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  1. Tom, Put this old Hillbilly on your list for 1 of each coins. Thank you very much. DHobby1 He Ha MORE COINS
  2. Louie & I would like to wish all you Awesome coin collectors a very MERRY CHISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It has been a Great Year for coins.
  3. I guess I'll have to be on the waiting list. I didn't get to buy one of the origenals, but did work out a trade with the maker of this coin to get one. Yes add my name to the WAITING LIST for one.
  4. He Ha, MORE COINS put me down for 2 of each coin and 2 pins. Thank you very much.
  5. I like it, I like it. Very nice looking coin, and I do like fun stuff!! E-mail sent. I hope you don't run out of these little BEAUTIES.
  6. Email sent Hee Haa ANOTHER COIN!!!
  7. Marky, Make sure this old Hillbilly gets on your list for 1 of each in a trade.
  8. DHobby1

    Dnf Geocoin

    Put the old Hillbilly down for 1 of each please. Thank you very much.
  9. I be in for 1 regular and 1 LE Silver!! Trade or buy. Thank you very much.
  10. Hey, All you coin and caching folks, I heard from a good source that Santa may offer some of these coins on E-bay. So stay tuned, you may like his offer!!
  11. Wow, This is scary!! Who put that coin in my cache??? Saw the photos and I thought it was AWESOME. Sure would love to have one of those beauties. Stay tuned for more.
  12. Very nice!! I will trade you my personal coin for that little beauty. Please put my name on your list, I LIKE IT. I would like one of each metal please. Thank You Very Much
  13. Yes sir I be in for two Silver Please. Maybe 1 GOLD in a trade???
  14. Hee Hee I also drilled a hole in one of my DHobby1 Orginal Coin and attached a Travel Bug Tag. Thought this would be way cool to let fokes see this outstanding work of art. It was dropped in a cache and the first preson to the cache took it. One more Geocoin and Travel Bug went MIA!!
  15. I have got to say, this site was one of my better buying experiences I have had in quite some time. Everything went very will and very smooth. Receiver my answer of purchase in a very quick email. "GOOD JOB ALL A ROUND"
  16. My vote goes to Photo #2 with the camp fire on the other side.
  17. Hugh, I would like to talk a trade with you also for your LE Silver.
  18. What an Awesome combination for a coin, Dreamcatcher & Bald Eagle!! Yes sir put me in for two.
  19. Add my name to the list of Vets USAF Korean War. 1953 to 1957 :
  20. Yes put me down for trade or buy 1 coin.
  21. Ad my name for two of those Silver Coins.
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