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  1. ok.. maybe I'll take a ride on a cruse missile.. look for a nice asprin factory!
  2. OK OK OK.. I'm sorry I suggested it... of course you are all right about geocaching.. i guess for accuracy fun going to the markers is more like what I'm thinking than caching... Enjoy!
  3. Hi.. a possible feature to suggest... We went to a cache where 3 or 4 of the last 5 visitors mentioned that they found the location was off by 20-30 feet... Here's my suggestion.. Add a position-report for each visitor. Have the web site use these to provide and calculate an averaged value too... (throw away far away ones, etc) This would be a field you would enter the GPS position along with the text.. separate than the text and something you could verify for numbers -- check to see that it is "near" and then use it to provide something like It would be one more fun thing to do at each cache too! Position: X Y People say its closer to: avg(all valid entries) in the header... What does everybody think?
  4. well.. in florida... its against the law to destroy a benchmark... The surveyor is responsible for making sure they are not "constructed" over...
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