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  1. I have the same problem. When I map any of my pocket queries I get ALL caches around my home coordinates. If I look at the pocket query list it is correct. I've tried regenerating the pocket query but it still does not work.
  2. I too had this problem and with a special character in our username I was concerned. But I used the following GSAK forum to resolve the issue. https://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=34380&st=20
  3. They appear when I first add them (via save address, save one of there POIs, or load via a GPX file). As long as I don't power OFF the device they remain visible. When I power OFF the device they go away.
  4. My Nuvi 54 developed a usb jack problem. It won’t connect to my pc or to a power cord. So I bought a new Garmin Drive 50 which doesn’t let me use it the way I have been. (I have another forum topic regarding that). So now I’m interested in what others do; what other methods I might be able to use. I’d appreciate information on what you do and how you use the Nuvi/Drive to navigate the streets. How you choose which cache to go to next is one of the things that interests me. Here is how my wife and I cache in our local area: My navigational (driving) GPSr is a Garmin Nuvi 54 (just replaced with Garmin Drive 50) My caching GPSr is a GPSMAP 62. I have a living GSAK database that consists of local caches that we are interested in finding. I add to the database when new caches are published (via new cache notification) I remove caches when we have found them or they have been archived. I review the new caches added to the GSAK database to see if the Nuvi can get me to the cache. I’ll add parking coordinates if necessary. The database usually has around 300 caches and gets refreshed weekly. I use GSAK Send Waypoints to load both the Nuvi and the GPSMAP 62. The Nuvi get’s child waypoints so parking coordinates are included in the GPX file that goes to the Nuvi. - Parking coordinates have a different map symbol then the caches. - I use the Nuvi Map, much like a pocket query map, to determine what area we are going to cache. While caching I use the Nuvi map to determine which cache to go to next. I look at the map, touch the symbol and GO. When I find the cache I delete the waypoint in the Nuvi. So the Nuvi always reflects only caches that we have NOT found. The GPSMAP 62 is only used when we leave the car (or for looking up information about the cache). This has worked well for us for 10 years. I’ve played with POIs and some of the GSAK macros for loading NUVis, but I haven’t found anything that works for us as well as the method that I’m using. The key features that I want/like are: 1) The ability to delete an individual waypoint once it has been found, and 2) The ability to have parking coordinates in addition to the cache itself – with a different map symbol. Thanks for what you have to offer. Please include what GPSr devices you are using.
  5. Is there anyone with a Garmin Drive-series gps that is willing to run a test? Here is what I see and I'm wondering if others do to. I add and save an address (I use my home address, where I'm currently at) I VIEW MAP from the main screen and see the green heart symbol on the map. I Turn Off the gps (holding the power button until it says "Turn off the device?" I turn the gps back on and VIEW MAP from the main screen and the symbol is gone. The saved location is still in the list but it is not on the map. For 10 years I've used the nuvi map to choose my route from cache to cache. It's like looking at a pocket query map. I talked to Garmin support and they said that the symbol did not go away from the map for them. They suggested a exchange the device I just bought. I did and the 2nd Garm Drive 50 does the same thing. I would appreciate it if someone could run the above test for me and let me know what you see.and which model you were using.
  6. The cable is fine. I've tested several devices and several cords.
  7. That sort of ties to my other post. I bought a new Garmin Drive 50LM and and don't like it at all. I'm hoping someone has suggestions because at this rate I'd rather spend my money on repairs than buy something new that won't work for me.
  8. I have a GARMIN NUVI 54LM that seems to have a problem with the power-jack. Everything else works find but I can’t connect it via USB cable to a power source or to my computer. Does anyone have any idea where I might go to get this repaired? Batteries Plus said they couldn’t repair that particular mode. I haven’t check with Garmin yet. I was hoping there might be a local business that does this kind of repair.
  9. I recently bought a GARMIN DRIVE 50LM to replace my GARMIN NUVI 54 (power jack not working). I use this extensively for Geocaching (driving to the caches). I keep the GPSr loaded with around 300 local caches, saved as SAVED/FAVORITES. I then scan the map to see where I want to go caching and use the map to determine my route from cache to cache (favorites/waypoints). The problem I have with the DRIVE 50LM is that the map symbols go away: If turn off the GPSr (hold power button until it says “Turn off the device?”) the symbols disappear from the map. They remain in the saved list but they do not show on the map. It is essential, to me, that I see the symbols on the map. Also, If I turn off “Up Ahead Places” the symbols also disappear from the map. I’m not interested in the up-ahead function when I am Geocaching because it just clutter’s the map. It doesn’t matter how the favorites are saved. It happens when I load them through 3rd party software (my normal way) and it also happens if I SAVE an address or any provided POI. Can someone help me with these problems? I can’t image that Garmin would build a GPSr with maps and symbols but not show the symbols on the map. I must have something configured wrong.
