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  1. This may be true, but considering that in the last 7 days, there have been 136,178 new logs written by 22,539 account holders on this site, I suspect that there are a lot of (non-forum type) cachers out there who think about geocaching on a very regular basis. It would be interesting to know.
  2. I have not personally encountered a situation like this. I suppose if either the coordinates or the container were the same as the originally placed cache, I would have logged with a note. With both the coordinates and the container changed, it becomes a judgment call; the location carries a little more weight than the container. If the location had changed by 35 feet would you have still called it a find? Would it warrant a smilie if the location had changed by 25 ft., or 15 ft.? Some caches naturally migrate that much. In this case, given that the change of location was significant and the container was different, I would be tempted to log it as another find (even though I definitely don't care about the numbers). It is a different cache in a new location; arguing that logging a find would be acceptable only if the name, identification number or owner was different is petty, and those who would use that argument are the real number hunters (in the sense that they are attempting to protect the integrity of their own numbers). If there is any valid issue here, it lies in the fact that the real location of the cache does not coincide with the coordinates posted on the cache page. If any contact is made with the owner (and this should happen, in my opinion) it should be not to ask permission to log it as a find, but to convince said owner to change the coordinates posted at the top of the cache page.
  3. With the exception of most panoramic views, night caching in the woods can offer some spectacular scenery and a whole different set of flora/fuana. Of course, the amount of noise and artificial light you create may help or hinder this. I always enjoy night caching in the woods, but I'm quite comfortable in the woods at night; urban night caching is fun too, but sometimes people get suspicious or just plain dangerous in town after dark.
  4. Or, you can make it a little more challenging by making any reflectors difficult to locate. And when searching for night caches remember, BFLs adversly affect your night vision; use ambient light as often as is practical.
  5. I usually think about geocaching around the time I wake up and at least once an hour until I fall asleep. If I get lucky and actually go geocaching, I generally think about it constantly. I occasionally dream about it too. How often do you think about geocaching?
  6. "Tanks!" Actually, I was going to ask someone (moderator) to change it right after I posted, but I thought, since so many topic titles seem never to get edited that I would just grin and bear it. Now tell us some more stories (please)!
  7. It wasn't a faux pas! But it was a mistake I realized immediately after I posted the topic (it sure would be nice if us posters had the oppertunity to edit topic titles). I understand your grief with the puzzle; the toilet seat question has me stumped.
  8. Ah, you remember that day, in the wee hours of the morning, before sunrise, on a cold day in October of 2003!
  9. On the 10th of October, 2004, I logged three DNFs in two different states. I also found five caches that day.
  10. There must be all kinds of stuff that goes on behind closed doors that most of us never pleasure to know. I hereby invite the mods and approvers (and anyone else that may be in the know) to share some of the lighter moments they’ve experienced in their associations with geocaching. Here’s one I found recently:
  11. Let me guess. All this time, you were workin' on it! Seriously, thanks for bringing back this feature.
  12. I think it is probably more accurate to assume that people lie about findings to hide their DNFs. There is probably some (negligently small) number of cachers who lie for the purpose of inflating their numbers, but I don't really care about them.
  13. I agree. This was a very convient feature. I started a topic about it long ago and I was just re-reading it a while ago. In it, Jeremy said he liked that feature too, and he was (maybe) going to work on it. I would qoute him or link to that topic, but since the profile page link was restored, I can't seem to search my own topics (which I also thought was very cool). Can we still search for our own topics?
  14. This has been fixed. Elias Fantastic! An added feature with this software displays a broken line under the individual users who are actually posting. Now, what the heck is the Guided Mode?
  15. Yes, Now I can ignore El Diablo all day. Un-ignore. Now that's an interesting concept! Un-ignore.
  16. I'll second both of these (reading further down, I notice that Elias may be working on the viewed tally). I really like the new option to view topics opened by a user! And the emoticons out of order is a hassel, but I'm sure I'll adjust to that. I still can't figure out what the Guided Mode is.
  17. Hooya! Great contest, David. I've been addicted to the story from the outset and I get antsy every month waiting for the newest installment. Do you have any idea how many more chapters? I hope it goes on forever, or at least there will be a sequel. Congratulations to the other winners (and everyone else who has been introduced to Serial Finder)!
  18. Awww, man... Busted. No more of that for me then. I seem to remember saying that, but I didn't think anyone was listening! ROTFLMAO
  19. Another cool feature: when someone is quoted, there is an arrow included at the top of the quote that will take you back to the original post; this is good to supply context.
  20. No offense, Sax, but I have always found that annoying; an occasional post in color is OK, but responding in blue everytime is kinda like SHOUTING. But I'm sure you'll find a way. No doubt there are some who are annoyed with my habit of ALWAYS using two emoticons at at the end of EVERY post.
  21. I was thinking the same thing; maybe he's going to write us all into the story!
  22. Brevity is a must; the maximum number of characters allowed in a post is 1,024,000 (I have used 385 characters in this message). Maybe it's always been that way. That seems like enough characters to last a year. Hmmm, wouldn't it be interesting if each poster was limited to 1,024,000 characters per year? It appears that spaces are included in the character count, too.
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