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  1. Thanks for everyone's input -- much appreciated! I use a Garmin 76CSx handheld unit and am not sure whether a proximity alarm helps that much. It sounds from the input that overall there are not very many of you who rely on a proximity alarm. Any other thoughts?
  2. I wonder if anyone does use their proximity alarms?
  3. Just trying to get an idea to what extent you rely on your GPS proximity alarm and what distance do you set it for? For example, how many of you set it for .10 of a mile? What other distances do you use or do you rely on your distance indicator on your GPS unit? I am new to this and have only found 3 caches so far. Thanks in advance for your input!
  4. What about the issue someone brought up suggesting that "trails" are better identified on the 1:100,000 scale map [2008] than the new 1:24,000 scale maps. That would be a real issue for me as I do a lot of hiking and canoeing, and the trail information is vital.
  5. Thanks everyone for your help. I now have a "fix".
  6. after deleting the waypoints when you enter the next one manually change the waypoint number to 001. It will count up from there. The 76 seems to cache the last number used and counts from there. Jim Jim, Good suggestion -- it appears that the 76CSx does count from the last number inputed. I will try the unit later in the field to be certain, but your suggestion appears to be the solution to the problem. Many thanks!
  7. Same vehicle -- no changes. I do have life time maps and traffic updates [i can't imagine how this could affect it]. Has anyone else had problems with this high-sensitivity receiver? Sometimes I have had coverage dropped in a city with tall buildings, but this was out in the country -- some of the roads were tree lined. However, why should there be a drop of the satellite lock?
  8. When I enter a new waypoint on my 76CSx after deleting all previous waypoints, why doesn't it begin at 1 again? For example, the next number is 028. How do I get it to begin again at 1? I have deleted all previous waypoints! What am I missing?
  9. It is a c550 StreetPilot that is no longer made by Garmin. The unit would lock on but then lose satellite reception. I am confused as to why it would do that.
  10. These maps are available in the west and central part of the US but currently are not available for New England or New York state? Does anyone have any idea when they may become available for the East and New England?
  11. The other day I used my Garmin 550 on a perfectly clear day -- absolutely no clouds in the sky. I traveled from Connecticut to New Hampshire and back. All day long my StreePilot would lose satellite reception. Granted some of the roads were tree lined, but there were enough clear views that the garmin should not have lost satellite reception. I had not used the StreetPilot for several weeks at that point. Is the unit getting old [i have had it for three years] or is there another reason why the unit would consistently lose satellite reception on a clear day with absolutely no cloud cover? Any ideas?
  12. Good suggestions -- I appreciate your comments!
  13. I have the Garmin 2008 topo map loaded on my 76CSx -- what "zoom" range setting using the "In" and "Out" keys do you find generally works the best for previewing waypoints/locations to hike/walk to? E.g., 200 ft. or something covering a larger area. In others, what zoom range do you generally use as opposed to those instances where a larger or a smaller area is called for? Just trying to gain some insight through your experiences. Thanks!
  14. Thanks "Prime Suspect" -- that may have been what happened. I'll make sure that doesn't happen in the future.
  15. Mr. Mudd - Thanks for your responses. In several instances, the distance shown was in miles whereas the actual distance should have been in feet. I don't recall the actual fiqures, but the distances did not jive.
  16. This is a "newby" question involving my Garmin 76CSx unit. Must I always enter the waypoint of the location that I am physically at before before going to the "Compass Page" and proceeding to my new waypoint? The reason that I ask is that when the "Dist. to Next" is displayed on the "Compass Page", I sometimes get distances that don't make sense. For example, I may look ahead on the "Map Page" and identify a waypoint that I want to proceed to. When I enter the new waypoint on the "Waypoint Page", I will then high light and press "enter" on the "Go To" field. Then I proceed to the "Compass Page". I have assumed that the GPS unit automatically knows where I am and calculates the distance from my current position to the new waypoint without the necessity of me specifically entering the location [waypoint]. Am I correct? Again, the "Dist. to Next" on the "Compass Page" has come up with some distances under such circumstances that do not always make sense. Your help will be appreciated.
  17. I read somewhere the recommendation of a little heat helping as well. And I do mean A LITTLE. I would think warming it up with a hair dryer, or 15 - 20 minutes out in the sun kind of heat. Thanks very much for the input -- any other thoughts or issues that I should be aware of in terms of using the shield?
  18. Just how difficult is the Invisible Shield to remove if it has to be removed? Any thoughts?
  19. I have a Garmin 76CSx that I am thinking of using the invisible shield to protect the plastic face of the unit. How many of you use something to protect your unit? Is there any downside to using the "Invisible Shield" application? What are your thoughts?
  20. Either a 2000 TJ jeep wrangler sport, a 2001 XJ jeep cherokee sport, or a 2007 KJ jeep liberty limited. Actually have more skidplates on the liberty than the other two jeeps.
  21. Just a quick question -- I have a Garmin 76CSx. Am I better off with the plain City Navigator (2008) disc. or should I purchase the City Navigator NT (2008) disc. Any pro's or con's? I already have the Garmin TOPO 2008 loaded, but I want to be able to navigate on roads and within towns. Please let me have your thoughts. Thanks. Of the 2008 Version, NT takes up about 65 or so segments and just under a gig of space. Non-NT is about 1.6 gigs and a few hundred segments. Some people say it loads slower, but I could not tell the difference. Thanks! NT "seems" to be the mapset of choice and has more support.
  22. Just a quick question -- I have a Garmin 76CSx. Am I better off with the plain City Navigator (2008) disc. or should I purchase the City Navigator NT (2008) disc. Any pro's or con's? I already have the Garmin TOPO 2008 loaded, but I want to be able to navigate on roads and within towns. Please let me have your thoughts. Thanks.
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