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  1. I did find it, but is there a way to add more category's to it?
  2. I just loaded a map60csx with cn2008nt. On my old unit ( ifinder) There were sub categories for the poi's. For instance under food would be Asian, BBQ, coffee, fast food, etc. You could select the entire category or just a sub category. is there a way to do this with garmin?
  3. WOW Thanks i knew something was up. I have never heard any one talk about it before, and i knew i coundnt be the first to find it.
  4. US Rec Lakes & Fishing hot spots v5 has a lot of detail for lakes, for other areas it has the same coverage as the old Roads & Recreation maps. The old US Topo maps have bouys & markers for sounds and channels. Neither are locked products. Are you interested in coastal areas or inland areas? I would like both, as well as ship wrecks. I dont need much detail, but i would like markers. I wont use it that much, but it could come in handy.
  5. Its There a map source that has markers? Or can i use the old America recreation maps if i could find them? Do they have a lock code? Can they be used on more than one gps? oops Its called United States Roads & Recreation.
  6. Does any one know of a way to change the back ground color of the maps?
  7. Where did you see this rebate? I cant find it on there site.
  8. sleecjr

    Gpsmap 60csx

    In the menu i see you can change vehicle types. ( follow road options) What does this do? Also what are the options?
  9. sleecjr

    Gpsmap 60csx

    AFAIK, the 60CSx is still a current model. There was a rumor a while back about a price drop, but it hasn't happened yet. Garmin maps are the only ones that can be downloaded to the 60CSx. Topo maps are fine for camping, and the new Topo 2008 is not bad for navigation (it now has street names), although it doesn't do turn-by-turn. Topo US 2008 maps are 1:100K (only major trails like AT or PCT). US Nat Park Topos are 1:24K and have a lot (but not all) trails. Thanks For the info. I see that i can get it in 330 range. You think it will go down from there?
  10. sleecjr

    Gpsmap 60csx

    I currently have an old Ifinder. I would like to get the gpsmap 60csx, but dont want to get it if it is being replaced soon. Any one know if it is? I also have a question about its maps. Is there another place to get mapping software. Or is the garmin topo and city nav good enough? I will be using this mostly when camping. I would also use it for turn by turn nav on the way to camping. In the menu i see you can change vehicle types. ( follow road options) What does this do? Also what are the options?
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