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  1. I haven't been in the forums for a while... but I just had to see if I could find information about this great coin that just showed up out of the blue in my mailbox this week. I see I will still be left wondering who sent this great gift, but I hope whoever it is is listening in on this thread... Thanks for spreading the joy of the season! When I got home earlier this week, my wife told me "another one of those geocoins has arrived for you".... I was surprised because I did not remember ordering any recently and I hadn't arranged any trades recently either. I was further surprised when I opened the package and didn't recognize the coin at all! I put it in my jacket pocket and tried to think where it could have come from. The next day at work, every time I put my hand in my pocket and felt the geocoin, it just made me smile a little... and everytime I did, one of my co-workers would smile and ask me what was going on. :-) I told them that someone had just reminded me that Christmas is all about acts of kindness and sharing. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face over and over again! Your gift has spread more smiles farther than you can know! OK... mush-fest over... but thanks again to the giver of the geocoin!
  2. I'd like: 5 Pins 1 Black Nickel 1 Gold Thanks. And I'd like to go for the local delivery option ;-)
  3. I'd like to trade personal coins... have your people call my people ;-)
  4. Membership request made through Yahoo!Group. Like I need to spend more $$ on geocoins! Just don't tell my wife... I can get away with it as long as she continues to think I spend my money on booze.
  5. Hi All- I have made at least an initial responses to everyone who sent me an e-mail or posted here. If you sent me an e-mail and I have not responded, that means it got dropped, got filtered, or got lost. As far as I know, I have responded to everyone! (and my wife is wondering why I have spent so many hours at the computer the last couple of nights!! ) At this point, I don't think I will be arranging any more trades until I can get caught up with what has already been set up. Thanks you all for the terrific response!
  6. Do I have to buy you a beer too? Excellent coin Sarge I was priviliged to see the test coin, and it is beeeutiful folks. Not beer.... a Mojito.
  7. Yeah... LT Happy Camper gave me a 1-day pass for the deathmarch this Sunday. I just have to finish putting the roofing on the new sun room before I go... so as long as I don't end up nailing my hand to the roof or sticking the drill back in my leg, I should be good to go. I plan on bringing a handful of geocoins along on the deathmarch.... I figure I might need to bribe somebody for water or to go for help if I manage to fall down a cliff or something. ( Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that Don't get any ideas about pushing me off a cliff to get one of my coins!!!)
  8. Thanks for the enthusiastic response! Just to let people know... I will respond to all the e-mails and posts ... eventually. The response is pretty much what I expected (about 30 emails so far .. and that was this morning before I left for work! ), and it will take me a few days to get back to all of you. Thanks for your patience.
  9. Yeah.. I've already dropped two in caches over your way (San Jose) and two in caches in Santa Cruz. ... and I've been warned about geostalkers
  10. Hi Everyone. I tend to be more of a forum "lurker" than a outspoken member of the community. As such, when I had my geocoins minted I preferred to make a few trades in the background without posting to the forums. Well, I've decided to take the leap and see what kind of response I get to a forum post. Here's the lowdown: 1.5" diameter 75 minted in polished Gold... of which I have only 17 left to trade. 100 minted in polished Silver... not sure how many of these I have left... but it looks like 50 or so. And yes... even though I was trying to keep it quiet, I also had 75 minted in Black Nickel... but these ones are reserved for FTF prizes or to leave in caches that I am FTF and as "thank you's" to people who organize local geocaching events... and for dropping in caches when I travel. I only hand these coins out in person, so I won't be trading these through the mail. You can see what coins I already have and which ones I have to trade here: http://www.geocities.com/sgt_stitches@sbcg...oin_trading.htm I will apologize in advance for being slow to respond to e-mails and posts.... I have a "real" job and I do this stuff IN ORDER TO RELAX! Oops, sorry didn't mean to yell... the pressure at work must be getting to me... I gotta get out and do more geocaching ;-) So if you are interested in a trade, drop me a line!
  11. I'm not past-military... even though my geo-handle is SGT Stitches. The work I do, has and does, provide important support to the military in both wars in the Gulf. I could tell you about it... but then I'd have to shoot you. If you have any left for us civvies... I'd like one.
  12. Payment sent via Paypal for: 2x Gold 2x Silver 10x Wooden
  13. Ahhh, mystery solved. Thanks for the update. I'll run the PQs again tomorrow then.
  14. The caches that do not have the "found" information are not archived. I have over 300 finds in my closest to home PQ, the vast majority of which are still active... the problem seems to be that if there have been more than 5 other logs since my find, the information is not in the GPX file.
  15. The three .gpx files from my PQs today did not include the information necessary for either GSAK or ExpertGPS to determine which caches I had already found. The only exception was caches that were found recently (eg: my finds were within the last few logs for the cache) Has there been a change in the PQs that limit the number of logs returned in a GPX file? Or is something else causing this behavior in .gpx files?
  16. I'd like to trade for one of your coins. My trade list is Sgt Stitches Geocoin Trading List http://www.geocities.com/sgt_stitches@sbcg...oin_trading.htm
  17. e-mail sent Sgt Stitches Geocoin Trading List: http://www.geocities.com/sgt_stitches@sbcg...oin_trading.htm Sgt Stitches Geocoin Trading List
  18. Order for 1 coin. Payment via Paypal. Address included in paypal info. Thanks.
  19. I'll take four metal and 10 wooden nickels (pending final pricing... I assume it will be similar to other coins.. just don't want to get surprised by a solid silver coin price ;-) )
  20. I hope I have replied to all of you who have sent proposals for trades... if you have not heard back from me, please let me know. (I'd hate to appear rude by not responding... if I missed you, its only because there were many responses and I may have inadvertently missed one) And thanks to all for the nice response. I will be updating my list as the trades are finalized, so anyone interested can always check my profile page for the link to what I have available. Thanks again everyone.
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