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  1. On 15-6-2018 at 5:52 PM, AlexUK51 said:

    My Oregon 700 has suddenly decided to spontaneously shut itself down after about 30 seconds from starting up. I have tried going into Settings to check if anything is amiss but am timed out before I can do this. I have tried changing batteries but this doesn't fix it.

    Has anyone had experience of this and can suggest a solution?

    Many thanks,


    A few weeks ago i had the same probleem while geocaching. My Oregon 700 was working fine.I was trying to find a chirp cache, so i turned the chirp function on in my settings. After about 20-30 sec my Oregon stopped working and each time after i turned on my gps it shut down after aprox.20 sec.

    Turning the chirp function Off again solved my problem.

    A friend cacher had the same problem and it was solved by turning off the chirp function.

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