  10. My corrected coordinates are not showing on my pocket query map. The posted cords are showing instead. It worked a day or two ago. Example: GC7DGAE
  11. I believe I know what happened to me. I can recreate this scenario over and over. I’m sharing it in case others run into this situation. It appears that GSAK’s REFRESH CACHE DATA (API interface) does something different than a GPX file and it is possible to lose CORRECTED coordinates (at least for a while). Here is what my tests showed regarding a Puzzle Cache with CORRECTED coordinates. 1) Load a GPX (PQ) file. The coordinates will be the CORRECTED coordinates. GSAK will NOT show the red (corrected) word next to the coordinates. 2) Use GSAK’s “Geocaching.com access REFRESH CACHE DATA” menu option. GSAK will still reflect the corrected coordinates but will now show the red (correct) word next to the coordinates. 3) Load a GPX (PQ) file. The red (corrected) word next the coordinates will disappear and the coordinates will revert to the POSTED coordinates. 4) Load the GPX (PQ) file again and the coordinates will again reflect the CORRECTED coordinates.
  12. I did manage to open the GPX file and used boulter.com to convert the waypoint and the “<wpt lat="44.XXXXXX" lon="-92.YYYYYY">” line appears to be the corrected coordinates. I’m going to focus on the fact that I lost a bookmark (used to create my PQ) last week and recreated it from GSAK. I don’t know what happened but at least one corrected-coordinate was incorrect (per my NUVI). I have now been able to download GPX files and get the corrected coordinates. I think I might have been misled by the fact that GSAK did not report “corrected” coordinates. Anyway, thanks again for your assistance. I do appreciate it. And thanks to Moun10Bike for a quick response.
  13. Thank you very much Chrysalides. You clearly do not have the same problem that I have seen; and I appreciate you running the test. I’ll pursue this as something that is wrong on my side unless someone else speaks up with the same problem.
  14. I don’t think I know how to do what Chrysalides is asking. I would appreciate it if some GSAK user would run the following test for me and let me know what coordinates appear in GSAK. 1) Go to GC55AFG (posted coordinates N 44° 57.000 W 092° 53.000) 2) Change the coordinates to N 44° 55.XXX W 092° 54.YYY 3) Download a GPX file from the cache page 4) Load the GPX file to GSAK 5) What coordinates does GSAK show? a. Posted: N 44° 57.000 W 092° 53.000 b. Corrected: N 44° 55.XXX W 092° 54.YYY
  15. Interesting. Anyone else seeing this? Anyone have any suggestions?
  16. I’m seeing a problem with ‘corrected coordinates’ not getting passed along via a pocket query. I run a pocket query that includes puzzles with corrected coordinates. I load them into GSAK and the corrected coordinates are not there. If I follow up with GSAK’s ‘refresh cache data’ API option I get the corrected coordinates. The same problem exists if I download a GPX file from a single cache with corrected coordinates. Is anyone else seeing this problem? I’m not doing anything different than I have always done and I’ve always gotten the corrected coordinates.
  17. The GC code is generated when you create your cache. Creating it does not automatically send it to the reviewer for approval.
  18. They have to be individually deleted - Deleting 50-100 can be time consuming and very frustrating. You can bulk delete all Favorites, but you'll lose "Aunt Rose's House" as well. You CAN delete all waypoints in a NUVI by reseting the device (hold lower right of screen while powering on). With newere devices you have to first delete the file containing the waypoints. The 3790 will hold 1000 waypoints; even the essential models (40s 50s) hold 1000.
  19. I load caches to my nuvi’s favorites using GSAK. I simply load the PQ into GSAK then set the device to GARMIN NUVI (Generic) and GPS SEND WAYPOINTS. This works with the 260w and our new 54LM. This does not provide the description information that you would get via POIs but you can delete each cache individually; which you can’t with POIs. We delete the waypoint after we have found it so the NUVI’s map is our master view of unfound caches.
  20. I could use some help with a new NUVI. We have been using a NUVI 260w for years; just for navigating. We keep a bookmark of caches we want to find and load that PQ to the NUVI as favorites. When we find a cache we delete the favorite so that the NUVI is a current picture of the caches we have not found. It has worked pretty well for us for years. Now the 260w is dying so I bought a Nuvi 54LM. It works differently for clearing favorites which I can deal with. But I have a problem with the symbols. The 54LM does not have any geocaching symbols. In fact all of the symbols look alike (a blue box with some icon in the middle). I think I would be content if I could load custom symbols to the NUVI 54 (Geocaching Symbols). I might also be ok to load them as POIs if I could delete POIs after we have found them. A bit verbal, I know, but can anyone tell me: 1) How to download geocaching symbols to a NUVI so that I can load them via GSAK with at least the treasure chest? Preferably with a traditional, multi, letterbox symbol. 2) If I load them as POIs can I delete individual ones after I have found them?
  21. We use a Nuvi to navigate between caches. We hand pick our caches because we don’t like all that are out there. We keep a running GSAK database, of our local area, that we update weekly and usually have about 300 loaded to the Nuvi’s ‘favorites’ and delete them as we find them. So the Nuvi is our master map of caches that we care about. We look at the map, decide where to go, and once we get to the location we use the GPSMAP62 to actually find the cache. The 62 has the cache description and logs loaded to it so that information is at hand and the accuracy is good. The only time we use the smart phone (Groundspeak’s app) is if we want to check more current information than we have loaded in the GPSr. The phone just seems to be oriented to “I am here, what is around me”; which is not the way we cache.
  22. Never mind, it did come through in spite of the message.
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