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  1. Thanks for fixing that. Yes, I'm an idiot and confused my terminology.
  2. I offered to adopt some caches from a guy who was moving out of town. I realize he was busy, but after a few weeks of no contact, I emailed him again. Either he wasn't motivated to learn how to adopt out the caches or he was still busy. After a few more weeks, I emailed him to say that I was no longer interested in adopting his caches. Two or three weeks after that email, the flood of "disabled" notifications came through. A few of the disabled caches have been resurrected with a new hider's name but with the same coords. I'm guessing that these folks searched through their "found" list (or searched via his profile). The new caches were placed exactly where the original was, and some have even used the geotrash that was left from the original hider. If you're especially keen on adopting the person's cache, email them to see if they're interested. If they won't work on the adoption process, let it go emotionally until they disable it.
  3. Let me rephrase and clarify... A caching buddy promised my kid and me that we'd do a particular cache together and ended up doing it with other caching buddies instead. (I think you're assuming that I was the one who broke the agreement.) Although I like your witty answers, it doesn't help me resolve what to do in said situation. I'd like to put the whole thing behind me, but my kid (who has a steel trap mind) will ask me about it sometime, and I'm trying to figure out how to handle it. Do I pretend that it's our friend's first time to the cache (my kid will find it strange that this friend doesn't try to look for it, and it will feel fake to me)? Or do I tell him the truth and say that he's already found it (thus removing some of the "specialness" of the event for my kid)?
  4. I don't want to bias the answers. First, I'd see if cacher A were interested in coming with cacher B. If cacher A weren't available, I'd pass with cacher B, and I'm sure they'd understand. Friendships are more important to me than a smiley on my profile any day. (Although I've had many chances to the two or three more caches I need to make it to 300, my father-in-law is in town, and I'm spending time with him instead. Sure it kills me not to make a milestone when it's dangling there within reach, but family comes first.)
  5. If you promised a caching buddy that you'd do a particular cache together and another caching buddy invited you to go do it with them instead, what would you do?
  6. I deployed three travel bugs (on August 15, 2007) that wanted to go 1) to Florida's Gulf Coast, 2) the Pacific, and 3) the Atlantic. All of them wanted to take on a little water and sand and then come back to Minneapolis. It seemed like an easy request, but they became rather large bugs with their respective vials. 1) Freddy, the Florida Fish wanted to go to Gulf on Mexico off the Florida Coast. He got detoured to New Mexico but is a little more on track now in Virginia and may actually make it south this time! 2) Rusty Rudder wanted to go to Atlantic Ocean off the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. He has travelled more successfully toward his destination but went further south to Tennessee. I don't think he'll find the ocean down there! 3) Sandy Andy wanted to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean off of the San Diego, California coast. He's still stuck in Wisconsin. Lessons learned: 1) Don't expect TBs to travel exactly toward their destinations right away. 2) Relax and enjoy the sightseeing they're doing along with them. 3) Don't send such a bulky item next time--they only seem to be traded at events because there aren't as many "regulars" and "larges" as compared to micros and smalls!
  7. try the "grabbed it from somewhere else option" and log it that way. it will show that the coin is in your possession. then drop it in a cache the way you normally would. i suppose you could notify the coin owner that it was found elsewhere, but if it were mine, I wouldn't mind where it was found--just that it wasn't lost.
  8. I stand corrected--i posted the first pic to whatsthatbug-dot-com, and they said, "Hi Karen, this is not a Fishfly. It is a common Stonefly in the family Perlidae."
  9. I've done the CITO thing at a cache site too. The passerbys admire folks who pick up their parks!
  10. Maybe the owner would have known that sooner had you posted the DNFs????Also, what good is a DNF on a 4-star after 5 minutes of looking? That's just a waste of electrons... I think cluttering the page with multiple DNF's in a row from the same person is kinda pointless.It depends on how you log them. Although it tends to goof up the cache page, if I go back and DNF the same cache again, I copy and paste the original DNF with the date into my newest DNF log (which gives additional information) and then I delete the original DNF. And, as a cache owner of "quite a few", I read and savor each log--whether DNF or found.
  11. It's important for us urban hiders to see the DNF reports... it keeps the next person from searching in vain and sends a red flag that encourages me to check on it the next time i swing by that area. My brother doesn't log his DNFs. It drives me nuts because if it weren't for my mother who was with him when he DNF'ed my caches, I would never have known they were missing.
  12. i hadn't run into this issue until recently, but it was an interesting experience. Along with a certain 'game-maturity' level that is usually very self evident, I, too, tend to validate what people say in the forums, but use the "Joined:" figure just to the left of every person's posts. michelleI understand that, but it makes me a little sad. Some of us may have just found geocaching, or just got a gps recently, but I'd like to think I've learned a little from my time on this planet, even if it wasn't geocaching. Some of us noobs have been letterboxers, skydivers, rockclimbers, scouts (or scout moms), campers and hikers long enough to have an appreciation and understanding of the great outdoors, even if it wasn't exactly geocaching... allow us to show you that we aren't all here to ruin your game...Don't stress out about your joined date. we're not making fun of the newbies or implying that they don't have experience. i've run into a couple of newbies that have big mouths and no sense, and I think that's what CurmudgeonlyGal and Renegade are trying to get at--the maturity of the post generally goes along with the maturity of the cacher, but there are exceptions in every case. Keep posting, keep finding! Don't let the numbers or someone's comment(s) dissuade you!
