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  1. I have the same problem as above with Team Alamo coins. I also need codes for the following Toronto ( Moose) South Eastern New Brunswick New Zealand ( Kiwi ) Need a bit of help here. DHobby1 The 2006 Toronto coin should have had the activation code included with the packaging or in the coin sleeve. A forum note indicates that you can email "res2100" if you still need a code. Try http://3geeks.ca for the SE New Brunswick coin. Can't locate the site for the NZ Kiwi (2006?) coin. Looks like it was sold through nzbydesign.com but that site is in transition. You may be able to email HexTheKiwi or someone at the New Zealand GPS Society or maybe brent <at> nzgpsmaps <dot> com (found in an old forum post for Australia and NZ sales of the coin). This site is Awesome!!! Received codes for all but the Team Alamo Obsessed coins. I have another coins I'm unable to find codes. Home of The Geocoin Maker (China) Need a bit of help here. Thank you Bolingbrook Joe for your help!!!! DHobby1
  2. I have the same problem as above with Team Alamo coins. I also need codes for the following Toronto ( Moose) South Eastern New Brunswick New Zealand ( Kiwi ) Need a bit of help here. DHobby1
  3. QUOTE(Hula Bum @ May 23 2006, 07:25 AM) Before I break out the camera, does anyone have pix of the following? Tennessee 2005 Skirtlifter 2006 New Jersey EU Groundhog Day Thanks in advance if you do! For photos of coins go to http://www.geocoincollection.com/cointrade/coinlist.asp you will find most of the coin photos here.
  4. Received my Geoswag May coins yesterday 05/24/06
  5. I will have the following coins in the mail ASAP. Hope these will help my fellow Cacher and Coin Collector Lady Cacher. 1 set Appalachine 75 Mikes (Silver & Gold) 1 Wildwood Bob & The Moose Silver 1 Mtn-Man Admin Rick Copper 1 ArizonaGeocachers Copper 1 Son of Cyclops Antique/Bronze 1 Lowracer Antique/Bronze 1 Manituela Silver 1 Original American Search Engine Copper 1 Georgia Geocachers Association 1 JeeperMTJ Antique/Bronze 1 LIGO Antique/Bronze Good Luck To All and Happy Caching. DHobby1
  6. Received my Czech coins Gold and ??? Silver yesterday 04/07/06. The Gold coin is a Great looking coin. As for what is called Silver, I don't really care for it. The coin looks like a sample coin made of pewter!! Absolutely no shine to it, just flat dull pewter look.
  7. Every thing is looking better today! Mailman just delivered my Silver Wyoming coin. I know now what the holdup was. Coins were manufactored buy the one and only KV Coin, Theres the BIG problem!!!!!! Keep smilling all you coin people, them tar coins is in the mail.
  8. Hello all. Thing are looing UP in UTAH The COOL club rececived their Wyoming coins 03/29/06. HEE HAA Thanks someone!!!!
  9. Your coin look's like a winner to me. GOOD JOB WELL DONE!!
  10. HE HA More coins!! Put me in for two please.
  11. Yes sir re, put this old hillbilly down for two of those beauties.
  12. Put this old Hillbilly down for two coins, thank you very much.
  13. You may put this old Hillbilly down for a trade!!!
  14. Yes, put this old Hillbilly down for a trade for one.
  15. Add this old hillbilly for one of each metal, trade or buy!!!
  16. I am so sorry two hear this. My prayers are with him and his love ones. Don
  17. Put this old Hillbilly down for 1 of each metal Please.
  18. I would like to take two of your coins off your hands, 1 Silver & 1 Gold. Email sent.
  19. Nothing is working on this site!!! I would like to order 2 coins please.
  20. Add me to the list for for two of these fine looking coin. Thank you very much.
  21. Please add this old hillbilly to the list for two of these fine looing coins. Thank you very much.
  22. My E-mail is on the way. Thank you very much!!
  23. Yes, I'm very interested in a trade or buy your coin. Would like to get my hands on both of your new coins.
  24. I have tried several different ways to photograph coins. Always have trouble with the highly polished gold and silver coins from the glare. My studio is the top of my pool table, using pool table light. Setup my Cannon G3 PowerShot in Program Mode & Micro Mode, attach camera to my tripod at shortest height on top of pool table. I don't use flash, use only light from table light. I also use a black felt background, this helps to take away the shadows. That about it. We're outa here.
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