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  1. Well, waited for this release, however will still be off this game as the bug which affects my cartridge is not fixed. I am calling Show detail screen zone1 but it does not fire up. I just want to show a zone's detail screen to player while he is heading to it, but this does not work. Sorry, still waiting for new new release.
  2. Attached example cartridge supposed to pop up detail screen of a zone. However when cartridge started it shows main screen and not zone's detail. Can't add attachemend, here is the listing: require "Wherigo" ZonePoint = Wherigo.ZonePoint Distance = Wherigo.Distance Player = Wherigo.Player -- #Author Directives Go Here# -- -- #End Author Directives# -- cartttt = Wherigo.ZCartridge() -- MessageBox Callback Functions Table used by the Builder -- cartttt.MsgBoxCBFuncs = {} -- Cartridge Info -- cartttt.Id="31cbc5c0-821a-49b1-a6c4-69df2549f7fe" cartttt.Name="ttt" cartttt.Description=[[This is an example cartridge]] cartttt.Visible=true cartttt.Activity="TourGuide" cartttt.StartingLocationDescription=[[]] cartttt.StartingLocation = ZonePoint(46.463039,6.84343,0) cartttt.Version="" cartttt.Company="" cartttt.Author="" cartttt.BuilderVersion="2.0.5018.3550" cartttt.CreateDate="4/18/2008 11:08:32 PM" cartttt.PublishDate="1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM" cartttt.UpdateDate="4/19/2008 8:21:46 AM" cartttt.LastPlayedDate="1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM" cartttt.TargetDevice="PocketPC" cartttt.TargetDeviceVersion="0" cartttt.StateId="1" cartttt.CountryId="2" cartttt.Complete=false cartttt.UseLogging=false -- Zones -- zonet1 = Wherigo.Zone(cartttt) zonet1.Id="8ddc6869-434c-4e31-8ec9-52a690fa02dc" zonet1.Name="t1" zonet1.Description=[[This is zone description]] zonet1.Visible=true zonet1.DistanceRange = Distance(1500, "feet") zonet1.ShowObjects="OnEnter" zonet1.ProximityRange = Distance(200, "feet") zonet1.AllowSetPositionTo=false zonet1.Active=true zonet1.Points = { ZonePoint(46.46401,6.84202,0), ZonePoint(46.46401,6.84484,0), ZonePoint(46.46207,6.84484,0), ZonePoint(46.46207,6.84202,0) } zonet1.OriginalPoint = ZonePoint(46.463039,6.84343,0) zonet1.DistanceRangeUOM = "Feet" zonet1.ProximityRangeUOM = "Feet" zonet1.OutOfRangeName = "" zonet1.InRangeName = "" -- Characters -- -- Items -- -- Tasks -- -- Cartridge Variables -- -- Builder Variables (to be read by the builder only) -- buildervar = {} -- ZTimers -- -- Inputs -- -- -- Events/Conditions/Actions -- -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------Builder Generated functions, Do not Edit, this will be overwritten------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function cartttt:OnStart() -- #GroupDescription=Script -- -- #Comment=Script Comment -- Wherigo.ShowScreen(Wherigo.DETAILSCREEN,zonet1) end ------End Builder Generated functions, Do not Edit, this will be overwritten------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------Builder Generated callbacks, Do not Edit, this will be overwritten------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --#LASTCALLBACKKEY=0#-- ------End Builder Generated callbacks, Do not Edit, this will be overwritten------ -- #Author Functions Go Here# -- -- #End Author Functions# -- -- Nothing after this line -- return cartttt
  3. David, I just installed new build and see no difference on both player and emulator. Am I missing something? Before installing new release, I removed the old one.
  4. Hello all, here is my feedback about Wherigo new release of April 16. Overall I was pretty much excited with the Wherigo idea and hoped and hope it will be developed well eventually. At the time it does not work for me as I expect it to behave. I have been working past week building my first cartridge struggling with all issues of alfa version and created a cartridge which I thought is about to be completed, just need to add some descriptions in message dialogs and the rest fine tuning. The cartridge was compiling and playing back on both emulator and the PPC yesterday exactly as I programmed. Today I installed new versions of the player and builder and my code does not work any more as designed. Just one line which I expect would show me detail screen: Wherigo.ShowScreen(Wherigo.DETAILSCREEN,zonezone1) is screwed, but I use it in all 16 zones I created. Instead I see the main player's screen. This is a tour cartridge and my idea is to avoid extra interactivity as much as possible. That is the story. I regret to say that but I have to suspend my work waiting for more stable release. On top of my story I have a short wish list with features which I am sure other people want to see implemented too: - ASCII 127+ letters support to properly show messages on languages other than English (Europe is also a big land) - multilanguage support which will alow building cartridges and dictionaries separately - builder which will not just thrown an exception if code is screwed but show where the exception was catched Cheers, Oleg
  5. Here is one more http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...36-51a5346e9ae9
  6. Thanks SUp3rFM & Cruella for the reply. Likely you are right, although even with with babelfish translation is still not clear. If the owner provided description on his language, unlikely he speaks English. Moreover, in the TB logs there are remarks that people don't understand what the goal is. No reaction from owner side means he is not concerned. Anyway I am not going to Germany soon and will put the TB somewhere close to my place. Happy hunting!
  7. I retreived a travel bug with goal description given in dutch. Can someone translate it to English, please? http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...94-c1f3de6c399a
  8. Hi, if you look up for caches in Russia the search returns only 20 caches. In fact there are significantly more, but the thing is in Russia cachers use www.geocaching.ru and most likely don't check www.geocaching.com. Expect a foregn visitor to retreive your travel bug. Just to let you know. Happy hunting!
  9. Je propose organiser un event cache dans le espace Suisse Romande.
  10. I noticed that many cachers log as "Found it" their own caches. I think this is not honest, although it improves cacher's stats. I would suggest to add a check for logs, to forbid a cacher reporting findings for their own hidden caches.
  11. Actually I had many failures coming to a cache set as a destination point of a route. Few times I came to wrong side of a river, few times I had to climb up on steep hills with no paths. The way I use autorouting now is to locate a nearest parking spot first and then set it as an end point of a route. Not 100% working method, although it set to start position better while seaching for a cache.
  12. Is there a way to hide certain waypoints in GPSMAP 60C? For example if you downloaded restaurants and museums into device can you hide only restaurants using its symbol?
  13. Oleg

    Waypoints In Ms Mappoint

    Thank you guys, this was exactly I wanted to have! Waypoint importer is an excellent simple application having essential feature to eliminate duplicates. To just import geocaches Waypoint Importer requires less clicks. Coordinate exchange is much more functional and does a lot of work which I previously supposed is possible only with Garmin MapSource. This is also an excellent software which seems to be under ongoing development and I will be waiting for the future releases and recommend it to anyone who uses MS MapPoint.
  14. I am wondering if it is possible to import geocache waypoints to MS MapPoint?
  15. In fact there are much more caches in Russia, although Russians maintain them through their Russian site. If you understand Russian language you could find caches in the list here http://www.geocaching.ru/?pn=101&sort=3
  16. I have successfully updated my Legend with GPSWarn. For more details see http://www.milvang.no/gps/gpswarn.html
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