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  1. I'm glad to hear that this very contriversial subject is being worked on. Those were just my questions and thought. I hope that everything can be worked out. Happy Caching!!!
  2. This is true. Why was it approved if it did not meet GC.com Guidelines? I personally have no problems with the cache. But are we going to say no to anything like no cemetarys, isin't that disrespectful, some would ask. Isin't this 'game' to find places and things that you would have never took the time to really look at. I mean no matter what it is? You can't hardly get a virtural approved anymore so maybe the owner of the cache thought that this was a way of getting someone to that particular place to look at it. People have rights too. No one is forcing people to go and look for this cache. It is all done by free will. I don't think that the owner of the cache was trying to force any religious views or tactics on anyone. I just think that there should be more precice rules as to how the game is played. I'm not saying more rules just tell exactly what is to be and what is no to be. And also how can anyone or anything be 'neuteral'? Includidng CG.com? I am assuming that most people have a problem with someone or something or they way things are done. Wether or not you believe to be neutral. I don't think that it can be totally neutral in any way. I think that someone somewhere is going to be offend by every little thing in the world. Ltljohn makes a good point about the fedral reserve notes. Dosent each and every americian have something that says 'God' on it. How are these people living? I'm sure 99% of people have bill that have to be paid. And people who buy things everywhere. How can they manage not to have 'GOD' in context anywhere. If someone is patriotic isin't there some form of 'religion' in that? In God we trust, 'tell the truth the whole truth so help you 'God', One nation under God? Aren't these the things that all of us were brought up to as children? "In god we trust" is in everyone's home like it or not. Any one who has ever been part of a Jury or on Trial or has had to testify has some point in the wole truth. "One nation under God", 99% of us who can remember when you were allowed to say that sentance in school. That comes back to the speration of church and state. But what about the freedom of speech. Can't we have any freedom any more? this is all just my 2 sence and I am not trying to make anyone mad. Just my thoughts. This is a free country.
  3. Patrick, Star has this obsession. She is depressed that she hasn't gotten to meet you. She hopes that someday that she will get to meet you. I hope that I can meet you to. Although I did have idea for an event cache next spring/summer and I might need your help. If you would be willing to help I could email you with my idea. As far as the waterfall thing the only one that I can think of is the one that star and I came across accidentially looking for the secret waterfall. I wish that I knew more about where to find them.. Awsome Ev ps. star it's called spell check look into it. I know I'm not much better. nact pelsl owhtr a dran.
  4. What about our Travel bug catching Cats? TB catching cats defo rock as well but I do however think at least mine and Awsome Ev''s ,hearts, belong to Patrick , PATRICK ROCKS ! Star of Team Tigger International
  5. Hi I'm female too. Well tom-boy, girlie, truck/semi lovin, she man woman that I am. LOL. I cache with Team Tigger International alot. usually Star and myslef. I do it solo too though. Ma and Pa 'star and wulf- team tigger' got me started on this. I love it. I am cache obsessed. And Ma RIGHT ON!!!!! *whispers , I am a better cacher then he is to * that is for us hard core eat sleep and drink cachers. lol love ya pa Awsome Ev- the amish geocacher
  6. That depends: Identify the following; Crick Holler Reckon Sharf Okay, let me clarify this a bit. An honorary NORTHERN Hoosier. Test #2: Identify the following: Abe Martin Ernie Pyle Kent Benson Kurt Vonnegut
  7. Very nice. I liked it alot. There were even a few things in there that I didn't know. A big thumbs up.
  8. Awwwww.... thank you Daddy. Star and Wulf Rock too. They're so funny. Noclue is cool too.
  9. I had a wonderful time at this event. Thank you to all who made this possible.
  10. I was just wonderin. I take the girls that I babysit for out cachin. But up until yesterday they didn't have an account. they couldn't think of anything. I know they have found these caches we just never logged thier name in any of the log books b/c they didn't have one. but they were there. I talk about them in my logs online. Do you think that cache owners would frown upon me going back and helping them log those caches with a new account.???
  11. Hiya camper! I swing through K-ville on Tuesdays to deliver to the High School and Pizza Forum. Look for a big white truck with "Acorn" on the sides. LOL Torry. Can I look too. I want to say Hi. I babysit Nolcue children. They have gone cachin with me and Noclue and Team Tigger International alot. I just never created them an account. I have now and they are Noclues little shadows.
  12. OK, we've introduced ourselves, we know how far from Muncie we all are, and we know who knows where Bippus is, May I suggest another tack? How about explaining what our Forum Avatars and/or Screen Names are all about. I know Patrick is interested in knowing about the Malamute in Team Tigger's avatar... I'll start: A SixDogTeam is six sled dogs(two lead dogs, two team dogs, two wheel dogs) in tandem harness pulling a dogsled, driven by a musher, over ice and snow, one of our hobbies... This Avatar image is of Lead Dog in his 1830's Voyageur get-up with Nikita Sergeovich _____, a Malmute-Husky mix from the Huntington Shelter. Nick was our first full-blooded arctic breed, and altho you can't really see it in the photo he is wearing an antique Canadian c.1900 Gold Rush era dogsled harness--(October is Humane Society of the U.S. "Adopt a Shelter Dog" Month.) Next Screen Name and Avatar? Ok. me next!!! My Avitar was created by my daddy Wulf. I like frogs, and I live in Amish country USA! The cammel I don't know exactly where he came from.
