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  1. Ah.. perhaps a new mystery coin is about to be born? I so love reading about the adventures of people who get a mystery coin. I would love to be someone who made a mystery coin and gifted them to so many. To give without expecting anything but stories and thank you in return.. now that is too cool!
  2. Thanks Moscow32. I just went to the Google doc site.. and I now can add stuff myself. I think my endless "loading" loop finally stopped. I spied with my eye.. a coin I really want. To cool. This is fun.
  3. THX4TC I feel like the corner drug pusher. Really, this is not an addiction and you can quit anytime. Yeah.. when you sent me the coin... little did I know I would become so addicted. Can quit anytime? Har Har... only when my purse is empty. Maybe with some I can quit.
  4. Wow! IBcrashen how very nice of you! Too cool.
  5. o.K. So I guess I am computer illiterate. I could not get Google docs to do anything for me. I was caught in a "loading" endless loop. Here are my offers One Rain Forest Jewel v2 Black Nickel One Serial Cacher Black Nickel One Geoswag coin and pin club "Remember" (Sept 2007) Black Nickel T
  6. That is too cool Rod. Congrats! In my mail today: A trade I made for my WEGE mission person. ( I can't tell you the coin, sorry) Thanks to the person who traded with me.. you know who you are! 3 Serial Cacher coins - trade anyone? Pathtag sherpa Albertosaurus
  7. O.K. Mal I would like to participate too. Please include. I'll figure this out after I read the thread. (Mal, I'll email you with questions) Jodi
  8. We would buy one or two. Neat idea for a coin.
  9. Invoice paid. Can't wait for this coin to find my mailbox. Thanks!
  10. Wow, I must be at a lucky post office. For me to send one coin in a padded mailer from Cheyenne to another location within the United States.. it cost me .97 cents. I sent one coin and a Pathtag to Australia.. it cost me $4.35. Pathtags to Australia cost me just .41 cents. Of course, I have not sent these insured.. but I am willing to replace lost items, offer another coin in it's place or just refund money. I have not lost anything other than a Pathtag in the mail yet. I am knocking on wood! Can't wait until these coins make it into my mailbox.
  11. HI. The "nomex and silver turnouts for rent" refers to Firefighting gear. It is what Firefighters wear when the go into a fire. O.k. the reason this is funny is because I am offering them for rent in the forums... gear to wear when you get flamed. I knew folks in the firefighting business would get it. Thanks for asking. On topic...I knew who I bought the coins from, I was just hoping for an update from anyone. I haven't gotten one by emailing them.
  12. This is a great coin. Wondering if there is an update on when these will ship. I pre-ordered in Nov. 2007 Thanks for any info.
  13. Pre-ordered mine about 4 days ago. Nice Job Mike!
  14. Count me on the weird side. I liked this little coin. I did buy 3 and paid for the shipping. I do not have them in hand yet, but I am willing to part with two of them in trades. Check out my list and email me if you want to trade. I just had to have a chance to get my first Landshark coin! jodi
  15. 1. Participating - email sent 12/22 2. Received Name- yes 3. Mission Complete- nope. I won't be sending out until Jan31. It will be worth the wait! 4. Package Received!
  16. It's called coin dipping. Just drop your coin into each cache listing (not the real cache, just when you log your find) and then retrieve it. You can keep track of your miles that way.
  17. Great coinmail day! 5 rain Forest Jewel Coins - Thanks TSUN! 1 Frozen Buns Coin- Thanks Cheesy Pigs! 1 Gold set of handcuffs coin - Thanks Cheesy Pigs! 1 Hector's Dolphins coin - Thanks Ivydoves! I just love my coin pals and coinmail!
  18. ooooooOOOOOOOO 5 pretty, shiny and colorful froggies in my hot little hands. The coins are bigger than I thought. NICE JOB TSUN! I just think they are so cute!
  19. Way to go Deafhunt and Tadpole379! It is great to see that this coin came to fruition. I have bought a few to give to my 89 year old deaf Grandmother. She cached with me last summer at a Cracker Barrel in Indianapolis and has asked to cache again next summer when she comes out to Colorado to visit. How cool is that? Love the coin!
  20. You will find 14 caches You were born at 0156 (1:56am) The temp last year this day was 58 degrees. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HOPE YOU HAD FUN TODAY! Thanks for the cointest!
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