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  1. Was just going through stuff in storage, and found my old backpack (like a school-style, full-size) that has supplies in it like take/leave trinkets, lock'n'locks, etc. I don't really cache anymore, but would love to give this ready-made caching bag a new home.
  2. Just added: (2) 2007 Space Coast Geocachers copper & silver (activated)
  3. I don't really cache much anymore, and with the stupid furlough am cleaning out stuff to sell off. Here are some links to eBay that I've posted, and am going through more / will keep this updated. All activated coins are in my possession. Hoosiers Indiana Micro (not activated): https://www.ebay.com/itm/264709485622 (4) Geo-Achievement 100/250/500/1000 (not activated): https://www.ebay.com/itm/264709493311 (6) Dutch coins (4 activated, 2 not activated): https://www.ebay.com/itm/264712559335 2006 antique copper (activated) 2007 antique bronze (activated) 2007 LE antique silver (/25, I think), activated 2006 Micro (activated) 2008 antique silver (not activated) 2008 12 Provincien Geocoinrace (not activated)
  4. I have three caches (GC2GVHP), (GC2GVHD), and (GC2GVK2) located in NJ's Round Valley State Park, and I don't plan on filling out the forms to keep up with the new state park caching policy since I live an hour away now. If anyone would like to adopt them, or wants to pick up the containers and use them somewhere else for their own cache, please do so and post a log so I can either give it up or archive. Thanks, yp
  5. Congrats! Hoping for some Carpe Karma myself.
  6. Can't believe these are still making their way around, congrats!
  7. I have a 10th anniversary NNJC (Northern New Jersey Cachers) unactivated coin, would like to trade it for another 10th anniversary coin. If interested, please let me know what event location you have to offer, thanks.
  8. Well, always better to mention that it exists - you never know when someone might be interested. I bought 2 extra 10th anniversary coins to trade, so even if someone wants to trade for another Dutch coin, that would be ok with me.
  9. Does anyone have a 10 years of geocaching Dutch coin that they'd like to trade for one of my American coins, made for the NNJC (Northern New Jersey Cachers) event?
  10. Two more months to halloween, have to keep looking for a skeleton
  11. Also, stop by an event, and see about caching with another cacher to get the hang of it. If it weren't for Dale n Barb in Florida when we started, noticing our 4 straight DNF logs after our first find, we would have given up quickly.
  12. Well, glad that cooler heads prevailed and this was archived, so thanks to the CO for allowing the overall GC community to weigh in on this. As for the sock beating, we might actually have to do that on video if you come to an event. I think if we got a bunch of the stuffed animal TBs together, that it would make for some great YouTube content on the NNJC website. As for the sense of humor, I do second Brian's comment about taking it well, and I commend you for that. I certainly hope the "dumber and dumber" title of this thread was not taken as a comment on the CO (since I don't know you), and was intended for the choice of hide location. As much as I am one to be loud, at times, in voicing my opinion on negative things, I'd like to think I balance it with positives when things are done well. I'm really, really pleased that instead of copping an FU attitude toward a mostly-negative reaction to the cache, you let us convince you that this isn't an overall benefit to caching in our area. For that reason alone, I salute you (for what that's worth), and look forward to your future caching endeavors in our area.
  13. I have an extra NNJC (Northern New Jersey Cachers) 10th anniversary coin, looking to trade it for another 10th anniversary from another event. No specific idea what ones are out there, just let me know what you have, and I'll see if it's a place of interest.
  14. I was very grateful for the photo, otherwise I would have ended up wasting one of my lunch hours making a run over here. For those who found it, I can't blame them for logging the find, but as members of a largely self-regulating group, we owe it to each other to send up the signal flares when we know that 99% have no real interest (in fact, are disgusted) by ridiculous behavior like this. Here's something to keep in mind - given the description and terrain/difficulty, this could easily attract someone who is brand new to caching. Think they'd stay on as a cacher if this was their first exposure? Anyone close enough to this thing to get the number off of it and get the company to demand removal? That would take the burden out of the reviewers' hands.
  15. I recently moved, and can't for the life of me figure out the bookmark for the online doc that has mailing addresses (for things such as those lovely mysters coins we are blessed with from time to time). Can someone head me in the right direction to update my info? Thanks.
  16. http://coord.info/GC2CJ6E I'm thinking this should get shut down for improper placement on private property, if not for being stupid in general. If it weren't illegal, I'd offer a geocoin bounty for video of the CO being beaten with a sock filled with travel bugs.
  17. Wow, that is an epic coin! Truly amazing finish on it, I'd love to get some info on what company made it and the type of metal finishing used if it ever comes to light.
  18. Hi guys! Hope you are doing well down there in MI. I'm sure you don't remember us, but my wife and I were the ones across from the park in Rockledge that you helped out with finds #2 - #5 when you saw our DNFs as newbies. Well, we're up in NJ now and just over 1600 finds, and I would bet we would have quit on this sport early if not for your help and guidance. I'm going to be buying a couple sets of these coins, they are awesome! Hope your store is doing well, and thanks for running a great caching organization down there!
  19. Sweet! The coins are amazing, so as if I wasn't motivated enough to get out there and kayak with him, I am doubly so now! I like the copper ones better Have fun as much as you can in Santa Ana, and don't let them run you too ragged.
  20. Carla, since your departure is going to make me have to kayak with George, which will kick my out-of-shape arse, I think I need one of those reserved to trade with me
  21. Here's another example, and the cache page mentions a couple others in the like-themed "series": http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...da-c2ef5c701441
  22. Whew, just in time! Thanks to my purchase, they are now sold out.
  23. I use Case-It binder but use baseball card pages instead. I use very thin foam and cut the shape of the coin into the foam, fit the coin into the foam and place the foam into the baseball card page. This decreases the coin from sliding out, and you can place any size coin into a baseball card page. I have dozens, if not hundreds, of these 9-pocket baseball card pages, that used to house my once-considerable card collection. If anyone is interested in obtaining a bunch of them, all I'd ask in return in enough money to cover shipping. Let me know if you want to clear some space in my desk cabinet. *** Oops - just noticed that I replied to the wrong post. What I have is NOT!!! what is in the picture of the post I have quoted here. They are 9-pocket pages used for holding sports cards. ***
  24. Hello Rene, can you post a picture of the Devil mystery coin? Depending on if it's something that interests us, we have something on your wish list. Steve & Nanette
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