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  1. Yeah we really DIG this topic. We just have way to much fun that is all.
  2. Gemini (May 21-June 21). Look over there in the bushes! That’s your estranged spouse shooting a video of you wandering in circles and overturning rocks as you attempt to FTF the cache placed for that very purpose. - The Stars Suggest A Rocky Month Your January Horoscope- By Chris Caserta, aka Criminal- Todays Cacher. LOL. That sure fits me to a T. That would be something that my estranged hubby would do..
  3. LOL. Why????? We love the thrown film canisters from the car technique. It is a wonderful thing. Hopefully some day ISQ will reach 1000. Well that is a good thought. make it the bigest series. That would be cool. Happy New Year all!!!!!
  4. I just told her. OH MY How she is blushing. She is still sitting around her thinking that she is the queen of Sheba. She just thinks that she is all that. Prancing and dancing around everytime that someone says or even thinks Patrick. She says Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!! to everyone and most of all to PATRICK!!!!! Ma should chime in soon. She is with Daddy. They went on vacation with out me but they are having fun and stayin safe. And I'm sure ma has drug him out cachin. Editid, because Ev's a little slow.
  5. Well all it is Christmas Eve. It has been a wonderful year. I jus want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! to all.
  6. then again if i would have bothered to look I would have seen this elsewhere. sorry
  7. I just seen an article on geocaching. Genoist posted it elsewhere thought that I would share. Genoist says he thinks that our sport will get some attention. Geocaching Article Just thought that I would share.
  8. Cant wait for the cache to be approved. Yeah. How awsome is this.
  9. Well sept1c_tank I hope that you do feel welcome. We are all a bit wierd around here. Oh wait that is just me!!!!!
  10. OMGOODNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so hilarious. I think that i might have to post my find on it in a totally different language so that it would make it even harder. But who knows I might be nice. Poor poor thing. Ma LOVES it I know. She woke me up this morning just to show me. We both laughed. that is wonderful Sixdog team. can't eat, cant sleep, frogs will eat me.
  11. Thank You Six Dog Team. For allowing me to log your two caches.
  12. Well my Congratulations is in order for Bluegillfisherman. Althought I would like to just say one thing. * GRRRRRRRRRR I think we followed him all day today. GRRRRRRRRRR* *Throws temper tantrum. We wanted at least one FTF* Oh well we tried our hardest to do it. But he must have been out at like 3 a.m. to find all of these and then all the way to my new one, and back home. Now now you and Patrick didn't git into too much trouble I hope. Sorry ma if I might take this. But I thought that you told him he had to look for the neck? Didn't you tell him that it was hidden like a cache?? HEHEHEHE
  13. I know you said this. And I know that you are not actually doing it. But i also thought that you said that we COULD finish these!!!!!!!!!
  14. Well Congratulations!!! 3 years and still going strong.
  15. And I thought that I had to much time on my hands
  16. Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!!!!!!! Now lead dog can put out more caches so that I can work the turkey off ((((((((((((((((everyone)))))))))))))))))) I am thankful that everyone is ok and we all have a wonderful time celebrating the holidays with family and friends.
  17. I love you too. Sad to say it was I whom misplaced it. *crying* I miss the little yellow. I want it back. 99% of my finds have been with the little yellow.
  18. Congrats to Buddaman.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think that I will ever get them finished. But I know that I will. No, you won't. Because every time you get close, I'll hide a new batch! (insert evil cackle) Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Aren't you funny. I agree with Buddaman. there is only one problem with that. Were about 50 miles away. GRRRRR Oh well. It will keep us busy for a while.
  19. Congrats to Buddaman.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think that I will ever get them finished. But I know that I will.
  20. To bad were in NorthEAST Indiana. HEHEHE:)
  21. Ok Lead Dog and Patrick. Ma said that I have to do this. What about the Tri-county fish and wildlife preserve around syracuse? Try there. there are alot of caches in there. I have one in there. You should come try it. syrro utoba eht spieling.
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