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  1. i like to think we are in San Joaquin and stanislaus and Merced counties
  2. did you see any scorpions on the ET highway
  3. ishaunie just wanted to say hi. my wife Katie and i (R.J.) are cachers from Escalon. one of the best ways to get to meet people is to go to a geo caching event. there was one yester day in linden but i man not sure when or where the next one is going to be. if you have any questions about a cache we might have found dont hesitate to ask. we are always willing to help a fellow cacher.
  4. LMAO... Well you beat Tami and I, we only managed 1 while we were there. Hope the first aid thing did not involve and catus. They can be real mean. it was more of a disagreement between a dirt bike and a rock. even after the wreck we got at least 65 caches
  5. OK so that run in sothern calif is a little more difficult then we thought. but we did manage to get about 70 and we got to use the first aid kit a couple of times.
  6. i would be proud to have a cache as notorious as Holy macro. thats on every ones need to find at least once list
  7. hey those links are not working, would you mind trying them again. i would love to see that here are the links again winter formal & "Cache-Ademy Awards" 2nd Annual Winter Formal / Cache-Ademy Awards
  8. copied right from the log of GC17WY1 January 2 by pa-11trent (291 found) This one is hilarious, loved it!. I can't imagin the work that went into this one. Did not sign log for obvious reasons. TFTC
  9. the easiest way to meet up with the CVCs is go to one of the events! New comers are always welcome to join our band of misfits........ even thejeffs! Or just shoot an email to one of us. Deranja is the the misfits not us, TheJeffs, we are geojunkies
  10. http://www.cvgeocachers.com My Wife and I are from Escalon. We have met a lot of people just from meeting them at caches and going to events. If you look up GC23GRC its an even cache in Riverbank there are going to be a lot of the locals there.
  11. 660 caches in 48 hours any one else want to try it with Deranja and I. we are going to do it the easy way make them all drive up caches
  12. I like everyone's ideas. they are not my caches but i think i just might have to let the oweners know they might want to check there logs.
  13. What should be done when you find that some one is loging finds but is not signing the log?
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