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  1. 1. He seems pretty confident that the gps satellite system will remain operational/available after such a disaster (unless he plans on finding by memory, though he does state they will be "gps'd locations"). 2. Why would someone with this paranoia level want to be operating an evil satellite tracking device with "the man" on his tail in the first place?
  2. Yep! I HATE caching with muggles around. I don't think i've ever had anyone ask me what what i'm doing. I often pretend i'm just wandering about, talking on my cell phone.
  3. It's $295 direct from Amazon, $239 from J&R Music and Computer World.
  4. I have been doing the same comparison shopping for a new unit. I am now leaning toward trying the pn-40, based mostly on the paperless caching ability, and the cheap map/ariel imagery available from DeLorme. And with a current price tag of $199 from Amazon, it's kind of a no-brainer!
  5. i've never experienced any of those issues with my vista hcx (knocks wood). i just uploaded the latest track on there before posting this and it was spot on. not saying people haven't had issues, just that i never have. I have a 3 year old vista Cx that just crapped out on me. I press the power button and the screen flickers once, that's it. I've been doing some reading and perhaps this is a result of ATV/mtn bike handlebar mounting? Overall it was a good unit, but too inaccurate in heavy cover. Anyhoo, I need to find a replacement and am torn between a new HCx and the 60CSx. My main question is-- will the info stored in my microSD (maps, waypoints, caches) transfer right over to the 60CSx without any fuss? I would like the HCx ($179 @ Cabelas), as I can use my accessories, but the 60CSx ($249 @ Walmart) seems to be the hands down winner. Any thoughts?
  6. The two vehicles I use regularly for off road caching: -Rusty but trusty 1989 Chevy s-10 4x4 -2001 Honda Foreman 450 4x4
  7. Lifelong Minnesotan, newbie 'cacher. Moose Lake 55767
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