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  1. OK.. last one I hope.. I'm back to my computer is hosed... after I messed with the card in my computer with the reader...and went back to the GPS I got the same errors... I put all my image files onto the laptop and used it to send them over..and I have map files on my GPS now.. YEA!!!! So I guess it's getting time to blow up my computer and re-install everything.. OH joy.. v.
  2. I have had limited success!!! Here is what I know now. ( And I hope this helps someone else in the future..) I borrowed a friends laptop and tried the eject test. it also runs XP and would not eject it. I used my reader to rename my DETAIL00.IMG to OKLAHOMA.IMG and put it back in the GPS.. It Worked! Now my brain kicks in...and it go back to my computer and RENAME all the lowercase names to uppercase NAME.IMG files.. and put these on the card. The GPS comes up with the them all onboard. I am now wondering if it is a matter of file name CaSe ... I'm doing one last test I have backed up my SD card and I am going to rename a file lowercase and see if it works or chokes.. Looks like all the file names are Uppercase.. Could it be that simple.. V.
  3. Ok with a single map.. I was able to upload to my SD card via GPS. even at 115200 this took quite a long time. Must figure out why my card is acting up.. I really suspect my windows XP. I'll take my reader to work and try it on my laptop.. (98) V. However.. BY uploading it this way I have no control over the name of the file. I edited the mapsend.ini file and changed the name I wanted priort to starting the software... But it still uploaded as detail00.img..
  4. OK.. something caught my eye.. someone said you eject the sd card first...???????? is this true for all y'all? When I try to rt click eject.. I get a message that an error was encounterd while trying to eject removable disk drive e:.. I'm guessing that is not a normal thing? And to answer Embra, No..it does not look like any maps load. My Serial upload test was a bomb because my batteries ran out at 67%.. Guess I'll try one state or two... That should be quicker... v.
  5. Lets see if I can hit all the questions.. Firmware: 4.06 Size: Each region is under the 16k limit. The average size is about 12k, with the 4 region limit of course. Format: it came formatted to start. I used card utils to format it next. Last I tried XP, which using the graphical tool, would NOT format the card. So I have been using the gps to format the card. After which my card reader opens it properly. OFFthe wall idea: I don't have USB2.0 and my sandisk reader is only USB1. Could this card need a higher speed reader/writer? I know thats far fetched but its acting wierd. V.
  6. Howdy.. Ok I did my duty to search and read many great posts about sd memory and the Platinum. However, I am having a few wierd things happening and I need advice from others. I have a the gps and a 256MB SD card that had gone bad and SanDisk replaced with a brand new card. I went into my Mapsend and created about 10 regions for the different states I travel to and named them in the 8.3 format. oklahoma.img, kanasas.img, etc.... I used two methods to get the data on the SD card. First I tried mapsend and uploaded to card.. then re-named. Last I just copied with explorer. PROBLEM: When I turn on the GPS and go to card options it tells me the card is not formatted. If I remove the card and put it back in the reader.. Windows tells me the same thing. So I tried detail00.img, detail01.img, etc. Same problem. So.. Now I'm creating a 4 state area and will upload via serial cable. Catch: I have a 8MB card..that has detail00.img and deail01.img and it works fine. Question: is there something wrong with my platinum? or could I have another bad 256 card? Thoughts? Thanks V.
  7. Howdy folks.. I wanted to double check this because I'm new to my Platinum... On the meridian web page they only have 4.02 available.. Whats new with 4.06 and why is it not on the web page?? thx.
  8. I didn't get a chance to post the link.. It sold within 10 minutes.. Thanks.
  9. Appletree, My 30 Day demo expired, so I'm doing this from Memory.. If you use the map tool small yellow arrow pointing down toward the right side of the icon row, You can click-drag a portion of your map. It will bring up a resolution list. You can check and un-check what resolutions you care to down load. Further, If you are in Topo it will only down load tops's.. if in Aero, only Aero's My Goal was to down load groups of 600MB and put them on cd. Problem was all the different CD writing softwares I used Choked on the 10 thousands of "Tiny" resolution files. I will be purchasing ExpertGPS and working to only download the resolutions that I use most. Hope that helps. Lthaus
  10. Rayt333.... Your right. And I am also not wanting to debate.. ;-) I'll just put it on Ebay and post the link. If anyone wants to bid.. I can attest to the use of the unit and such. Thanks for your point of view. (I think its worth the ammount because I truly like the way it works. However, I would want to get a better deal as well. Guess, thats human nature..) Lthaus
  11. I have to agree with those that believe he should not post pictures. If where he is, it’s legal to geocache that way, then there’s not much to say. However, the agenda in his log posts is clear. And this is a Family sport/game and I have issues with people playing politics while they are suppose to be playing a game. He and his member need to not be in pictures. His logs should also be sanitized. Links to Nude gatherings and such are just slightly off topic.. JMHO
  12. Again.. Not mine..but here is a used GPS12 with minor scuffs from normal use... with a bid at 80. Can I get a bid? If the unit is not worth that much the Supply and demand will bring the price down. I'm not wanting to rip someone off, I'm just very sure of the "current" prices on ebay.. Thx.
