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  1. A cachers logs could then act like a blog, I like it.
  2. Has something changed on this? I was able to run my all finds query 10 minutes early.
  3. Earthcaches are a form of limited virtuals. But I agree with the OP and would like to see virtuals return.
  4. While I like the idea of some experience test before allowing cachers to place caches, it would have to be dependant on the cache density in the local area. Here in the SF bay area there are so many caches it would be easy for the potential hider to get the needed experience. In smaller communities and other areas where caching is not as active it would be a lot harder.
  5. In this case I don't think there was anything wrong with the cache. It was in the middle of a public park where other caches exists, it was near an existing trail, it was not too close to any existing caches, at least 8 finders visited the cache and did not report anything unusual or alarming about the cache. My only theory after re-reading the description is that maybe the owner was using the cache to try to contact someone who did not want to be contacted. For the more general question of archived/retracted caches I am very in favor of more openness. One of my great wishes from GC.com is that someday I will be able to run a PQ that will show me caches archived in the last week, not because I want to find them but because I don't want to find them. If I have spent the better part of the week downloading data for a trip I would like to know if anything significant has changed in the area I am going and if a cache has been archived I don't want to spend any time looking for it. Since the current 'updated in last 7 days' condition on a PQ includes caches where any note has been posted, it includes too many caches to be useful.
  6. I don't have the cache details, but have you tried emailing the owner? I'm sure he'd tell. Already done, hopefully the powers that are suppressing knowledge about this cache have not gotten to him/her first. And not the cache owner was not Tom Marvolo Riddle, I would say more but I don't want those same powers to come after me
  7. Unfortunately this only increases my curiosity. Since I still have the coordinates to it, I looked at the location in Google, reviewed the find logs and description and can think of nothing that would be so EVIL that the name of this cache could never be mentioned again.
  8. I am a comcast user, have they changed something recently? Again my queries from yesterday and for the last few years have been coming through fine. Yes, Comcast is at the top of our list of throttled emails at the moment. We usually try to work with the ISPs when this happens but they tend to listen to their paying customers more. Comcast also got hacked last night. Its possible that the emails were lost during the time that they were down. BTW, change your password. I tried to re-run two of the queries, one worked, one did not. So for now I am going to switch to gmail and send a message off to comcast support.
  9. I am a comcast user, have they changed something recently? Again my queries from yesterday and for the last few years have been coming through fine.
  10. I have no problem if the coords/description/hints were truncated or hidden so that someone could not find the cache and the system should prevented any new logs from being posted. But I think it should still show something when you open up the page. Even it its only the reviewers note saying why it was retracted. This specific cache is in a park where other caches have been placed and I would like to know why it was removed, so that I don't make the same mistake some day.
  11. I had three pocket queries that were scheduled to run today, the 'My Pocket Queries' pages shows them as having all been run at or before 5/29/2008 12:16:15 AM but they have not arrived in my in-box. The PQ's that were scheduled to run yesterday arrived OK, I am continuing to receive notifications about local caches. Is there a way to re download the generated GPX file or reset these queries to run again. I know I could copy them and run new PQ's but since I already used three of my five queries for today I would not be able to run all of them.
  12. I have expertGPS set as my default .loc reader, every time I download another 20 caches it opens it into another page, once I have downloaded all the pages I am interested I can cut and paste them all into a single file. You could do the same thing with the free easygps. I usually do this with the outer rings of a pocket queries I am setting up so I can see how they overlap before firing them off. [off topic]By the way if any GC.com developers are reading this it would be really cool if you could download a preview .loc file from a pocket query without it counting against your daily download limit.[/off topic]
  13. From my experience, the only limit is now many times you can keep pushing 'select all', 'download', 'next' before you go crazy.
