold onto a red one for me and I'll pick it up at GR?? Lemme know. Can't wait to see you. Jodi
  2. 1. Participating - Email sent 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received!
  3. Mike, You know I would buy a set. I did here some chatter about a Wyoming coin, but don't know how far it has progressed. You might want to contact Wyohunter (Rex) as he was the one talking about doing a Wyoming coin. I know there are a bunch of people out there who are leery about a coin from Wyoming because apparently there was one made, money taken and the coin not delivered to many of the people who paid for it. I was not around during that time, but I know some Wyoming cachers who stopped buying coins after that fiasco. I know any coin you design and have made will be delivered to the people who paid for it. I trust you! Perhaps you can drop a thread on the WAG forums. That way you can see if there are others in Wyoming interested in purchasing a new Wyoming coin. Not all coiners in Wyoming frequent the Groundspeak coin forums. Jodi BTW.. I like your design! edit: spelling
  4. Got this last week. Have been very busy working and had to charge the camera. This is just to pretty not to show. This is a special coin given to me by TSUN, made all the more special by 0R0B0RUS kindly wire wrapping it for me. This coin now joins my "very special coins that have great value to me" collection. Thanks! Jodi
  5. I would like to participate. I will be on my way to Australia on Halloween, but I can mail off my package before I leave!
  6. Yes, but you have to find me in person ooOOOOOOO, I knew there was another reason I am in Texas besides working. I ordered 2 sets to be sent to my home in WY. (Didn't want to pay Texas Taxes) I am flying out of Austin on Sept 5th and back on Sept 7. I will be attending Geo Rendezvous in Ogden, UT. I would be willing to deliver some if they are ready and if Chris is willing to meet me at 0500... Jodi
  7. Well..hmmmm what to do. I have only 1 bean left...okay I'll send one to Solan, since she asked first. DaFunky Frogs, The Wolf Pack and Gatoulis... I'll send you some coinage too, just not big beans, sorry. To those listed above, email me your addresses and I will put the coins in the mail to you. Done... happy to bring more smiles to folks when they go to their mailboxes!!!!!
  8. Naomi..one is yours girl. Brierpatch.. email me your addy and I will send you one as well. See, it's that easy.
  9. At the risk of creating bad blood here in the forums I have a comment that I have held onto for quite sometime. I tend to be a peace keeper, so please pardon me while I rant. So many people jumped on the bandwagon and slayed the designer of this coin. I read the threads and I was appalled. Yet, when this thread shows that this designer has kept the buyers of this coin informed..there was not a big thread showing that they were responding to their customers concerns. How fickle, BMG when you don't get what you want NOW..and have to wait for something that the designer felt needed fixed. I have had this designer do two projects for me, and yes, it did take a little longer than expected, but then the end product was worth waiting for. Congrats Jim and Paula for another wonderful design. Kudos to you! Go ahead and flame me.. I have on my hubbies bunkers.
  10. Long time coming coins. Some of them took a journey to Idaho then to WY. and finally onto Texas. I think I move around too much. Woohoo the posty found me! Thanks, everyone, for the trades. Love the Moose Drool! I now have my last 4 Team Fireboy Big Beans. You know what to do if you want one.
  11. Beach flip flops one gold, one nickel Hibiscus flip flops - one gold, one nickel Toucans - 2 in BN Good coinmail day!!
  13. Hi. Can you post a picture of the back of the coin? Would like to see the back before making the final decision about buying this coin. I like the front. Good job!!!!
  14. The Fastest Turtle coins and Pathtags arrived in WY. today. Hubby is repackaging and sending to me here in TX. He said the coin is beautiful. At least these turtles won't get trapped in mailbox prison. Can't wait to see them. Thanks for sending them!!!!
  15. Pink (yes PINK) Claddagh - Thanks Jim 4 Earth Turtles - Great looking Steph! 3 2008 Colorado Coins - Fantastic Mike!!! Woohoo, I got coins again! ( I was going through coin withdrawal - not a pretty sight)
  16. Turtles Freed in Texas... report to follow........ 0500 - Temple, Texas. A woman was surrounded by 50 horses and rope this morning in an attempt to free four blue Earth Turtles from their metal prison. It seems these Earth Turtles were not tried in the justice system and they were placed in mailbox prison without proper charges being levied against them. Their crime..well there was none, it turned out. We suspect the Texan landowners were just a bit afraid of blue turtles who were borne of thought in Montana and actually birthed in China. When the rope and horses didn't work, the rescue squad was called in. They set about freeing the turtles using the "Jaws of Life" tool to pry open the mail box they were trapped in. Standing by to help the turtles in their plight was a RN who administered I.V. fluid and stat pool swims for the very dehydrated turtles. The landowner is now charged with "with holding of coinage that belongs to a geocoin addict". I am happy to report that the Turtles now are in the rightful hands of the coin addict. FINALLY!!!!!!! WOOHOO
  17. Okay..now that the Turtle's have arrived in other countries I am getting really upset that mine are in MAILBOX PRISON! I am going to get me posse and free my turtles today!!!! Darn! Enough already!
  18. Still waiting for mine too! I sent an email about 2 weeks ago, with no reply though. Wondering what is up.
  19. My turtles are still be held hostage. Darn!!! I think I need to take the pry bar and open the darn mailbox and free the turtles. I have been promised a key tomorrow, crossed fingers.
  20. My turtles are being held in mailbox prison!!!! I have no key to get into my new mailbox, YET. I called the manager of the lot I am planted on and asked for the key for the 3rd time. If there is no key tomorrow I am calling the post office to have them change the lock so I can have a key. I sooooo hate waiting when I know the little turtles are sitting just 100 yards away and chanting " Come get us, we are hot, hungry and tired from our journey" I can't wait to see the new pin also.
  21. TSUN - please feed my turtles before sending them on their way. They have to pass over WY., CO.,OK. and half of Texas before they get to me. Long journey. Tape little ice cubes to their backs too, it's hot down here! Jodi
  22. Loggerhead - Baby, micro or Mr. and Mrs. - I know tall order. I would like to have just one Loggerhead coin.
  23. I saw 4 squished Armadillos on the way from Cheyenne to my new job here in Central Texas. I think the coins turned out fantastic, and much better looking than squished ones. I'll buy these for sure Ble! great job!!! Jodi
  24. Nope. Can't do it. But, since I work non-traditional hours I can snag a FTF's at 0300 in the morning. If there happens to be a coin....bonus!!! Jodi
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