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  1. Try this link...it may be helpful: http://www.markwell.us/pq.htm
  2. Try this link...see if it's helpful: http://www.markwell.us/pq.htm
  3. Me neither. I live near Green Bay and follow the WGA forums pretty closely...no mention of it. Is it a geocaching event???
  4. I have a 200 model that I got free from a Discover Card promotion last summer. I use it mostly to reach a site and then use my handheld Lowrance. However, if I have to hike in to one or more caches, I love to take the Nuvi along for the paperless feature. I'll put it in a ziplock bag in the off mode (to keep it dry cuz it's not waterproof) and stick it in my backpack. When I need it, I turn it on for a short duration (cuz of the short battery life). Love it...don't know how I existed without it. By the way, the Nuvi does have a pedestrian mode...don't know how well it works though.
  5. I live in northeastern Wisconsin...God and Packer country:) I hate mosquito and tick season...and snow. But I've found ways to work around them...bug repellent and mosquito headnets for one. For the other, it's searching for caches with the little snowflake icons in the attributes.
  6. Done...will be 61 on Friday...been caching for two years and just hitting my stride:)
  7. Test 2 Smile and the world smiles with you:)
  8. I just got one of those free Garmin Nuvi's and didn't realize the shortcuts that it's capable of sending you on. As I was traveling from one cache to another, it took me off a dead-end road, through a farm yard, and across a field...that's when I discovered I was in redneck country. I saw a WWII howitzer on a hillside and a silo with a tractor on top...I kid you not!
  9. I helped set up the N.E.W. Meet n Greet last month by setting out a new cache with several $5 gift certificates from local merchants, a $25 gas card for the FTF, and two family passes to the local museum...all donated. The local merchants were more than happy to contribute to lure new customers in. The cache attracted considerable attention
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