  13. That has been my rule from the start. Now I only have 25 or so hides...ONLY have 25 or so hides...? Do you feel you NEED more?
  14. I LOVE what you said! And I'm so happy to run into another woman cacher (I have to assume, anyway in this day and age) with a GC widower at home. My brother was so excited last Summer to make it to 300, I think it was. I was excited for him and expectant of when my stats would reach that number. Recently he's deciding that he's not really interested in caching anymore. Perhaps it because he's not a "social cacher" (doesn't attend events), doesn't visit the forums to chat, and is a mathematician by trade so is more focused on the stats. I, on the other hand, being a laid-back, second-born enjoy aspects of caching that numbers could never satisfy. I can't tell you how many fabulous people I've met through the GC events, how many laughs I've gotten on the forum, and how much connection I've received from a few that I've met that I'd consider my "best friend". The other day, I was caching with a 5000+'er "best friend". He assures me that it's not about the numbers, and (at first) I don't believe him. I try to pick an area that on his way home and one that he hasn't done. After I relax about the fact that he's only going to get three new smileys, I relax, and we have a blast! I can't imagine caching without my new friend--now it seems kinda dull caching solo.
  15. You must be ex military?? My hubby is--he writes in all caps. Drives me nuts. Maybe it's because I'm a secretary and value the delicate balance between upper and lowercase. Or maybe it's because I'm a Mac... and everyone only capitalizes the first letter of our name. My poor son couldn't convince his first and second grade teachers to capitalize the middle portion of our name. Numbers? Yeah. Who needs 'em?
  16. take a look at My Cache Stats as of 6/6/08 Cache Finds: Total Found: some. probably not more than you. Find Rate: whenever i get a chance. with an eight-year-old, two jobs, and a college class, it's not as often as I'd like. Avg. in 1 day: a couple. it depends on when my kid get pooped out. Milestones #1: Grayhook's Beltrami Park, I think #100: Posen's Fishing Hole #200: dunno. I really don't keep track. #300: not yet done Size Micro: way too many Small: enough Regular: not enough for my son Large: not many out there Not chosen: why can't the owner just pick a darn size? Other: what da heck?? Webcam: one. (happy? it's an actual stat!) Virtual: who has time to sightsee?? Cache Type Traditional Cache: yeah, baby!! Multi-cache: too bad each stage doesn't count as a smiley Event Cache: bring on the caffeine!! Mystery: is the answer 42? Cache In Trash Out Event: i'm always doing that Earthcache: aren't they all?? Difficulty 1: easy 1.5: a little harder than easy 2: slightly less easy 2.5: a little harder than less easy 3.0: slightly difficult 3.5: a little harder than slightly difficult 4.0: hard 4.5: a little harder than hard 5.0: OMG!!! Terrain see above: see above Locations Minnesota: a bunch Iowa: like two So, to answer your question, it's not about the numbers for some of us!
  17. Have you found insects, arachnids, mammals, or cold-blooded critters while caching? Were you lucky enough to capture them with your camera or cell phone? Let's see 'em! And although I'm not an entomologist or mammalian researcher, I could try and help you identify them! I'll get us started: here's a pic my friend, TECGeoJim, captured on a temp cache I placed at event: It's a fishfly.
  18. I generally check on my urban hides after two DNFs. I try to address the issue within the week. Some urban hides go missing more often than others; sometimes it takes time and experience to know where not to place them.
  19. borrow someone's boy for such occasions and tell them "it's okay--go number one" until the women get grossed out and leave.
  20. as usual, be sure to clean any non-ammo can well and if it's plastic, use the spray paints specially made for plastic. i hid a ton of smalls and micros on my first round. Now i've been encouraged to upgrade them to smalls and regulars in a "better" area of the park. some people don't mind a quick png for the numbers, most most tend to enjoy a good hide. finding a micro dangling from a bare tree just doesn't do it for me anymore.
  21. I think it's great because it encourages people to try a hide. If it doesn't work out, big deal. Besides, it's not like you have to find the cache--that's what the ignore button is for... I found one such cache, hid my own, went back to log the find/hide and enjoyed it very much.
  22. Hide an Eyesore Under a Movable Faux Boulder No one but you will know that the landscape boulder in your yard conceals a well cover, water shut-off, electrical box or some other unsightly mechanism. Made of Thermostone plastic composite, this faux boulder withstands the harshest elements, yet weighs only 10 pounds, so you can move them for easy access. Fake Stone Mock Rock Hollow Rock I don't know about you, but that's one expensive cache!! I just make mine out of concrete and pay the doctors to fix my back later!! ; )
  23. That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
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