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  1. It wont be published, see the link I posted. I can't tell you where we might take this but I can tell you that the cache we placed for our loved one in Afghanistan has gone over well. She really enjoys being able to check the logs and the people logging have been so kind. If you know someone that has been deployed to somewhere you might consider this.
  2. We have a cache hidden for my sister who was deployed to Afghanistan (GC1CCVQ - For DJMc in Kabul). DJMc's familiy placed it when she left for Afghanistan. We will leave it active until she returns, then archive it. This cache has been a great success. Those who find it log a message to DJMc (Deb) and she and her family read the logs regularly. Everyone enjoys reading the logs and the logs will become a part of everyone's permanent memory of Deb's tour of duty overseas. We would like to encourage people to visit Deb’s cache or visit the cache entry and log a note. The purpose of this topic is to see what people think of the idea of using geocaches to honor our citizens overseas and to give our thanks to them in a way that they can watch online. They do not even need to be a Geocaching.com member to read the logs.
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