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  1. I have been using Chrome, thanks for the tip will use another browser, IE has trouble with Compatibility mode http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=457 Chrome seems to have tightened up on their security, and needs to be told that the Garmin Communicator is OK to use. Firefox seems not to have any problems... Ok thanks, I have firefox, I have tried explorer and I think I am getting somewhere at last. not holding my breath though lol
  2. I have been using Chrome, thanks for the tip will use another browser,
  3. Hi, Thanks for the link i will try it
  4. Hello, Thanks for answering us, I am not offended at all but i have used the USB cable and managed to bring up some waypoints from the Garmin to the PC but when i try to send the to the Garmin i get a message saying i need a download but when i try nothing happens, i have been using Chrome but someone on here said maybe i need to use a different search engine,
  5. Hi, We have an etrex 10 garmin and we are have tried and tried to download waypoints from our pc but with no luck, We have only been Geocaching since February, can anybody please help?
  6. Thanks to all that offered advice, Much appreciated
  7. See above.. and don't limit yourself to any specific one. Look at a dozen or so and see what clicks with you. As you get more experience you'll find more of them to be doable. Most experienced cachers still have a few filed away on a to-do list that don't seem to make sense right now.
  8. Thanks for replying we have started going back to the traditional cache we were getting quite disheartened, but having taking your advice about looking for the puzzles that click with us,
  9. Hi we are new to geocaching, we have been ok with the cache that we can go directly to, but the puzzle ones really have us stumped. can someone please explain how we go about finding how to solve and understand these when there are so many different ones out there, i think we just need some examples as some friends showed us one and we seemed to have grasped how to do that kind,
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