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  1. 5. Being able to alter the viewing angle to improve visibility (if fixed mount in sunlight - can be very difficult -depends on viewing angle)




    I've taken my Oregon 300 on snowshoe hikes as well as summer hikes. During the winter not only do you get the sun, but you also have the reflection from the snow. If I find the screen hard to read, I just tilt it, and I can see the screen just fine.


    Buy from REI if you can. You can return it, no questions asked, if you don't like how the screen looks.

  2. I use Sanyo's 2700 batteries. Make sure you get a proper charger as well. I have a Lacrosse BC-700.


    You must get a proper charger. After I got my charger, I noticed that some of my old batteries that weren't lasting very long came back to life after I reconditioned them in the charger.

  3. I normally change them after about 8 hours but there is still energy left. I have never ran a set of batteries dead. I did that once on a Colorado and it permanently killed it. Since then I am very careful to replace them regularly. Since I carry replacement rechargeables, it is not a concern.


    How strange.


    I run my batteries dead all the time on all five of our GPSr units and we've never had any problems with it "killing" the GPSr. I'm thinking it was probably coincidence that it happened to you, but with a unit that expensive I guess there is no point in "testing" it again.


    It happened to me as well. It was a Colorado. Maybe I could've troubleshooted with Garmin support. But who has the time? I returned it to REI.


    I now have an Oregon. I've ran the batteries down a few times w/o any problems.

  4. my computer keeps telling me that my gps is not conected.I tried every thing and cant it to work.downloaded vp and it tells me the same thing. need help please


    Check out www.tritonforum.com Lots of more information there.


    Good luck.

  5. I have a 400t that I bought in April and the gasket on the battery compartment is screwed up. I bought from REI and not sure to return it or send it back. Mine works. The # 18z003xxx.

    Any thoughts?


    Return it to REI. That's why you paid a premium. Get a brand new unit and you don't have to wait at all.


    REI rocks.

  6. Just got the latest sale email from EMS and they have the 400t on sale for $399 - a $200 or 33% decrease from their recent retail. Are we seeing Garmin abandoning us?




    REI lowered the price on the Colorados a while back (4 weeks?). Looks like Oregon is the 'flagship' model right now.

  7. All I'm asking for is a Oregon without the drifting :laughing:


    I'm hoping that Garmin will release a touch-screen model like Oregon and with little/no drifting.


    Your wish has been granted. The Oregon does NOT have any drift. The one with the drift is the Colorado. So based on your post, you should go ahead and buy an Oregon.



  8. I am ready to throw this POS in the trash is there anyone who can or will help me please be close to greece ny because i think u need to see it to underdtand what i am talking about.

    i have updated the firm ware today.

    and still have the same problem

    Whenever i enter coordnates they are like 10 miles off? every time



    please email me i cant check this forum often enough

    Thnks tom


    Check out www.tritonforum.com A lot more Triton people hang out over there. Good luck.

  9. With REI and WalMart blowing the Colorado series out with big discounts it would appear that the Colorado will have the shortest lifespan of any GPS ever. Wow, who ever thought it would be Garmin?


    Take a deep breath. The Triton is in worse shape. Try buying a Triton at REI and let me know how it goes.

  10. my next stop is discovercard.com to cancel my account. Life is good. Life with a free GPS is even better


    There's no such thing as free. Don't forget the hit that you just took on your credit report. Might not be a factor for you right now, but something like that stays there for 7 years.


    But there still seems to be a drift problem.



    I haven't seen anybody report drift problems with the Oregon. They have with the Colorado, but not with the Oregon.

  12. I can't seem to get the compass calibration to start using the touch and hold on the compass screen. Anyone else?




    Mine works fine and I've updated to 2.3


    +1 Mine still works

  13. o.k. So I am going to purchase a new GPS for geocaching. This is the only thing that it will be used for. I am currently using an Etrex Legend. Which new unit, the CO or the OR should I purchase? I understand there are some small differences in the geocaching modes on them both. I would like to hear from people who have experience with both as to which is the better unit for geocaching. All help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!




    I own (for the moment) both a Colorado 300 and an Oregon 300. I can't imagine entering notes/logs, or text in general with the Colorado. I didn't think it was too much of a pain until I used the Oregon. I can't imagine going back to the Colorado. The touchscreen makes it soo much easier.


    Good luck.

  14. Here are a couple of screenshots from an Oregon 300 and Colorado 300. I just got the Oregon today. I've had the Colorado for a while. I left both receivers outside for an hour with a clear view of the sky.


    I'm pretty happy with the accuracy. Longitude is the same. Lattiude differs on only the last digit. That's .001 of a degree.


    (It's complaining that tags are not allowed, so I'm posting the full URL. Sorry)








    One other thing. It's probably due to the batteries (Colorado had 2000mAh and Oregon had 2750's), but I found the display on the Oregon much brighter. I will try again later with the same batteries.


    I'm happy with the Oregon performance so far. I'm going camping this weekend. If it works well, the Colorado is going back to REI.


    Thanks everybody for all the info.

  15. Here is a good contact at Garmin. He usually responds pretty quick and has been very helpful!


    <email deleted>


    Is it just me or posting the address like that is not cool? Hope your contact doesn't get tons of email. On the other hand, it's good of Garmin to be so accessible to users.

  16. While Garmin is clearly above Magellan in support, Garmin needs to be careful what they are treading into with the Colorado and Oregon. So far these two products have received less than stellar reviews so far and are plagued with bugs.


    Geez. Isn't it a bit too early to start bashing the Oregon? :rolleyes:

  17. I use google earth and not mapsource. Bu if you want to use mapsource you have to run multple instances of mapsource and keep a clean one then load the tracks into one copy and then copy and paste them into the other. Then load up the next track and cut and paste that one also into the other mapsource.


    Thanks for that tip.

  18. I have my accuracy right on my compass screen in geocaching mode. I also can tell since I download my tracks and compare them between the the 60Csx and the colorado.


    apologies in advance for the thread hijack. How do you load multiple tracks in Mapsource? I have separate GPX files for eack track, but when I can only see one at a time in Mapsource.



  19. Everytime I try to enter a new goto geocache while moving, the Triton makes the spot you were just in the goto, not the cache you want. Am I missing something? Very frustrating having to stop the car to change gotos.


    You'll probably get a better/faster response at www.tritonforum.com

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