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  1. Okay, I give up. Guess I'm buying a new one. Thanks to those who viewed.
  2. Good day. I'm in the market for an Oregon 450. Please let me know if you're selling one. Thanks for reading, Matt
  3. Hmmmm.... This thread appears to have a taken a SERIOUS turn off-topic.
  4. Quote: 5)After exactly seven minutes passes, get off the bus. 6a)If you find yourself in Springfield, start over. LMAO Nice.
  5. Hey look! It's the old dinner party rotating pyramid scam! Emphasis on the word "SCAM."
  6. East of Cottage Grove which is 30 minutes south of Eugene.
  7. Welcome to Eugene. There are many cachers in this area. I'm sure you'll fit in nicely. Snidely_Whiplash
  8. I would love to help with this! Sadly, I'm flying to Chicago that day. Please continue to use this forum in your future searches for volunteers.
  9. I might try and do some hiking in this area on Saturday. I'm not 100% sure though. I would also like to see the OFG episode. I wonder if they have it at the Eugene library...
  10. Maybe they should be called "trawls" then?
  11. Well done! I've been going through old Metsker's maps trying to help track this down. Guess I can clear my desk off now and get back to work. I too would be interested in meeting for a group exploration of this elusive location. Snidely_whiplash
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