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  1. After ordering in November, paying in December.. and waiting through Jan and most of Feb....... My CACHE of The DAY coins finally came!!!!! NICE COIN!!! Worth the wait! Tsun.. want one? Email me girl.
  2. 2 Sets of Crake Prickly Cactus coins. w00t!
  3. Oooo, how did I miss this one? Order mine now, can't wait to see them in hand.
  4. Our favorite cache is GCXVN1- Mountain Tragedy. The cache is placed at the site of a plane crash. The plane was dropping slurry on a fire when it crashed, killing the pilot and 3 firefighters. My husband, Fireboy is a Airport Crash Fire Rescue firefighter. He grew up in Greybull, WY. The plane that crashed belonged to Hawkins and Powers and their headquarters are located in Greybull, WY. Fireboy grew up with the planes flying over. The hike to get to the cache is not too difficult. The cache holds a moderate amount of information about the crash site. At the crash site you can observe sheared off trees, tons of metal fragments and you can still smell a mixture of burning wood, airplane fuel and melted plastic. The cache pays tribute to those who died in the crash and to firefighters worldwide. The site felt "sacred" and we had plenty of time to reflect about all the firefighters worldwide who have given their life fighting fires. Amazing cache!. Jodi Thanks for the cointest!
  5. I heard hoofs galloping today. Well, we all know that when you hear hoofs, think Zebras. ( bad medical joke ) Two absolutely beautiful Carousel Horses cantered into my mailbox. Great Job Paula! Jodi
  6. WOW! I am sorry that this is happening to you. I will gladly continue to buy coins from you in any format you choose that makes the whole process easier for you. Hope you didn't get stuck with too many coins and the cost associated. Jodi
  7. Hi Jim, If it is not too late I can drop some coins for you in Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska. jodi
  8. Got my two coins in the mail today. Very nice in hand.
  9. You are welcome Naomi. Glad to see it got there o.k. Jodi
  10. Just a heads up. I just saw that they are now offering this coin in Orange and Green.
  11. 1.Participating -Email Sent 02-10-08 2.Received NameYes 3.Mission Complete 4.Mission Arrived
  12. James A. Michener: Centennial Thanks for the cointest!
  13. THANK YOU RIVERCITY Marilyn, OMG! I think I am going to be in a Chocolate Coma for awhile. The thought you put into this "Heart's Desire" Mission is amazing. The gifts kept coming. I am grateful to you! Now for the pictures! She used my chat room name! Loaded me with chocolate and other gifts. A Bear holding chocolate, Hershey's Chocolate, A red foil wrapped chocolate heart, a heart picture holder and some "sexy dice"! Fireboy and I will enjoy playing with those. Then the coins which were wrapped in ten little packages. Geochick, Nerds, GeoJellie, England Letterboxing, Geocoin Mosaic, California Griz Micro, Earth Turtle, Tatanka Pejula and a Beautiful Rivercity personal coin. WOW!!!!! Thanks Marilyn
  14. Congrats Rod! And to all the other newly appointed Jedis!
  15. woo! Today's mail provided me with: 2 Fluttershy NERDS! 1 Fluttershy fridge magnet! Thanks Allie... you made my day!
  16. Kewl Tsun. Flies are almost ready to ship as well. I should be done by Tuesday too.
  17. There are lots of people who are willing to trade tags and coins for tags. Some people do both. Not to be plugging another website here, but go to the forums for the tags. You will find lots of information there. Email sent to you. Welcome to the obsession! Er... um addiction.... ya' all know what I mean.
  18. Here is our stuffed animal TB. He seems to be in fine shape. He has a travel buddy and a laminated mission statement attached to him after the picture was taken. He was also sealed in a zip lock freezer bag (they are thicker) He is now in Australia awaiting placement in a cache. Sydney He has been traveling since May 2007.
  19. Search Travel Bugs Search Trackable Items By Username (owned): fire521 [new search] Total Records: 1 - Page: 1 of 1 Prev. << <[1]> >> Next Sort by Name Last Log Distance Name Last Log Owner Location Traveled Code 3 Geocoin 12/22/2007 fire521 mscottml 6353 mi I found this when I searched. Looks like the coin moved well.
  20. Received my coins today. A GW5 t-shirt, Cherry of a Cache and a special Pathtag. Thanks UOTrackers!
  21. Name Checked~ all is good. I like the design. We are almost smack dab in the middle. w00t! Can't wait to buy one, or two, or three.....
  22. Hmm, Lets see. I have no idea how to do a race, let alone a place for them to race too. Let me think on it for awhile and I will get back to ya all. Jodi
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