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  1. Your consideration for others is well evidenced in your reply to me. I'm am sorry but your initial comment was irrelevant and you totally missed the point. The thing about the backdoor in has nothing whatsoever to do with the point I was trying to make. If it's a point to you then that's fine but I started the thread and it's not my point. So, I apologize if I hurt your feelings but don't now come back and say I'm inconsiderate because of one little comment. You didn't like my unfair comment now I don't like yours. Are we even? Can we move on now?
  2. Yeah? So? What are you going to do about it? Also, considering you've still got it listed as a Traditional, you only moved it 42', and the person you suspect was the culprit is still visiting the cache page meaning he is a PM anyway, your logic fails. Making it MOC won't keep him from seeing the cache page and knowing where to look for it. The problem here is nobody asks they only assume...Now we've shared the reason our old cache is PMO but nobody really cares, they just want to keep bashing PMO caches. Not one person has even said,"Geez, sorry to hear about your cache." If I was reading this and heard about the trashing, I would've left a note expressing how badly I felt for the cache owner. The culprit no longer visits the cache page. Why he doesn't is nobody's business, he just doesn't. He made himself obvious by visiting the cache page, obviously oblivious to the audit log, 278 times in a 2 week period after he trashed our cache AND stole $20 worth of brand new swag AND our $7 disposable camera AND 2 bugs and an old Geocoin that belong to other people,which by the way, we had to write to them and break the bad news that their travelres were STOLEN !! Then we had to have the old ammo can welded and repaired. Then we bought hardware to secure the cache in place. Oh yea, we also travel 40 miles each way to check on it. Also, what this person did wasn't just an evil move against us. It was an evil move against the original owner and Geocachers everywhere. If someone dislikes us, that's cool, who cares, but don't take it out on an old cache that's been around for almost 8 years. These old caches are a symbol of Geocaching beginnings and to trash one is a truly evil act. Caches, wether they're a day old or 8 years old should be treated with respect. In this sport we all need to trust eachother. When I saw our cache that day we were sick because it felt like a betrayal. The audit log showed us who was responsible and we watched him visit the page over and over and over in a single day. When we put things together it all made sense. What are we going to do about it ? Nothing, but that's not the point. We know who trashed our cache and this person goes around with all the regulars in the area and I gaurantee the rest of them have no idea what their friend did. To me, it's sad. We would NEVER trash a cache no matter how we feel about the owner in fact, we've performed maintenance many times on caches where we don't particularly care for the owner. Why ? Because it's the right thing to do and our feeling for him/her are separate from the cache because the cache is also for others to enjoy. Time to go. We come to the forums every few months but most likely won't ever again. Bad,bad idea. I think we'll go hide somemore PMO caches. Later. Edit: I know editing is bad but I just wanted to add that along with all the stuff listed above that got STOLEN, I spent 6 bucks on a very cool,very special logbook. Is 6 bucks a fortune? No, not the point. It's a special cache and it deserved a nice logbook. It had a really relevant saying etched on the cover. So do the math, 20 bucks in swag,6 bucks logbook,7 bucks camera....that's 33 bucks right there. C took the ammo can to work and a friend welded it and attached a huge eye screw thingamajiggy,then we bought a chain and a freaking lock. Oh yea, what does it cost in gas to maintain a cache 80 miles roundtrip? We have every right to have this cache PMO. Don't like it, don't hunt it. Your loss !
  3. Per a post on the GoNil board: I think this is just sooooo wrong to slap an MOC icon on a long-standing "free" 2001 hide you adopted last year. There may have been other circumstances, such as muggling's, so I'd better reserve judgement. But with their other 42 caches all being MOC's, I'd tend to think they do it just because they can. "Other circumstances," is exactly why Saw Wee Kee is PMO now ! We found our 8 year old cache trashed to the max, all the swag/camera stolen AND 2 TB's and a Geocoin were swiped too. We were horrified to find it the way we did. I'm not lying when I tell you I cried. I stood there and cried. We were beside ourselves. Who would do this to an old cache? We came across the little,"Check here if you want premium members only," box by accident and then discovered the audit log. It seemed like it might offer us some way to find out who might be responsible. Would the culprit visit the page over and over ? Who knows, but it was something. This cache is now CHAINED IN PLACE and cannot be removed. We adopted this cache that's 40 miles from where we live and we felt like new parents adopting a kid. What happened was shocking and OBVIOUSLY some other cacher was responsible as this cache is in no way, shape or form, muggleable ! Through the audit log and other means, we have a pretty good idea about who was responsible. So the PMO thing stuck with us and I think we have a darn good reason to keep it that way. We don't have our cache PMO to offend anyone nor are we snobs who think us or our caches are better than anybody or anybody elses, it's just the way it is for us and I don't think it's a reason for others to get angry. As for the link to our local organization that was posted...we don't go there to defend ourselves anymore because the organization is a click that does not welcome anyone who doesn't agree or share the same opinion and the one with the biggest mouth threatened to kill our dog. We wrote to him about some photos he posted of dead animals. We were horrified by them. He wrote back and asked us if our dog would like to pose for some his photos and then he said, "Hope I meet you on the trails someday." It goes on and on but for us, the PMO thing is the way it is right now. If someone's offended, don't hunt them. I'm sure we're on many an ignore list but that's cool. We don't really care. thanks
