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  1. Yes, all police are taught to be suspicious, they are doing their job, and I am glad they are vigilant. The problem is that geocaching is little known, difficult to explain, and involves loitering in unusual areas with satellite receiving equipment hiding packages - all highly dodgy activity! Also we are in a part of the world which has high security coverage, has many 'foreigners', and (if you listen to the embassies) is under a 'heightened state of alert'. I just wouldn't want anyone to get arrested. I guess it would be premature to actively make police etc. aware of the activity. They might ban it! Perhaps cache locations are something to do with it.
  2. We've had incidents in the emirates where people have been approached and questioned by the authorities whilst searching for caches. What is the best approach here? We have nothing to be ashamed of, but trying to explain our hobby in faltering Arabic seems like digging when already in a hole!!! Does anyone have any experience of a good get-out in these situations?
  3. Yes, I can help you there. What do I do? Edsgone Abu Dhabi UAE
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