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  1. keep in mind that I'm talking about two changes... 1) a "diff" query in pocket queries, 2) software (such as Watcher) that can interpret them. I'm not suggesting real people need to keep track of anything with these diffs. I'm saying that you open the diff gpx file in watcher as a special kind of merge, that updates your existing file with only the information that has changed, including archiving or temp hiding of caches. The archive indicator could simply be >>the fact of it having been archived<<, nothing more.



  2. doing diffs won't swamp the servers. It'll actually save processing time in the long run.


    All you need is a "last modified date" field in the cache table, then a "last time you did a diff" field in user profile. Then say, "give me just the caches (archived or not) that have changed/added since my last diff datetime".


    This is no more difficult than any other query in the pocket query. The difference is that it send JUST what you need, not all the extra gunk you don't (that hasn't changed).


    The files generated would be smaller, which means it'd save on processing & transfer time.



  3. An idea I'd like:


    Set an option in pocket queries to return the "diff" from the last pocket query of the same type. By "diff" (or difference), I mean:


    1. new caches since last time

    2. changed caches since last time

    3. archived caches since last time

    4. new log entries on watch list


    A program like watcher could then use the new GPX file to do an update to a larger database. All cache entries would replace existing entries if found (archive entries would remove them).


    I haven't really thought through the particulars, but I don't think this would require a change to the GPX syntax or semantics.

  4. The yellow note pad (and the My Space notify page) work only from your last log in. If there was 100 new posts and you read only 10, it'll have all 100 marked as old if you log out, then log in.


    This is less than optimal, but seems to be part of the ubbx software. A much better model is the one used by the WELL . You can't really see how usable their conference software is until you have an account, which costs $10 a month. I've used forum software since the early 80s, and even wrote my own BBS. Nothing comes close to the WELL. The conferencing software is called WELL Engaged and is available from Prospero, I believe. Don't know much about it's street-readiness other than what I've seen on the WELL.


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  5. quote:
    Originally posted by Sissy-n-CR:

    Maybe something like gcffff.geocaching.com or http://www.geocaching.com/gcffff.

    The form "gcfff.geocaching.com" is logistically much much more difficult, though there's no reason why "geocaching.com/gcffff" or "geocaching.com/cache/gcffff" couldn't be done. At least I could do it easily with a Java web app server & apache. I'm not sure about Microsoft IIS, which is what geocaching.com is using.

  6. what constitutes a hot topic? I'm guessing there's a reply threshold. But are there other ways to make a topic hot?


    What if we started talking about being in the backseat with Betty Jo back in high school, when... (continue the story yourself)



  7. quote:
    Originally posted by BrownMule:

    HTTP 500.100 - Internal Server Error - ASP error

    Internet Information Services


    Error 500 means it's a web server problem, not something on your end. I make web applications for a living, so I'm very familiar with 500. Blame the geocaching web site. If you can duplicate the steps that lead to the error, starting from when you log on (log out first if you need to), then send these steps to Groundspeak, it'll help.



  8. quote:
    Nobody will post agreeing with your idea, they'll just tell you to use pocket queries.


    I think he wants to be able to log a find. Can you do this using Pocket Queries? If you've got GC1234 (from your Pocket Query, for instance, or a printout, or a waypoint), how can you most easily find the page to log the find? I use location nearest me, but I can see how that would be a problem if you were travelling.

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