  13. Its not mine..but in case anyone was wondering.. it should end over 100
  14. quote:Originally posted by rayt333:Maybe you got a good deal on the new one but you are asking $90 for a $50 GPS which is not a good deal. (Well for you it would be) I would only argue that I have seen gps 12's on Ebay in the 70-80$ range. I'm willing to sell it lower but 50 seems much too low. NIB around 100. I'm willing to haggle if anyone wants to make an offer.. ;-)
  15. quote:Originally posted by im4given:MapSend Topo Auto mounting braket Auto D/C power adapter If you get no bites... Email me with if you would sell these out of the package.. Thanks.
  16. Voted 1... But as others have said.. NSEW needs a contrast... Perhaps put a Black boarder to the letters.. That would help all of them stand out better on a shirt.. Lthaus
  17. quote:Originally posted by sbell111:Often times it ROCKS with real rocks! Like Here.. Ouch.. Lots'o rocks
  18. Ok.. Good news, I won.. Bad news.. I spent more then my budget.. (better news.. I think I got a good deal..) Bottom line, I need to sell the Garmin 12. It is in great shape and would be a great backup gps or starter unit for someone who needs one. Can I get a bid for 90? shipping included (GPS 12, PC Combo Data/Power cable, 500 of your closest Geocaching Waypoints.) ME.. (BTW if anyone is worried, My wifes Ebay ID is RoseGarland with 100% Positive on transactions)
  19. Here is a good Primer on EPE... in short.. its a value that lets you know how close your GPS thinks it really is.... EPE info
  20. Howdy all. I'm currently bidding on an upgrade unit and want to offer my trusty GPS 12 for sale here first. Package deal, $100 and I'll pick up the priority USPS shipping to your house. If your looking for a great starter unit, the GPS 12 is a great stable GPS. With a clear sky it shows EPE under 10. I will preload it with 500 Geocaches in your Zip code as well. Take Care. Lthaus (btw, we can take Paypal or work something out)
  21. The "other" is an iFinder.. All of it's signal bars had an "*" above them. I'm not sure how long I was out side, but it was at least an hour or two...
  22. I was out side..sitting in the drive way.. clear sky.. and waas locked. The other thing I did notice was the Lat/Lon from my gps 12 was sitting still.. while the "other" gps was moving around in the .thousandths, not much..but still not steady. Should I turn it on and leave it in view of the sky for a few hours? Perhaps it needs to "Tune" in.. or at least settle down. I am not sure if it needs to load or calcluate the tables over time. It was fresh out of the box.
  23. Howdy.. I'm looking for opinions, and I know most people have them.. I currently have a GPS12 and while I like this unit I would like to get a new GPS with more Icons and map ability. I purchased GPS from the local WM and sat in my drive way to do a little test. My garmin 12 settled down with epe of 12 or 13, but the new unit with Waas on and locked never got below 21. I marked a point in the chair I was sitting in and my ft drifted as far as 45 feet away.. All while sitting there. I walked down the street and back and it was closer, but it said I was 17 ft away. I'm not happy with the performance of this "new" unit and will take it back. Question is, With "any" gps unit, should the epe be accepted or with a grain of salt? My G12 was steady the whole time. What experance does anyone have with the Garmin Vista or the Magellan Platnum? Those are what I am looking at next. My Garmin 12 is almost 5 years old.. but if it is as steady as the epe said, I may just keep it. Thanks for any input.. Lthaus
  24. Further thinking I have lost my mind... It seems to work fine for any page 1 of X pages.. but when I go on to the next page of caches.... view cache.... right away click back button.. I get : Warning: Page has Expired The page you requested was created using information you submitted in a form. This page is no longer available. As a security precaution, Internet Explorer does not automatically resubmit your information for you. To resubmit your information and view this Web page, click the Refresh button. Thx
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