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  1. I would like to thank all the folks I have traded my DHobby1 Ver.#2 coins with. The version #2 coins have all been traded. Keep your eyes open for the New DHobby1 Version #3 coin that will be coming very soon and I hope you will all like it.


    Thank you very much.


    DHobby1 (Don)


  2. Hawk-Eye , I think your Signature Key ring is awesome. How about sending the suppliers name and address and any info on price. I would like to get some made with my logo. dhobby1@earthlink.net. Thanks. I’m outa here.


    Here are the coins that I had made.




    DHobby1, on to the next!


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  3. I thought I would save some money, so I purchased a Niclel-Metal Hydride Battery charger and Batteries (1600mAh and 1500mAh four of each) Using these batteries in my Garmin Vista, I can’t get four hours use. I have switched to Energizer E2 Titanium Technology Alkaline. So far these have a greater live than others I have used. But I will give the Accucell 1800 mah a try. Thanks for the input.



    DHobby1, on to the next!

  4. It looks like we are getting a bit off the subject. I think the pin idea is great. I would like to see pins for 50-100-200-300-400-500 caches found. I am five caches from my 300th, and it would be great to have a pin or two to remind me of the fun I had. Also I would like to give some of my friends a little token of congratulation for their Milestone Achievements. I have asked Jeremy in the past about Geocaching pins, but have not heard, if they are in the making.



    DHobby1, on to the next!

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