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  1. Installed a new computer system on the ship and showed them how to use it?
  2. learned how to "trap" planes when the land on the ship?
  3. Thas it NAVY not nave.. sorry.
  4. You are a Boat Pilot.. and you guided the nave ship into it's port?
  5. You rode on a Coast Guard Cutter ship?
  6. Listened to or gave the USCG "safety at sea speech" and practiced the drills.
  7. Steam Engine paddle boat.. the kind they use for floating casinos.
  8. Hmmm transportation... you went for a boat ride.
  9. Stood in line to buy concert tickets?
  10. Had your hair colored?
  11. Got a mammogram done.
  12. Spa day... got a mani and a pedi.
  13. Tsun.. just don't go hiding the fish in the car. Gee, If I knew you fly-fished I would have sent you some flies. Gold ribbed hares ears work well down here! I tie my own! Dardevle.. you have to get through the ice fast here in WY. or the wind will blow you to NE. We also pull our ice huts (houses) out onto the ice. Here fishy fishy... Lake trout, yum! You see, us western girls know how to fish. Now on topic.. I got some coins that I am sending out to my missions. I got my Pathtags and some Cabella's beef jerky.
  14. We call augers - JIFFYS because they get you through the ice in a JIFFY.
  15. Whew.. I read that these were up for sale now... and I almost was upset thinking I had missed them. I did not miss this one. Nice nice coin. Can't wait to see them!
  16. My heart desires two coins. Never Forget Earth Turtle They have been on my seeking list for awhile. I know how to Dream BIG!
  17. TinySprout - it is a gender neutral caching name. Congrats on becoming a parent! Jodi
  18. GREAT COINMAIL DAY! Today I have two new coins in my hands. Raiders of The Lost Cache - amber stone. Tatanka Pejula Thanks sooo much for the trade TSUN. Dang, we have quick mail in the this neck of the woods. You mailed the coins yesterday and they are in my hot little hands today! Of course, it does help living in states with low population counts.
  19. This is on my must buy list... heck, must buy more than one list. Great looking coin. Can't wait!
  20. Coins are in the mail today on their way to Lindychris and The Moop Along. Next time I'll have to do more coins. This was a new way to trade for me and I ended up with some fantastic coins. Thanks Brady for all the work you did for this. Thanks to Mal too! Jodi
  21. Today 4 BIG Beautiful Coins came out of their traveling vessel. Wow, Paula these are fantastic coins!
  22. Got my Castle Man 2008 coins today. Nice!!!!!
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