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  1. I have noticed that lately when I check my "nearest caches", after I click into a cache and read it ( Short time passes), I am no longer able to click the back button and get to the list again. I have to resubmit the query. I can't help but think that also causes overhead on the database. Is there any way to not expire so quickly? or should I open the cache pages as new browsers? Just wondering. lthaus
  2. Beatnik.. I do like those as well. Here is one loosely based on your map logo.. Using I40 and I35 as the section dividers.
  3. quote: I have tried to upload images in the past that my system said were 98 or 99 kb and gc.com rejected it saying it was over the 100 kb limit. I Also have had pictures in the 80's reject as over size... I just try again and it takes it. Very odd though... lthaus
  4. Grr... typo's.. Sorry.. Now wishing I could delete... Oklahoma Geo Logo..
  5. Howdy folks. Got to wondering... Have any "Okies" created any Oklahoma Geocaching Logos? Here is my stab.. Small ta Huge on OK-Geo Logo
  6. TS, Do you happen to carry the "blowfish" model? Also what would you recomend for a these needs....: Small to Med payload Water Easy access to payload. Thx. I'm thinking of going the CamelBak route, but funds are tight so, what do you have on clearance... ;-).. Lthaus..
  7. Watch out if you go Ebay route... Garmins web page excludes units purchased from auctions.... But if you don't need the rebate..I have seen a few good deals there.. I am thinking hard about selling my Garmin 12 Personal Navagator because I want more features.. It is a great unit, If you want it send me an email with your best offer. You can research Ebay and see about where they are selling.... Lthaus..
  8. Cool... I see I see.. <FONT SIZE=2>Caches <A HREF="/seek/nearest_cache.asp?ul=lthaus">Found</A>/<A HREF="/seek/nearest_cache.asp?u=lthaus">Hidden</A>: 17/0<br> <FONT SIZE=2>Travel Bugs Owned/Found: 0/2</FONT><br/> <FONT SIZE=2>Benchmarks <A HREF="../mark/nearest.asp?A=11853">Found</A>: 0<br><br> <!--Traditional: 14
  9. I have been seeking Caches since Memorial weekend. I have noticed those people that have caches that are sneaky, hard and muddy. What I wanted to do was get all the caches that so-and-so had so I could work on those.. BUT.. I’m thick.. I didn’t see the forest for the trees. So.. If you want to look up all that one person has you can from a cache that is theirs already. Click their name and view the profile. From this you will see words that are underlined… Profile for grayxxx Premium Member since February, 2001 Caches Found/Hidden: 71/18 Travel Bugs Owned/Found: 3/2 Benchmarks Found: 5 These return to you a by name search. Hope this helps you… I finally got it today… ;-)
  10. Why is it that all things really lead to either Taxes Politics or Religion (places hand on Bible..) I do solemnly swear to Do my best To do my duty And Keep the I.T.B.P empty of All Wayward TB’s. {except Skull.. Who I will gladly move there if I find it}
  11. Howdy.. I have searched and found many good recomendations for Software, but I don't seem to have found an opinion on which of these you all like best. Help me out here.. If I'm going to spend $0-$100 which would you buy.. Or like best.. (BTW.. I would rather Not spend a more then 50-60) Thanks You all!! Happy Hunting.
  12. OK OK.. before the flaming begins. I just realized that the web site does in fact move them to the bottom and out of the closest list. An option check box could still be used..
  13. Powers that be, I am Very new to finding Cache's, even if I signed up for the websight over 2 years ago. I just started seeking. I love it. My request would be... When I select my caches and search for caches near me. Would it be a possible option to not show places I have found already? Perhaps a check box under personal options page. Then when you select the caches based on my location you could cross check if I have found them already and not list those. All that to help me narrow my list of 270+ in the local area (100Miles) ??? Good Idea ???.. Thanks for listening either way....
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