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  1. @K13 OK, so thats why I also had my end point in listing. Anyone who planned to attend the CITO would know where the end waypoint was.
  2. @niraD In my opinion there is a difference for Event and CITO. https://www.geocaching.com/cito/faq.aspx CITO could be held in area as written in FAQ. Classic event is held on posted coordinates. Same experience here, every cleaning CITO I visited started at one point and ended somewhere else. Im okay with that.
  3. @Keystone I remained at the posted coordinates for 15 minutes. Nobody stayed there till the end of event. According to https://www.geocaching.com/play/guidelines#cito there is nothing like the owner must stay there for 1 hour. I have CITO listing that says what is the route for cleaning, I have map there, I have Waypoint - end point there (in map, in gc.com in waypoints). I did regular announcements that I moved, where I was, etc. The geocacher claims nobody was there. So OK, no signing to logbook but how can I know somebody was really there? Should I next time write down their nicknames?
  4. Hi, I hosted CITO event. I have a problem with one geocacher who claims this event as visited. However I didnt see him, he is not in my logbook. Plans for the cito were to start together at the posted coordinates and collect rubbish together. Everything is written in my listing. I enclosed map of an area - route from point A to point B. Ending coordinates were posted also in listing as reference point. During the cito I made announcements about my position. The geocacher argues that he was as the meeting point and nobody was there. So he claims it as found. I dont agree with this. What is your opinion?
  5. Thank you all for the replies. I have tried the TBRescue and already have a log there. I emailed the cache owner several months ago and he texted back he was going to collect it (still waiting several months). I will be patiently waiting.. if there is no change from TBRescue mission I will try the FB group.
  6. Hi geocachers from the UK, I released my trackable Red camera ? (TB8JATF) in England during my visit. In autumn it was dropped in cache 06 Litlington Logistics (GC7MMBZ). However the cache went archived. I asked owner of the cache to pick the TB up but he seems busy :-( If anyone is from the location around Cambridge, Royston, Litlington and is planning a geocache trip around the area, could you please have a look for the cache if my TB is still there and save it, please? I would be very grateful. Greeting from Czechia, xSilence8x
  7. Hello, recently I have noticed that there is a baby geocaching account, who logged my caches/events. The logs look like "I found this cache with my parents lying in a baby carriage" or "I visited this event sleeping in my baby carriage". This baby geocacher also logs and finds Wherigo, virtual, letterbox and mystery caches. I dont think it is OK that the baby solves mystery caches etc...We all know it is not possible that it could solve these things. Moreover this baby geocacher organized one community celebration event. I have read terms of use of geocaching. I know that for young children parents can manage their geocaching account. But in this case it is a baby of age <1 year old.. It is all right?
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