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  1. I took a loss selling the coins via the forums. By the time I paid paypal fees, paid for mailers and postage each coin sold for about $7.50 Will be selling the rest of the coins via the E-place. Moderator will you please close this thread.
  2. Time has come for me to start selling my coins. These are my activated coins, they will be adopted over to the buyers. I will be selling most of my collection. I'll start with these and will add more later. These are all activated coins. They are trackable. They will be adopted over to the buyer. Email me through Geocaching.com if interested. CENTRIS - 5 COIN SET! $100 $10 2007 Isle of Man - gold The Great Outdoors - Two Tone 2008 Earth Turtles Red/silver, purple/silver, light green/silver, blue/silver, blue/gold Crake - 2008 Prickly Pear - Gold, Silver Moab Kokopelli - BN Thanks for buying coins. Will be listing more after I mail out and adopt the ones I sold today.
  3. Thanks for the snow picture, LAX!!!! Will be home just in time to see some of the winter snow. Flying in Feb 7th to L.A.X then to Phoenix..driving my Tahoe and trailer back through COLO. Hopefully the snow will hold off for a couple days while I am driving. Will be caching along the way. Looking forward to going to events again in CO! Bringing my Aussie man back with me, he has never seen snow! Jodi
  4. Hello to my CO. friends. I, Jodi am no longer in the USA. I miss the cold, I miss the snow. I'll hopefully be back from Australia by Saxman's Campout this year. Temp here in Perth today is about 96 degrees. Love seeing all the mountain pictures guys...gives me something to show my friends here (show em what mountains are) Would love a new snow picture if you get a chance Rocket Man.
  5. Might have got something in the mailbox today...or through the last week. I am not sure. The posty will have a heck of a time finding my box now. I have moved 12,000 miles. Um..I wonder how much postage due I am going to have when my coinage starts finding me in Australia. Cheers Mates. Send no mail to me in WYOMING or TEXAS. I am no longer there. Jodi
  6. Butterfly Lady. Update.. my mission was received a long time ago. I posted that, but no pictures due to no camera at the time. The mission I sent has been received..see above post. I was a bit late on it. Sorry about that. Jodi - NurseGirl formerly Team FireBoy
  7. Aha Mike, I could of hand delivered the coins to Bernice when I took my trip to Australia. Wish I would have known you were searching for her. I had a great time meeting her and then being with her and her family while we attended a BBQ put on by Michief's Crew. If Bernice does not come about and contact you, I have her home addy and I will ask her if it is okay to give it to you. JODI
  8. Bought a two-tone one for a Chrissie gift. I haven't bought any coins in month, just couldn't resist this one. Now back to being a "Scrooge" Nice coin!!!! Cheers!
  9. I had an awful day. Not even my coin mail made me smile. I won't go into details. Bernice, your comment brought me a smile at days end, thank you girl! Coin mail - the last of it, I am out for a while. 4 Braheans - 2 on there way to Aussie very soon. 5 Geocaching -you are the search engine. Santa mission - I'll post a bit late as I am trying to get myself to Texas by Dec 1st. Sept geocoin club coin
  10. Sure Sure GardenGorilla. I know you are sitting by the pool and polishing your coins. ooooOOO shiney things. I might want to make some trades with you when I get back down to Texas. Just got home from Aussie and my mum's house today. Jodi
  11. I was very happy with the Halloween "mystery" purchase geocoin. I ordered 2 of each of the Christmas "mystery" purchase ones. I am always happy with coins from this merchant, they put out quality coins! Jodi
  12. Darn Karma. I sure like this coin, but someone has pinched my money. I have a big mess to come home to and fix with my bank. Hopefully I can get it fixed by Dec 1st. I am having a wonderful time here in Aussie, except for the bugger trying to take all my loot. Nice design. Lovely pictures. Jodi
  13. Congrats to all the finders of this beautiful coins. Hey Steph, I got to take the picture of Mal holding the coin, how kewl is that? I am having a fabu time in Australia. I am in Hobart with Liz now, hopefully we will find a coin too. Watching caches in Tassie now! Jodi
  14. A complaining cointest??? WooHoo Okay here goes... I am stuck in Australia. I want to be home in cold snowy Wyoming. I want to be sitting on my arse instead of being out in the bright warm horible sun and fresh air seeing Koalas and roos. .. Oh man... I just can't bring myself to lie.. I am having a fantastic time and I have absolutely nothing to whine about. Life couldn't be better! Jodes
  15. Does getting news via email count??? YOU BET IT DOES!!!! I am still here in Australia, enjoying every minute of caching here in Western Australia. 3BlindEyes has been a wonderful host. BUT today when looking at my massive amounts of email I see this line..... YOU GOT A BLACK BUBBLE MAILER IN THE POST TODAY! That is all the email said...but I know what that means!!! THANK YOU GEOCACHE BANDIT! I will post pictures when I get home...Dec 1st. Jodi
  16. 1. Participating: YES 2. Received Name:YES 30OCT08 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!:
  17. It is the eve before my Australian adventure begins. I have grabbed all the coins and TBs that people are allowing me to take with me. To those who so generously sent your coins to me, thank you. I shall start dropping them next week. If I did not send you out a "little quarter size metal disc" please email me through my profile and I will have FireBoy mail one asap! Thanks Again! Jodi
  19. Someone somewhere knows I needed a pick me up. I have spent the last 3 months working two ER jobs in Texas and just got home to WYOMING yesterday. Long drive! I had not even time to cache while I was in Texas because I worked six days a week, 12 hours a day. Besides, it was too darn hot to cache there y'all. I got this little email...and I had the biggest grin on my face. I have a pile of bubble mailers to sort through as Fireboy just threw them all into a box while I was gone. He does not really do the coin thing. So this morning when he got out of bed I had to ask him where the box-o- coins was. I dug though looking for a bubble mailer with no return address. EUREKA! What a beautiful coin! What really pulled on my heartstrings is the note included in the package. I don't know how to reply to such kind words. Thank you for thinking me worthy of this wonderful gift. I am reminded constantly of the generosity of the people in the coin world. I am honored to be a thought of as a member!. Thank you Wild Cat Kelly. You made my world nicer today! Jodi edit - because I can't spell
  20. WOW!!! I think my mission person wanted to have me use a sledge hammer to open the box. Duct tape..made it fun to open. Spooky spiders...creepy web....and yummy candy. MM's and peeps.. I am going to go into a sugar coma! the best was the coinage though! GCF coin Indian Paintbrush.. a Crake, no less...woohoo. I have been wanting that one as Indian paintbrush is our state flower. A Lilly Sue mirror mirror coin. I see me! The Grim cacher - ooohhh evil looking ~ nice! I'll try to find the camera in the trailer..had to move it from Texas to home..not sure where everything got packed off to. I think my mission was done by a very special young lady. Thanks a bunch!!!! LTNS Where you hiding?
  21. Jon, You got a question about coins, just email me. You got the address! I can keep secrets! Jodi
  22. Package Received! I have been informed by Fireboy that my mission package arrived in Cheyenne yesterday. I am still in Texas, but heading home tomorrow. I will open the mission package then. If there is not bad weather I expect to have my RV towed home by Sunday. I am not looking forward to the drive. I will post pictures on Monday. Thanks to the person who had me for a mission. Jodi
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