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  1. Here is a link to the Feedback page. I think I filled out the long survey. Lots of fill in the blanks...
  2. Having a banner on the PQ page would have been ideal. I had to search the forums to see if anyone else noticed the problem. I just complete my Geocaching survey and I suggested the very same thing. It can only take a few minutes to post a statement that PQ's are broke. If the problem spans over several hours, (days in this case), then another post can be added with a time stamp stating the problem is still being worked. It really can't take that long...
  3. SAME HERE TOO!! Today's PQ's were generated 16 Oct but contained data dated 15 Oct after the import into GSAK.
  4. Two 9v batteries, speaker wire and some washers ought to do the trick...
  5. Received my unfound PQ's today at 3pm. While it is nice to get them, it is a little weird to receive the email this morning and not have them and then receive another email this afternoon...
  6. Same here!!! I received the emails this morning at 0520. When I downloaded through GSAK, My Hides PQ was downloaded, by my other two were not. I went to the PQ page and tried to download and when I clicked on the PQ, they were deleted and I was thrown a notice "...PQ's are no longer available..." each time I clicked the links. The My Hides PQ is small 3 caches... The other unfound PQ's are 720K and 1MB
  7. Perfect!! Just what I was looking for...email notification and no attachment.
  8. It just dawned on me that KaiTeam fixed the macro for this... Thanks!
  9. I use GSAK to download my PQ's via the API. I don't have any reason for the PQ to be emailed anymore. There isn't an option that I can see that will not email the PQ. How can I NOT have the PQ's emailed, just the notifications? I was thinking that if I set up the PQ's for 1000, the PQ's will not be emailed...BUT my PQ's are set up by placed date and return 480ish each. Will a PQ be mailed if 1000 caches are selected but only return less than 1000?
  10. Silly question... Does it have a built in compass/pointer arrow?
  11. Where in VA specifically? If you are in Hampton Roads area, on the south side, check out First Landing State Park. Great hiking trails and wildlife...right in the city. There are several bigger parks in Virginia Beach that hold good hiking caches and of course we have our P&G caches. Our caches range from Park and Grabs to paddle caches, so there is a little bit of everything here.
  12. Any 'must do' recommendations for Sun Lakes/Chandler?
  13. No wheels while staying at WDW does make caching hard. Even having wheels makes it hard…after a full day in the park, I didn’t feel like driving around. I stuck to the virtual’s in the parks (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood & Animal Kingdom.) They were easy to get to and easy to do. Save the map from EPCOT, it will help answering the questions. I especially liked That's Some Water, Eh? GC9F98 virtual in EPCOT. It was one of those places you would have never known existed but found it while Geocaching.
  14. No PQ's for me either...Usually they show up at 0-dark-thirty, but as of 3pm, nothing.
  15. Relogging wouldn't be too much of a problem. Just so I understand. I delete find 399, log the missed find, and then re-log the find I want for 399? Yes, this is a silly process, but... Thanks! yes. Yep, that worked! Thanks StarBrand!
  16. Relogging wouldn't be too much of a problem. Just so I understand. I delete find 399, log the missed find, and then re-log the find I want for 399? Yes, this is a silly process, but... Thanks!
  17. I use a GSAK macro for logging. Some how during my logging this after didn't click something right a log was skipped. Now I know I can just go online and log the find either through GSAK or GC.com. But the last cache I found today was a pretty good one that I saved for my personal milestone of 399... silly I know... My question: is there a way to insert a find between another one on GC.com? GSAK has my finds correct...I want them to match on GC.com. Any takers??
  18. My All-Star Dumb Acts in no particular order... Didn't believe the cache page which said there was a trail...I found the trail after I found the cache Bushwacked through mud and thorns to find the cache next to a parking lot. Although the cache page said not to park in this lot but to park in the other lot. CO didn't mention there was a bridge connecting the lots My sole purpose was to solve a puzzle really close to home. I went to find the first stage of a puzzle cache to get the cipher...but I didn't have GSAK set to load unsolved puzzles, now I am standing in the parking lot with a lot of useless electronics. Used a PAF for the coords Sometime during my first 20 finds, I couldn't find a LPC. Went to the location three times looking. I finally read about them here in the forums. Everytime I lift a skirt, it reminds me how dumb I was/am Was standing on top of a geopile covering the cache (GZ 0.00 ft) typing my DNF notes into the GPSr Find number 3 was a Hide-A-Key on a guard rail way down a dead end road, I logged that I thought it was clever. On my first multi, I entered the Latitude from stage 2 and the longitude for stage 3, navigated to the spot and then discovered my mistake Caches 22, 23, and 24 were found and logged online, but I didn't have ink and still took the credit...I say this here because this a dumb act thread, I now know better. Took me a year to figure out what minimum meant in Geocaching (puzzle cache clue) Spent an hour looking for a cache, even expanded my search out to 30 feet...in the wrong direction. There is probably 6 or 7 caches that had me scratching my head. My wife reads the cache page and the hint looks up points, I go look and find the cache.
  19. Most consecutive days without a find: 44, from 10/11/2010 to 11/23/2010 Second most consecutive days withouta find: 44, 08/24/2010 to 10/10/10 My ship was deployed this past summer. However I did manage to find three (3!) caches while on liberty. One in Costa Rica, one in Cuba and one in Colombia. And I did wait almost two weeks after I got home to caching...
  20. See, I thought that made things ok, but I guess not. I guess I will, but I hope the bad reviews start turning into positive ones at some point. That, and the $10 price point kept me away but if the one I have is illegal, I'll stop. Thanks everyone for the info, I just found that app on Sunday, and I thought, "This is too good to be true." I guess it was. Me too...
  21. I also have a -40 with all attachments you mentioned... I use GSAK exclusively to manage 1700+ unfound caches, my finds, my hides and about 10 other ancillary cache databases. I use GSAK to keep track of my solved puzzles and project waypoints. It does have a little bit of a learning curve but the GSAK forums are a lifesaver. With GSAK I filter my unfound caches down to about 850 and send to my -40 all with three mouse clicks. GSAK also gathers my emailed PQs and loads them into my database. After the cache day I plug my -40 in and three clicks later my found caches are sorted on my PC screen...ready for me to type my logs,using a GSAK macro. Somebody here already said people couldn't live without GSAK...I'm one of those people! I could go on but I'm typing this on my phone. Email if you want some more GSAK pros...
  22. I will also be in the city for Fleet Week at the end of May. I am looking forward to doing some caching! The Bridges and Arches of Central Park looks interesting. I will put that one on my short list.
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