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  1. Goto http://www.itsnotaboutthenumbers.com/, upload your all finds query and it can generate lots of useful data.
  2. Yes, I use GSAK a lot, but that's only useful AFTER you have received the PQ's in the mail. What I am talking about is something that would help setup the PQ's in the first place. To setup those multiple PQ's on a cache rich area it takes many cycles of edit, preview, edit to get the dates correct. If however it the output was sorted by placement date all you would have to do is note the most recent placement date in the first query, easily found on the last page of the preview, to know where to start the second query. Maybe its better to think of it as priority rather than sort order.
  3. Could we add to the settings for a PQ the ability to change the order in which the caches are generated. Currently they are sorted by distance closest first. I think giving the option of sort by placement date oldest first and last update newest first would be very useful. Right now when you setup a PQ on an area it generates the closest caches up to the requested quantity. If you want to get more than one PQ's worth in the area you can set up multiple PQ's limited by placement date, but finding out what are proper dates to use requires a lot of experimentation (and demand on system resources). If you could just go to the last preview page and note placement dates of the caches on that page it would make things simpler. Also if you are trying to get a PQ of all caches updated in your local area, and like me you live in an area where there are lots of caches, the PQ's usually only generate out a distance much shorter than I would like, I would rather get all the caches updated in the last day over the entire distance than a weeks worth over a short distance.
  4. I got 5 PQ's this morning and they all seamed fine.
  5. I think this would be a very good idea. Often when get an instant notification and open the page, it would be nice to have a quick way to tell if this is a cache that I have found or at least tried before. I have over to 2500 finds and its hard to remember all of them. And yes, I use PQ's and GSAK heavily.
  6. If you go you your 'My Pocket Queries' page and then click into a normal PQ, there is a link on the top of the page to 'Return to list'. But if you click into a caching along a route PQ that link is not there. A minor annoyance that should be easy to fix.
  7. I got a PQ yesterday but no notifications or watch lists since friday, and I know at least two of my caches were found yesterday. Mail via Comcast.
  8. I am having the same problem, all the caches I found yesterday are not showing up grey with the red check mark where the ones I found Friday do show up. I believe the missing check mark was one if the signs that the world is coming to an end, as foretold by Nostradamus, But then many think that passage is sorta vague.
  9. The problem seams to be solved. The flood gates opened and all the missing PQ's, including the one missing from yesterday, finally arrived. The last one appearing at 11:08 am.
  10. Update: The saga is continuing today, but so far rather than missing only 1 of 5, today I am missing 4 of 5. All of them display as being run between 2:47 am and 4:52 am. By 7:50 am the only one that arrived was the fourth one by time sequence and it was run at 4:51 am. The PQ server defiantly needs a kick of some kind.
  11. It was sent to my comcast email. 4 of 5 worked correctly today, as they have for many months. Its just the last one that I am missing.
  12. One of my regular PQ's allegedly ran this morning at 9:14 am but by 3pm it had not arrived yet. The other four PQ's that were scheduled all ran around 6am and were in my inbox when I turned on the workstation this morning. Since I have run my 5 queries today and have already scheduled 5 for tomorrow could one of the experits at GC.com reset this query so that it will run again today? guid=81c7d92d-1281-402c-aa83-ce43c19d535f Thanks.
  13. I returned from a caching road trip and the next day I was entering all my finds. As soon as I entered the last one went to the pocket queries page and hit the button to schedule the 'All Finds' query. When it arrived uploaded it to a site what produces maps based on your finds and the last dozen or so caches that I found did not show up. On further investigation I discovered that for the caches in question, the cache itself was in the file, but the log entry was not, in its place was <Groundspeak:logs /> Its not a major issue but though you would want to know about it. By the way the site I was uploading the file to is: http://www.itsnotaboutthenumbers.com/
  14. I think this would be useful, to be able to include or exclude caches placed or found by another cacher. there are often times when I am going to an area with another cacher and would like to create a set of caches that both of us have not found, right now I have ways to do that but its pretty complicated.
  15. I tried the .mps/GPS Babel option and that seams to work, Thanks.
  16. One of my great wishes is for a PQ option that would include all caches that have been modified in the last week, this would include changes in the description and changes of the status from available to archived.
  17. For caching along a route, right now to create a route you can upload a GPX file or a KML file. In addition to that would it be possible to upload a route from a text file that would contain a series of coordinates. Say one point per line, latitude and longitude separated by a comma or a tab. Example lines: 32.7123, -101.2045 S32 25.921, E 115 46.050 I ask this because I tried to create a route using Garmin MapSource and while it would create a route between the two destinations I chose creating a route that followed all the roads, when I saved it as a GPX file it only recorded the two end points in the route, but if I saved it as a text file it had all the points and it would be easy to extract out the points into a text file.
  18. I have seen situations where a cache owner goes to check on the cache and someone moved it from its original spot and the owner spends a considerable amount of time trying to find it again. In that situation I would think its reasonable for the owner to log it as a find.
  19. Actually I am more interested in the disabled and archived notifications than the publish notifications. I would rather not go looking for a cache that gone away than rush out to get the FTF. Since I have already found the majority of those caches close to home it would be nice to filter out the notifications if I have already found them.
  20. I would vote for removing the GCXXXX completly, I usually just delete the entire contents before I paste in the code. But if we are going to keep it, I think it should have four X's while the majority of caches have ID's that are that length.
  21. Just a couple suggestions to make the e-mail notifications more useful, Could we add an option to notify only for caches that I have not found, since I don't need to know if the status has changed after I have found it. Also to the list of cache types could we add an 'ALL' option, I would be willing to reduce the number of allowable notifications you can set up if this was an option. Ideally the options for a notification would be the same as that for a PQ but that might be too complex for the server to process.
  22. Are you suggesing something like a gift certificate?
  23. Preventing multiple find logs on a cache has been on my wish list for some time, but I can see some value in allowing them for multiple attends if there are event caches or if an existing cache has changed enough so that the cache owner wants to allow multiple finds. I think a good compromise is to add a maximum finds control that the cache owner can set, defaulted to one, this way the cache owner is still in control but does not have to monitor it so closely. I would even go as far that after this feature goes public allow the cache owner a couple months to set this value on there existing and archived caches and then convert all find (or equivalent) logs over the limit to notes. Sorry if this has been suggested before as I am coming to this conversation late.
  24. IMO, temporary caches at an event are not true caches. They may be fun to find as games during the event but should not count as a smiley. I believe that you should not be able to log a cache as found more than once and for existing find logs, the second and subsequent founds should be converted to notes.
  25. Sounds like a good idea. I think that any system should allow 1) The owner would list the cache as available for adoption (an attribute would be fine). 2) A potential adopter would offer to accept the cache. (Say using a 'Offer to Adopt' log). 3) The owner of the cache would accept the offer and the transfer would be complete. If an owner has dropped out of geocaching a reviewer could stand in for the old owner.
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