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  1. And good thing it does too because the Triton's basemaps are soo useless it's embarrassing.
  2. I also used the Energizer batteries for a couple of years but found they would lose their charge very quickly. Could be they didn't last very long because I used the 15-minute charger they came with . . . but it probably lessened their lifespan. The new "Hybrid" batteries, like the Rayovacs available at Target, work great and hold a charge, unused in your pack, for a long time. That's why I bought a proper charger (La Crosse BC-700). I noticed that my Energizer 2500's weren't lasting as long as I expected. When I put them in the BC-700, I could see that they weren't charged anywhere near their full capacity. A few refresh cycles got them back to 2500. I moved up to the Sanyo 2700's. I had to charge them and discharge them a few times to reach optimal capacity. The hybrids do hold their charge longer, but they are lower capacity. They don't go above 2000. For GPSr use, I rather have freshly charged 2700s than a hybrid at 2000. Having said that, the hybrids do have their uses. I have them in my Xbox game controllers. YMMV
  3. Sanyo's 2700 batteries. They work great. Make sure you get a proper battery charger. It will properly charge your batteries and they will last longer.
  4. Actually, they are not screwing you over. If you do the math, the higher cost now is only $40 more than the old iPhone/data plan over the entire two year contract. That's not bad for an iPhone that has GPS and 3G capabilities. Of course, the longer you keep the phone past the 2 year contract, the more you'll pay. I'm not surprised it was Fox News who had this article.
  5. I'll just add to gpsblake's list. I had a Triton 2000. In fact, I had 3 of them (thank god for REI's return policy). I ended up returning the last one for a Colorado 300. Here are some of my reasons: * Next to impossible to calibrate the compass. I couldn't calibrate it one unit. The other unit would take between 10 and 15 tries. * Lack of maps. The base map is really, really basic. Major highways and that's it. Magellan doesn't offer a better map at the moment. Sure there's the NG maps, but you can only upload small maps. If you upload bigger maps, either it will crash during the upload process, or there will be display errors. * Almost 6 months later, and some major features are still not enabled. * Almost 6 months later, and there haven't been any firmware releases for the 2000. I think there's been one for the other units. From reading tritonforums.com it introduced (for some units) really long delays when panning the map. I had lots of hope for the Triton 2000. For me it was all about the NG maps. But in practice, it was painful to use. I remember the first time I used it on a hike, it crashed on me several times. Of course I had back up maps and a compass, but what's the point in taking it if the unit is not dependable. The real reason that I exchanged it for a Colorado is that I have no faith that Magellan will release a firmware. Forget enabling the "coming soon" features, but just fixing what is available. Miniwhip from tritonforum.com has a contact in Magellan. He said the new firmware is very good, but there's no ETA for when it's coming out. I got tired of waiting. As usual, YMMV.
  6. Another vote for the Mustang. But Pizza is still up by 1%.
  7. Which rechargeables do you use? I haven't had much luck with 2500 Energizers. I've ordered some 2700 Sanyos and a proper battery charger. I'm hoping that will help.
  8. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you have a defective unit. Do a search on the forum. This is a well known problem, mostly with early build units. Read the threads, call Garmin back, and ask for an exchange. Good luck.
  9. You can actually upload NG Topo maps to the Magellan Triton. It's a really cool feature. Unfortunately, everything else about the Triton completely s....s. So it's not even an option worth considering.
  10. Hmm, May 7 is not a Monday. So much for my pattern
  11. Haven't they always been released on a Monday? You could save yourself some effort by just checking really early on Mondays rather than everyday.
  12. GPSNow.com is a division of 4x4books. I've bought from 4x4books.com, and I was very, very happy with them.
  13. Maybe because it's part of a route?
  14. I'm no a racist either, but I do know a thing or two about geography and India is not in the Middle East
  15. If that's your budget, you can rule out the Colorado. I don't think it can be had for less than $420-ish. Great unit though.
  16. http://www.tritonforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=720 That's the thread I'm referring to.
  17. Funny that people are complaining about deleted posts just as I was disappointed that a clearly racist, pointless, and totally untrue thread there wasn't deleted. Miniwhip did give them a warning to stop, but I would've preferred the racist posts to be deleted. Oh well, if it comes down to too much or too little deletions, I guess erring on the side of too little is better. When I had my Triton, I found the website very useful.
  18. BRILLIANT!!! Thanks for the tip.
  19. Why not send the GPS to a friend/relative via registered mail or better yet UPS/FedEx? They can send it to Garmin Germany and return it to you.
  20. I can confirm that. My bad 300's serial number is 169000152. The good one's serial number is 169000171.
  21. The navigation system in my 08 Grand Cherokee does. For 08 they have the new hard drive based navigation. Not sure if previous ones take coords.
  22. Not to turn this thread into another flame war, but Garmin didn't lose any credibility with this update. You want loss of credibility, go over to tritonforum.com. I'm v. happy with the update.
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