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  1. Thanks but I'm looking to spend a little less-maybe pick up one from someone getting out of the game.
  2. Wow 122 views and not one response- i know that someone out there has one of these cards for sale!
  3. I am looking for city navigator® north America mini sd card for the Garmin 60csx.Be reasonable and we can do business! Thanks Tom
  4. Thanks but I can't make it as family committments have once again gotten in the way of my fun.What a drag-wife -kids-work-relatives.Just kidding I love them all well not all of them but hey they don't read these forums( I hope)!
  5. Hello, If I'm able to go, do you have room in your boat or for that matter does anyone else joining you have space for extra body. Thanks Tom
  6. Hello to all, Will be in Moundsville,WV next week to take the WV State Penitentiary tour and I'm looking for some quick & easy finds near the Penitentiary as I will have very limited time .Will also be Prabhupada's palace of gold in New Vrindaban so some help there would also be appriceiated .Do you have any suggestions and thanks in advance for your help. Tom
  7. Sorry for not back to this forum in a while as I have very busy with work.I can't seem to post a pictures but if you want them I'll email them to you. I will take $60 plus shipping for the unit. SOLD>>>>>>>>>>SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. Sorry for not back to this forum in a while as I have very busy with work.I can't seem to post a pictures but if you want them I'll email them to you. I will take $60 plus shipping for the unit.
  9. Interested do you have a pic If it is the whole mount that holds the 60 I will take it. Sold but thanks for asking
  10. Hello to all, FS: One used garmin etrek legend, instuctional video and booklets I'm throwing in old cell phone case to hold the unit.I can't find the cable ( will look for it today) or the lanyard ( thats lost for sure) but gps works great. The reason I'm getting rid of it I bought a Garmin 60CSX and I don't need anymore. Please make me a reasonable offer and if you need pictures please email me. Thanks Tom tomflushing3@aol.com
  11. Hello I'm selling a new but with no package bicycle mount(handlebars) for the garmin 60 series.I never used the mount and never even tried to see if fit.I'll take $ 7.00 plus shipping.I will charge the actual shipping to your zip from mine 11354.Will go in a bubble mailer but if you are worried it will break I'll mail it in a box . Email me for photos if you need them. You can contact me at tomflushing3@aol.com Thanks Tom
  12. Hello I bought this car decal and tags before I got a new car .My new car has tinted windows and the decal is no good for me.Paid $9.00 will take $5.00, as I want to buy the outside sticker.The one I have goes in the inside of the window and is easily removeable. http://shop.Groundspeak.com/productDetail....p;ProductID=152
  13. I know times are hard but you have to admit a lot of effort goes into this site and why not reward those who help support it with a few caches reserved for them. Anytime anyone anywhere tries to "sell" you something there has to be incentive for you to buy and if you don't want to buy this product don't but don't be bitter about it. For me its the query function that I pay for so I can down load info into my palm ,as this it easy and saves tons of ink , paper and time. I don't care about the subscriber only caches as there are a host of other features for your $ 30.00. I if I were a betting man I'd say that those individuals that are really into this hobby enough to have the gear ,take the time and even try something like # 13 are probably premium members anyway.Good luck with finding the right people to represent us to the world.
  14. [qu In fact, in 1993, graduate student Jennifer Toth, while she was an intern at the Los Angeles Times, penned an entire non-fiction book entitled The Mole People: Life In The Tunnels Beneath New York City been successfully published? Read the book and it was great but not very believable.If you do find any caches placed there please let me know as this sounds very intresting to me.Yes it dangeous but things have gotten better with regard to the amount of homeless, crack heads are fewer in number and the city and mta have gone out of their way in offering outreach programs to those who normally be living in such places.Now if this was 1980 I won't venture into any tunnels without my 45 and my friends smith and weston.Good luck with your urban exploration adventure. .
  15. This book is invaluable in you want to learn about NY islands http://www.amazon.com/Other-Islands-New-Yo...y/dp/0881505021
  16. I agree with this post .I think the cache titled FEAR in S.I. NYC is a true 5 star cache.Maybe you check the finders of this one for their input.
  17. Thanks for the information and I learned a lot more with the book lists attached to the cache descrpition.
  18. Hello-Does anyone know which cache is the oldest and is still active in NYC/LI area?.
  19. Is this like one of those game shows where they make you wait until after the commerical break to see if you advance to the next round.The numbers already -you know we what them.
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