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  1. I'm sorry...this may be another rant but I have to vent. Yep, its about SWAG items left in the caches. (I see your eyes rolling). Just about every other container we have found contains something(s) from the BOZO NO-NO list! Candy, mints, gum, (I mean odiferous items-left in mountain areas-lots of wildlife) pins that are not in any protective container, knives and today we found a pack of firecrackers (in an national forest-not 1 mile from our last fire!) I have removed some of the more odiferous food items and I did scoop the firecrackers. I'm not dying for the job of cache police but some of these caches just aren't safe to be reaching into. Please, don't slam me with the "it's not about the swag, it's about the hunt"..we love the hunt. We just want to get to the logbook without having to worry about injury and hope the cache is there and not eaten by the wild things! When we first started geocaching, we read hundreds of posts. Got the feel for the "common courtesies/general guidelines" of the sport. We try to do the "right" thing. What happened to the guidelines of not leaving dangerous items, foodstuff and illegal items? (What happened to common sense???) Question: do YOU remove items such as these (guilt free) or ignore and go about your merry way?
  2. The little amiga and I are letterboxers. We don't get to spend much time together and have exhausted all local boxes. This was logical next step. There are over 1200 caches within 100 mile radius. That should keep us busy!
  3. Big Amiga: ISFJ. (I'll bet the little amiga is same.) Caching appeals to the introvert in me because I take off knowing that we will NOT be running into large crowds!
  4. Now that's the stuff great memories are made of! Nice job!
  5. That's easy...who wants to admit failure?! I am a newbie and have a few unlogged DNF's under my belt. I assumed it was due to my inexperience and did not want to cause the placer unwanted worry/grief. I guess I can start logging DNF's with a "Newbie Disclaimer". (I will go back and I WILL find them!!)
  6. Lacking in what way? MetroGuide has pretty much every road in America. Dunno what's missing, unless it's recently-built stuff. Some people find maps worth it; some don't. Currently I run MGNAv8 and am very happy with it. Worked fine in my Legend, too. It must be the "trial" on the site. I couldn't get it to show any local city streets, just the highways. Thanks for the info-that's what I needed to know-that there IS more to it.
  7. Another newbie here. Not a techie, so this is a bit of a challenge. (I can do this!) The base maps on the Legend leave something to be desired. When I scan the Garmin site for compatible maps, the 2 that seem to "fit" my needs are Metroguide NA and Topo US 2008. When I use the sites little "trial" piece, these maps are also lacking. BIG TIME. Is it just the trial on the site? Are they really much more detailed ? Are they worth it/are there better? Any help is appreciated. Dos Amigas
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