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  1. I'll have to disagree with you there. I've placed a few on playgrounds in 9/2007 and only one or two of them went missing or needed maintenance. There was one that got entombed within the structure when maintenance workers capped the tube, but it's still there. Take a look at this thread for more debate: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=175984&hl=
  2. here i am up a tree a couple of weeks ago (forgot this pic was taken; the cache owner asked the photographer to remove it from the gallery so as not to spoil the end of a seven-stage multi):
  3. If you ever see NudeCacher running away from something, follow him. What, and watch his a** flapping in the breeze?? No THANK you!!
  4. HA HA HA... Barefoot!! I do everything else barefoot. Why should caching be any different? I did a couple that way with a friend (rather than ruin my flip flops on some steep terrain). I have noticed that, in the urban forests, there tends to be broken glass here and there so haven't thought it wise since. I've also barefoot cached in a dress, when tree climbing has been necessary and when fjording a river. BTW, I'd HATE to run into NudeCacher at an event... eek!
  5. I wonder when they'll create a list entitled: Memory Cards Stolen For a Better Use
  6. the metro area is quite full due to King Boreas' reign. when he is dethroned, you may be able to find a spot.
  7. I was kidding... I wouldn't endorse anyone doing that stuff while driving. I'll be sure to add a wink next time.
  8. With my wife driving... other techno folks that would appreciate this more if YOU were driving and doing all that at the same time!!
  9. I'm not sure how this conversation evolved into a conversation about sewers. The topic is entitled, "Legal to place a cache in a stormwater runoff drain?" I did mention a guy being arrested for accessing the sewer through a manhole cover, but to clarify, a stormwater drain is a drain used to remove excess water from the street.
  10. I did find a Minnesota Ordinance that says the following: "511.50. Removal of manhole covers. No person shall take off or remove the cover from any sewer or water manhole in the streets or use such manhole for any purpose whatever, without first obtaining a permit therefor from the city engineer. (Code 1960, As Amend., § 614.050)" Someone (not a cacher to my knowledge) was recently arrested for accessing the sewers through a manhole.
  11. I was asked if there was any way to verify that placing or hunting a cache in a stormwater runoff drain is, indeed, legal. There has recently been an article about an individual being arrested for accessing the sewer system through a manhole cover, however a manhole cover does not have to be moved in order to reach the cache. The drain in question has a new concrete liner instead of a limestone and cricket "hole", so (as far as safety goes) it's better than some. And the last I checked, there were NO "no tresspassing" signs at the entrance to the drain. I cannot find a statute (specific to Minnesota) that definitively states whether "investigating" a stormwater runoff drains is or is not legal. I did add a disclaimer to the cache page that states, "To my knowledge, there are no "no tresspassing" signs on the entrance leading to the cache. this does not mean that you are safe from arrest (I cannot specifically find the ordinance that states if it illegal). just because a cache exists doesn't mean you have to find it. as usual, use your own common sense and personal caution when seeking this cache." What do you think?
  12. For those of us who PQ and run, you may want to put an explicit description of the rules on the front of the log inside the cache so that kids like my son (a money hound) don't exchange the "swag" with crap.
  13. I dreamed last night that I was maintaining a cache and two of the "regulars" came by when I was doing so. We had a lovely chat. Have you ever dreamed about caching? Was it a nightmare?? What was it?
  14. Many cachers I've run into claim that they got a "Kitchen Pass" to go out caching. Who coined the term, and what exactly does it mean? That you did enough dishes to be "allowed" to play?
  15. Just wondering about all of those faithful trail-walking pups. Introduce yours!!
  16. I've driven up to two skirt lifters, rolled down the window and nabbed the cache. One of 'em nearly took off the side mirror.
  17. unknown size. And yes, I'm from Minnesota (see post #2).
  18. when you buy your wooden nickel, ask if the ink is the non-smearing kind. I found someone's nickel once, treasured it, accidentally dropped my water on it, and it was ruined. When the cache it's in gets wet, your nickel will get ruined as well.
  19. I was sure he'd have nabbed the "Challenge of A Century: Hides" (GC15Y2Y) where King Boreas (yeah, yeah) states, "To log a 'Found it' for this cache (in addition to finding the cache and signing the logbook) you must own one hundred cache Hides." But he didn't. It does appear to be on the "wrong side" of the City, so perhaps he just didn't see it. Is that possible?
  20. I've noticed, from time to time, that the date and time are in a different time zone than I am. For instance, "Server time: Friday, September 26, 2008 8:49:16 AM". On my clock, it's 10:49. I've run a few late at night, clicked them to run the same day, and they either never run or come in my inbox the next day. If I run one at 12:30am on Saturday morning, but it's still Friday on the server, if I check "Friday", it works for the most part. If I check "Saturday", it won't run until two or three hours later at least. That's my experience anyway.
  21. Bobcam, where art thou? We'd love to hear some stories.
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