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  1. They're not very good for satellite imagery, unless I'm missing something. You are correct. The satellite imagery options are OLD. Looking at my neighborhood they appear to be at least 5 years old. Google's imagery (in my location, anyhow) is 2 years old.
  2. Yep, i'm an idiot. Found my original packaging and there they were!
  3. Hold the phone. I've been doing some more reading, and it seems I should have 3 regional DVDs containing maps? Now I need to find my box, though I could swear the only disc in there was Topo 8...
  4. Here's a question for pn-40 users: can I load the Topo 8 maps from the DVD to my pn-40? I have been downloading the USGS topo and aerial imagery with my subscription with ease. Is this something really easy that I am overlooking? In the instruction manual under data layering it shows a pic of the screen and one of the maps is titled US Topo 8. But I can't seem to do it. It would sure be nice to replace the Delorme base map on the unit with the Topo 8 maps for views over 1 mile.
  5. Great thread! I'm going to start dropping golf balls near caches now.
  6. LCD gets slow in cold temps. Batteries underperform in cold temps. Living in northern MN, this is common knowledge. I have no experience with touchscreens in the cold. I guess it depends on how cold we're talking. I have a Lowrance fish locator with a LCD screen that starts to get sluggish when the temp gets below 0 deg F.
  7. No difference to the GPS, correct. To you it will seem colder because you lose heat more quickly, but it's not really colder. However, if your gpsr radiates a little heat of it's own, then it does make a difference.
  8. It's 20 degrees out. Put your face out the car window at 70 mph. It's still 20 degrees out. The difference is that your body radiates heat through your skin, warming your skin to a temperature somewhere between 98.6 and air temperature. Any added wind blows this heat from your skin surface and cools your skin temperature so it feels colder. At the same time, your car's bumper temp is going to be 20 degrees whether it's going 150mph or standing still. It's still just 20 degrees out.
  9. If you're winter caching in sub-freezing temps (sub-zero especially), be sure to be careful opening plastic cache containers. Some of them can get very brittle in extremely cold temperatures. If you don't warm them up somehow, you're bound to break a lid.
  10. "That's the biggest gawl darn ammo can I ever seen!"
  11. "Hey everybody! We're all gonna get credit for this find!"
  12. "Wait up, girls. I gotta bison tube I gotta hide still."
  13. "Here it is! It's no big deal. Just a fake poop cache."
  14. So, anyone wanna buy a dead Cx, with case and handlebar mount?
  15. While a metal detector isn't a traditional geocaching tool, I have certainly found many caches that would have been more quickly/easily found with a detector. I have found micros stashed on the forest floor, beside logs, stumps, rocks, etc. that have been "buried" by leaves or moss or other junk. Now I don't think I could ever justify bringing a metal detector along when geocaching, but the ad certainly doesn't offend me as it obviously has others. Just my 2 cents.
  16. Without the unit powered up, my computer won't even recognize the usb connection. Imagine the FTFs surprise whey they open the cache and find a shiny new GPSr?! (I still have the box, and could package it up like new!)
  17. No luck with removing the memory card. Will I be able to update the firmware if the unit won't evenpower up?
  18. I pulled my 2 1/2 year old Garmin Vista Cx off the shelf after a few weeks down time. I pushed the power button- nothing happened. Ok, needs fresh batteries- still nothing. Tried another set of batteries- you guessed it, nothing. On closer inspection, the screen flashes some faint blue horizontal lines for a split second, then blank. This happens every time I press the power button. I also noticed that when I pull out the batteries, similar faint horizontal lines appear on the screen and linger for about 20 seconds before fading away. The unit has never been submerged or dropped, heck it doesn't have a scratch on it. I've only used it for about 250 caches, so there aren't alot of hours on it. If it is indeed terminal, I have embraced the idea that I get to upgrade to a better unit. However, if something like this is repairable (or just needs to be reset, or something) I would prefer to have it as a backup, instead of just having to throw it away. Any ideas?
  19. I have a 3 year old vista Cx in heavy use and haven't had any problems with the "rubber band".
  20. Great review! I have this unit on the top of my list, when I get the funds.
  21. Yep. $229 now at Crutchfield. At this rate it'll be back down to $199 before ya know it!
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