  13. Thanks for the info. Torry, I know the feeling. I'm thinkin I should cut back but I just can't seem to do it yet. Slowly cut back is the way I'm goin. LOL. Thank you Everyone.
  14. I just had a question about the off topic forum. Is it just for premium members and why?
  15. I never said that I wanted Patrick. I just said that he is cute and would love to meet him. I love dogs. Star thinks that her dogs are just her's well they are mine too. I also have a taco bell dog that she thinks ising one. But, it is She just don't know any different.
  16. I'll tell you why I'm addicted. I love caching, the thrill of the hunt, the anticipation, wondering what kind of adventure that you are going to have, getting time to be out in the woods or city walking with your friends or children, discovering places that "wern't there before", knowing that my adventure will brighten someone elses day reading a log entry. This is an opportunity that you have to change you and the world around you, turn things into a positive. ( I.E. CITO, learning new things about you that you thought that you could never do) You will never know until you try it. Once you try it you get addicted. Once you are Addicted there is no turning back. "This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind...let it be something good." - Author unknown be stealthy get confused wonders is anyone watching Found It gotta put it back gotta go back up that hill releif. found the car Yeah Me!!
  17. Hi I'm Awsome Ev- the amish geocacher. I got my name because when I first started caching the first few caches I found without the use of the GPS. Just info that I got from maps. I use to be "the amish geocachers" that was mmy husband and I. He don't cache any more so it is just me. I am from Topeka, IN. My adopted Mother and Father are Star and Wulf of Team Tigger International. They adopted me about 5 years ago. HEHE I to am planning to be at the event this weekend with the children that I babysit for.
  18. I also have a 'little yellow' and it has done me well. It started out as my 'ma' star of team tigger, gps. Well she has now a emap and I use 'little yellow' as my own. I have been caching for a bit over a year now and have over 350 finds with it. I do lose satilites everynow and then but I love my 'little yellow'. sides 'little yellow' was a freebie for me. gotta love that.
  19. EV, isn't that "Froggy" from Andy Devine's ( I think this was after he was Jingles on the Wild Bill Hickock show) old TV show, "Our Gang", where he used to say "Plunk your magic Twanger, Froggy" and Froggy would appear in a puff of smoke and say "Hiya, kids, Hiya, Hiya!" and Midnight the cat would fly around in her bi-plane dreating havoc, and the show was sponsored by Buster Brown Shoes, and Buster Brown and her dog Tige would always say something like "We're friends, and friends stick together--with Scotch Brand Cellophane Tape" and they would show short films of the Lil Rascals from the thirties, Is it that froggy, huh, huh? I know you're way to young to have even read about all this in your history books...yes, they had TV in the 50's, well maybe the Amish didn't... I don't recognize that camel, tho, altho Patrick says he does. LOL @ SixDogTeam @ Patrick. Your right I didn't have t.v. in the 50's. lol they're commin to take me away they're commin to take me away. I love me.
  20. I love hard caches. I love to try and figure them out. we haven't go to many areoun my area so at the momet I am at least trying to think of someway to make a 4 5. I would use special equiptment but I wouldn't do it my self i would if i knew i would be safe. ha yeah right. but I personally LOVE hard caches just with a lower terrain. give me a brain buster. I could try and figure it out.
  21. Sorry... Edited for the faint of heart: And Team Tigger...why is it that every non-geocacher friend of mine is telling me I have to go on the Amazing Race??? Somehow that's even more disturbing I think that your cat is adorable.
  22. LOL @ Team Tigger. Where do I sign up? I would so totally rock. Maybe I should do that
  23. Ok You want to know why I was in a box along side the road. I'll tell you why. Because that is where Star and Wulf left me for 2 years and just decided to come back and check on me and feed me again. They only do that every six months. I don't know why, that is just the way they are. LOL Oh well that is the way that it is. When they came to check on me they decided that I was good enough to come home. So they brought me home and bathed me and then they took me back home and let me sleep in the box. Oh did they neglect to tell you that my box was round and they told me that I had to sleep in the corner. Do you know how hard it is to find a corner in a box that is round? It is kinda hard. But little did they know, they didn't quite got the box round so there was a little mistake. So I did find a corner unbeknownst to them. hehehe hahaha. That is why I was in a box.
  24. "The Frogs Rule ME" does that sound like a sane person to you ?or perhaps " I have a Camel and a Frog pulling my Buggy ? Maybe we should get "daddy " in on this later . Strange Girl Really Strange , good thing we Love her , cuz she needs serious help I tell ya . Alright I admit it. I don't have any issues. Anyways my Daddy is the one who made the pic, and I thank him for that. I had nothing to do with it. They make me look insane. So where do you thik I get it from. Never had any problems till they kidnapped me from myown little world and adopted me for their own. They are the ones who corrupted my untarnished way of life. I use to be pure and all that. Now I have become this odd person who has nothing better to do with my time than cache. LOL. I love it though. Love ya Ma:) their commin to take me away ha ha their commin to take me away ho ho he he ha ha to the funny farm where things are great.......
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