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  1. WOO HOO!!! I now have my PQs! Thanks!!
  2. I would sure like to know. I'm at 4 hours and counting....
  3. I have been waiting 3 hours for PQ to run. Any suggestions?
  4. Maybe the site got hit by the April Fools worm?????!!!!! I can't get the maps either!!!
  5. We will take someones SP if we don't have it. We always leave ours if we can get one to fit. We make our own out of polystyrene to keep it from going into the landfill and never breaking down. We draw a caricature of Harmony, then bake them which shrinks and hardens them. We are happy that people take ours!!
  6. or for the other half of the people Remember today to love tomorrow....
  7. There is only so many phrase you can come up with!! Remember tomorrow to love today
  8. Thanks Robert for sending me the information. I sent an email to get a penpal. It sounds like fun! E-Mail Sent: 08/05/08 Name Received: (Date) Mission Sent: (Date) Mission Recieved: (Date)
  9. Thanks Smokey!! We make each one a little different. If you look again, I'll bet that the shirt color is different, or the hair, etc. The new 2008 ones are out now too!! Keep collecting!!!
  10. My daughter makes her signature piece and puts them in every cache they fit it. They are meant for others to take. Our funniest story: We went to find a cache that was just off of a sidewalk. On the sidewalk in front of where the hide was, there was a pile of signature pieces, all ours. So someone must like to collect them!!! We make ours out of used polystyreen containers. Time consuming but better then ending up in a landfill for the next 1000 years.
  11. It's the cachers not the caches that are the problem and should be banned. It's a choice to trample vegetation and tear apart rock walls. Just because a cacher can't find a cache doesn't make it okay to cause damage. While I agree that the cache hiders have a responsibility to hide caches in a responsible manner, I believe that cache seekers have an even greater responsibility not to create damage in their quest. If someone can't find it without causing damage, they should give up and move on to another cache. There is absolutely no excuse and no justification for causing any damage during your search. A cacher can only blame one person if they cause damage and that is themselves. It's a choice. What she said.....
  12. We have had issues with cachers in our area over our challenging hides (and we didn't even think that they were that hard! ). They trash talk in their logs, they have given away the hiding place in their logs, marked the area when they find them or just move the cache out in the open. We have been told that we NEED to give hints or a better description. My cacher is only 7 years old and I think she did a GREAT job hiding her caches. She likes challenging hides and doesn't mind going back several times to find them. And when it comes down to it, they are OUR hides. We can hide them how we want and give whatever description/hint or lack thereof, we choose. We have had to tell people that if they don't like them, don't hunt them. It is sad that they log/email nasty things to make a 7 year old cry. Isn't this supposed to be a fun family sport??? To us it is not a numbers game, it is a giant, never ending treasure hunt and we love the hunt every time we do it!! Sorry for the rant. Happy (and challenging!) caching!!!!
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