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  1. It seems, if you make two posts in a row, it combines the second one with the first into one post; I guess this is the new flood control? Nope, flood control still pops up if you post in less than 30 sec. But still, my seperate posts were combined into one. Edit: this is the fourth seperate post (this one being an edit) all combined into one post.
  2. Automated banning? The Views column doesn't seem to be working.
  3. I like the Search Topic button. What's the Guide Mode button do?
  4. You'll make a GREAT wife to someone someday!! Now thats Funny !!!!!! That would provide a whole new meaning to Old wife's tail. Since the search feature is back, I expect the forums to be lively once again! Closing this topic.
  5. I'm just happy they're back, and the search function seems to be working!
  6. The owner of the cache has the opportunity to give out the hints as they see fit on the cache page, or via email. Besides...if you found the cache without a hint, surely they can too. Bottom line is that's not your cache. Therefore it's not your right to give hints. El Diablo It is within my rights to have private conversation with anyone who is willing to listen. If someone asks, and I choose to give someone a hint about finding a cache, or cheating on an exam, I can do that. Nobody but me governs my private conversation.
  7. I would consider it a threat. As long as the hints aren't made public, I don't see that it is a big problem to help another cacher find a cache, even one that is not your own. Individuals in teams, cache machines and event groups often log caches that were actually found by someone other than themselves. As far as the little trick on the profile page, I would think that there is definitely a violation of guidelines there somewhere, and if it had been me or most anyone else, there would likely be a reprimand issued.
  8. I'm not sure if this counts as a scooter, but here's a photo of Dave Ulmer, the very first cacher.
  9. In the video that was captured from, in his own voice, he calls it the "one finger victory salute!
  10. Are you kidding me? I can't believe that anyone would do something so ridiculous to be threatening beyond the fourth grade. You're lucky that he didn't stick his tounge out at you too. It is hard to believe! <edited out image >
  11. National Muggler would make a good name for an underground geocaching publication.
  12. Technically, a very tough question, but basically, when you hide a cache, or release a travel bug, they're up for grabs to the whole world.
  13. Typically, you can narrow down the area where someone lives by examining their profile. There you can view owned and found caches. And yes, it is a sad, sad world in many ways.
  14. Do either sept1c or I live in Wisconsin? What he said. This is something that happens from time to time. In these parts, we refer to them as cache maggots. Sorry for your loss.
  15. Yep. He's bored again! El Diablo Quite the contrary; I find your response (and the others) not only entertaining, but insightful as to the subject of this topic.
  16. I hope that, by association in this topic, a little detective work in the forums and chat rooms, and some extrapolation doesn't lead to one of us being "fingered" as a person of interest to the authorities.
  17. Having some knowledge of the controversy (homophobia) refrenced, I just cannot make a logical connection with travel bugs, or geocaching in general and the BSA. I'm not sure what his problem is, but it is interesting to note the language used (by the person who wrote that log) in the goal of one of his own travel bugs:
  18. Watching it also. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  19. et·i·quette n, rules of acceptable behavior: the rules and conventions governing correct or polite behavior in society in general or in a particular social or professional group or situation. The Forum Guidelines map out what is acceptable, or not, according to the administration of this website. According to you, what is considered good form and proper etiquette within the stated guidelines in these forums? Is it OK to post photos (already published on this site) of other people without their knowledge or consent? What about quoting other people (from a different topic) purely to display inconsistencies in their logic? Is making a joke about other registered forum users kosher? Is it considered proper etiquette to: Link to someone’s profile when you mention them? Make off topic comments? Post on every new topic? Stir the pot (devil’s advocate)? Bump very old topics just for fun? Comment on poor spelling or grammar of other forum users? Call someone on poor etiquette? Use all caps? Use all lower case? Use multiple emoticons? Use nothing but emoticons? Use sarcasm without any emoticons? Use innuendos (political, sexual, etc.)? Feel free to add to and comment on the above list.
  20. Along the same lines, some people are so stymied with the insertion of a foreign language into their private little world, they actually get mad about it...and tell you just how mad it makes them.
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