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  1. You can check this map here...http://generator.click2map.com/maps/creepy...cher%20geocoins These CCC mystery coins are trackable on Geocaching.com. Some were released into the wild into caches. The ones with the red baloons are ones located in caches that have not been claimed.
  2. TSUN, I hope you got the bubble mailers that self seal. I have this image of you licking all those envelopes and not being able to taste anything for a week. Thanks for all your hard work on these little froggies. Um... Lizzards next?
  3. O.K. you can officially call us crazy. I thought I would try to get a CCC coin for the person I was assigned in the W.E.G.E. mission. Well... according to the map there is one just 210 miles (one way) from our house. It's been there since Nov. 10th. We struck out at 0600 this morning. Drive drive drive.... arrive at the cache.. hike up a steep hill covered in snow... dig out the cache.. open it up.... and...... NO CCC Coin. Did ya think this story would have a happy ending? We didn't get a CCC coin, but on the way home we stopped at Cabellas in Sidney, NE. Shopped a little. We had an adventure today, so all is well. I still have 25 days to find a mystery coin for my giftee. It was much better than working today!
  4. Got mine too. Thanks Fam.Bergum! Nice coin, pictures don't do it justice!
  5. email sent invoiced and paid Thanks Icydove
  6. Mission accomplished (who's MM ) Sorry.. MAP MONKEY.. he is in Australia. Thanks for fixing the picture.!
  7. OOOOOOooooo. I just got home from Albuquerque. Waiting here in Cheyenne was about 10 bubble mailers. One of them was from me to me.... I knew what that means. I have been on the nice side all year long. Thank you Sneaky elf!
  8. Fairyhoney, I got the Isle of Man coin in a Trade with MM. Could you please go edit the pict.. my numbers are showing. Thanks
  9. Oooooo What fun to come home to Cheyenne and open all my little bubble mailers. YEA, I am HOME!!!! Here are my new coins.
  10. My geocoin heart desires: Anthus firefighter coin (hey, I can dream) GC&PC Sept 2006 Never Forget coin NOMEX coin Fire Elemental coin Earth Turtle coin (still dreaming) I am noticing a pattern in my collection... fire related coins and anything with cute animals.
  11. Congrats to all the latest recipients. Woletrap... loved your prose!!!!
  12. Email sent. Wow! What a fantastic opportunity to watch a coin that has a mission to come toward me instead of away from me! GREAT IDEA!
  13. ooooooOO. If doing a version 4 please count us in!!!!
  14. Well, I have coinmail... it's just about 500 miles away from me. Hubby said I have about 15 bubble mailers waiting for me when I get home next week. AARRG, I have never been very good at waiting. 7 days until I am home.. the countdown begins. I'll post all the goodies after I get home. I want to thank the ones that found my addy here in Albuquerque, you made my Christmas bearable and I will always be grateful. Jodi
  15. My guess for the day : 68,272 Thanks for the cointest!
  16. We have 2 Vista CXs they are great whit the City navigator and the topo maps. I have been using it all the time. I deliver pizzas as a part time job, I use my GPS and it has only led me astray 2 times. That is because new streets were not listed.
  17. We try to stick with cache containers that will last out in the elements. We use ammo cans, lock and lock containers, and swim tubes that we got from a friend. Try using things that are truely weather proof. We stuff the containers with kids toys and a few things for adults also. Ponchos, ect.
  18. Email sent. Thanks for this opportunity Tsun. This is very generous of you!
  19. It's 0906 Mountain Time..... no hint yet.... darn. Today's guess is 129, 146
  20. From what I understand the Oak Bucks are going to be used for "money off" when you have a coin made by Oak Coins and for "money" off if you purchase any thing from them at events they go to. They will be posting more info on the website (www.oakbucks.com) sometime early in the new year.
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