  14. I would think only the first find log should be considered. Subsequent find logs should considered notes only
  15. I was going through my GSAK database and noticed once specific cache that had not been updated in the last week (GC1A9V4) so I tried to look it up on GC.com and got a 'Sorry, you cannot view this cache listing until it has been published'. error message. Now I suspect that this publish on this cache was retracted so it appears as if it never existed. I understand that there may be valid reasons why this was done, but according to the data I have in GSAK the cache was active for about two months and found at least eight times. I would have though the appropriate thing to do would be to archive the cache. I did not find the cache so I am not worried about loosing a smiley and don't plan on going to look for it but I would like to know why the cache listing was removed (so I can learn from the mistakes of others).
  16. Yes I have noticed this from time to time. I can usually get around it if you close the browser and reload the page.
  17. Today I got a e-mail notification from gc.com that had this in the subject line. [GEO] Notify: Gitonyerhorse archived Limp (Archived) (Traditional Cache) Now the notification itself is fine but in the subject itself the word 'archived' appears twice, which is a bit redundant. It really only needs to be there once. I realize this is not the most important thing to fix as its only waisting 11 bytes but if you add that up from all the email notification sent out every day about caches being archived you might have enough space for a child living in poverty to download a couple MP3 files, or maybe even a GPX of caches in his area, just think of the world changing possibilities if all these bytes were conserved.
  18. While the all finds PQ only shows found logs a standard PQ will include all your logs for the caches included. Create a PQ that includes all the caches you have found and have your custom stats program count the number of notes and found logs you have created.
  19. TheAprilFools


    I liked that feature but remember it showing the date the will attend log was created not the date of the event. I would like it restored, provided it works correctly.
  20. Not to pile on but I would delete your multiple logs as well and do delete them when I see it on my caches. Your not really 'finding' it if you already know where it is, its really just a way to inflate your find count and I consider it cheating, and I have suggested before that GC.com should prevent multiple finds being posted. As for the OP I have on times wanted to add a cacher to my ignore list so I can ignore all caches placed that person. Usually this is to screen out those who like to place caches in poison oak and thorn bushes rather than enforce reasonable ethics.
  21. Now if I wanted to download all 50222 caches in my state (California) I would have to setup 101 pocket queries each separate by date and run them over three weeks, not very practical. If the all those caches were combined into a single PQ the resulting file would be > 50mb my email server would probably choke on it, also not practical. GSAK would probably choke on it also, but I have never tried it with a file that large. I personally would be happy if once a week you could get all caches within 100 miles of your home coordinates, but I don't think that will happen so for now I will have to be content with the 14 date separated PQ's I run to map out a 50 mile radius.
  22. I vote yes. Since the cacher did not have a problem letting us know they did not find the cache, I see no reason why they would object to counting them up and showing the total. Now there are those who object to counting of finds and those same arguments could apply to this, but since we are counting find logs why not count DNF's.
  23. 1. I would get rid of the hint window: I disagree. 2. Provide cachers with a way to search for archived caches. : I agree, within limits, probably should not show original coordinates, just distance and rough direction from spot. 3. Traditional and puzzles are not allowed within 0.1miles, but that's for the hidden final coords not the posted coords of the puzzle. 4. Allow audio/video files for use in puzzle caches. Oh please don't, nothing is more annoying than opening a cache page and having an audio file start. 5. Add that when an e-mail notification is sent to the owner of a cache, the notification should say if pics were posted: May be difficult since the notification is sent when the log is entered, but then the pics are added as a separate second step, after the notification has been sent. 6. Allowa owners to see who is watching their caches/tb's/coins/etc. I agree and its been suggested often but TPTB don't seam to like it.
  24. My request was to add an attribute to indicate that a cache description has translations for its description in multiple languages. I just spent a few weeks working/traveling/caching in Europe and would have found this useful. Oh sure I could have manually checked and did online translations to the description for each cache before going out to find it but many of the places I stayed did not have Internet access and since I did not always know which direction I was going to go it was not practical to manually translate each description in advance. Sorry about the other two empty threads, its the fault of the forum software, it kept timing out.
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