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  1. Are you trying to add a photo to a cache page for which you are the cache owner? If that is the case, here are the steps: 1. In the box in the upper right hand corner of your cache page, click upload images 2. View gallery (either immediately, or from that same box on the main page) 3. Right click (right mouse button) on your image and select view image 4. Copy the URL for your image 5. In the box in the upper right hand corner of your cache page, click Edit listing 6. Make sure the HTML button is checked and insert the following code: <img src="URL That you obtained in step 4"> You may use any standard HTML code to change things like the size, location (e.g. centering), etc. Good luck.
  2. Congratulations! See what wonderful things come out of Tink Tanks? (sorry, couldn't help myself!)
  3. cute pup! Good luck with the agility Thanks for the contest
  4. 1. free, u-turn, lets go 2. halt 3. spot baby 4. sit shake 5. teeter totter
  5. Wow. That's incredible. Congratulations.
  6. 1304 Hope the poison ivy clears up and you feel better soon
  7. Sounds like a cool idea. I don't know why it wouldn't be legal/kosher. The only problems I can think of are: 1. Won't that get expensive? 2. If the keys get wet, you might have a big, rusty mess. Good luck with it.
  8. Nope. No problems with a GPSr. Now, a travel sized (hotel) bottle of hand lotion... that's another story!
  9. If you are selling and making money on the coins, then you are effectively a business. Consider it one of the hazards of running a mail order business (even a temporary one) and count the loss against your profits.
  10. Thanks for all of your hard work, Butterfly lady. This is fun. Will you be doing this regularly? I would love to play again, but will be quite busy for the next few months. :-(
  11. I'm sorry, but isn't that my coin??? Oh. Yeah. My bad! YOUR coin is going to Germany! Still cool though. And.... its on its way. Someone picked it up on July 11. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...81-056e935e9e54
  12. Agreed on all counts! Thanks! This should be fun.
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