  4. That's so cool ! Get real ! If you're group caching you don't say/claim/log,"I found it," unless you did. If you cache with 8-10-12-15.... other people and 1 out of the 8-10-12-15 finds the cache but all of you sign the log like you found it ......you're a cheat plain and simple. We wouldn't have a problem with army caching if the one who actually found the cache was the only one who logged it as a find. If you like caching with your friends, cool, but don't steal your friend's glory by sucking off his/her success! Let your friend log the cache and you and the rest don't log the cache, after all, isn't it all about being out with your friends? We have cachers in our area who NEVER,EVER,EVER cache alone ! They only go out with a group. These are the cachers with 5,6,7,8,9,000 finds and most of them couldn't tell you jack about any particular hide because they never saw it !! They were there though ! Yea, "I was there." Sorry but that doesn't count. Example: We have a cacher in our area who has something like 5,500 finds. Whenever he goes out alone he logs nothing but DNF's. There's this awesome 3 stage multi that requires reading simple instructions to get to the final and requires a minimal amount of organization skills. We found it in 40 minutes. This group cacher guy was baffled. This guy DNF'd on it like 7 times !! Then, the 8th time he went out with the crew, I think there was 9 of them. They got to the final right? Here's the punchline, the guy in question posts his log and he goes something like this, "Well, I DNF'd on this 7 times but this time I came out with the army and we made it to the final. I have no idea how we got there, but we got there." This is the guy that cheats off the kid next to him all year in school but when it comes to the final exam he fails miserably,doesn't know jack and doesn't graduate ! I would love to give group caching members pop quizzes on the caches they log.... Wouldn't that be funny ? Question: "Ok,so, where was this cache hidden?" Answer: "Uhhh, I don't know cuz I couldn't see over the heads of the 10 people in front of me." Don't come back at me after you check up on us and say, "Well, you're a team of 2,that's the same as group caching." NOT !! We signed up as a team. If you sign up with 10 of your friends as, "CachingTeamof10," that's a whole different story. You created yourself as an entity. It's different. Not to mention the terrain destruction...... OMG! We have caches along our Great Western Trail where the areas are teenie-weenie and when we read logs from the group cachers who only came out to our neck of the woods because of a food event down the road, where the logs are nothing more than an endless roster of who was there, we wanna die ! Here, imagine 10 people in your bathroom rummaging around ! It's brutal.
  5. The subject has been discussed/argued before but I'm bringing it up again. What's the problem ? Why do PMO caches stir up so much frenzy and anger ? What's weird is the ones who get the most frenzied and angry ARE PREMIUM MEMBERS !! It makes zero sense! I could see if the frenzied and angry were cachers who couldn't afford the 30 bucks ! That would make sense ! It's kind of like,(and PLEASE do not get me wrong here!!!), cachers who complain about caches being or not being handicapped friendly but they're not handicapped !! We have cachers in our local organization who refer to GC.com as, "GeoCa$hing.com." That's horrendous ! These people use the site EVERY DAY and are some of the most obsessed cachers in the area yet they bash and make fun of the very site they LIVE ON AND USE,USE,USE,USE !!!!! We will always pay for membership and if you wanna hunt our caches you have to pay for a premium membership. ALL of our caches are PMO and they always will be. If you're one that has a problem with that, don't hunt our caches it's that simple. True story...We have one cacher in our area, premium member, who was taking a group of scouts out to a particular park where we own a cache, one of the oldest in the state, that we adopted last year. Now, the scouts only have a regular membership,she's premium. She was all offended and pissed off because the scouts wouldn't be able to log our cache or that's how she made it seem. This person started a thread,(gonil.org..."Thoughts on Premium Members Only Caches), about her disgust with PMO caches and pretty much named us and DID name our cache. She bashed us and our old cache,(which by the way, deserves respect wether you hate our guts or not), BUT she went out there the next day with the scouts and hunted our old cache and logged it as a find. The scouts didn't log it !! What did she do? Did she tell the scouts,"Wait here while I go get this one. You can't because you don't have a premium account?" C'mon !! If I started a thread like that I would NEVER,EVER in a million years hunt that cache but if I did, I would've at least paid the 30 bucks for the scouts to get a premium membership so they could've hunted it and logged it too ! Get real ! The hypocrisy is disgusting !
  6. We live in northeastern Illinois,(St.Charles,Kane County), and today we HID 8 caches in -5 temp and -30 windchill.Does that qualify for "extreme weather conditions" and or,"stud geocacher," status??
  7. Western N.Y. checking in. Yeah, it can be tough to locate caches in the snow, that's for sure. Really, only my first winter of geocaching (2003-2004) did we have like 2 feet of snowpack most of the winter, and local caching pretty much came to a standstill. Of course all caches in my area were "in the woods" back then. Sorry, couldn't resist. I like to go with the stick-poking, as someone else said. This works best for the light fluffy stuff. If there have been some freezing/thawing cycles, many caches will become frozen in. I like to think you can still find anything in 4" or less of snow. This subject is funny especially reading posts from cachers living in northern michigan and ontario! We live in northeastern Illinois and this is our 2nd winter caching.We LOVE it! Last winter we found 9 caches in one preserve under 8-9" of snow using little wisk brooms!! Today we went out and HID 8 caches in -5 temp and -30 windchill ! No big deal !! This is where we live ! We don't stop living or GeoCaching because it's cold or there's snow on the ground !!
  8. FANTASTIC !!!! Thank you Knabino for responding ! This is a happy day ! Here's to only positive in the future ! Happy Holidays, TeamSeekAndWeShallFind
  9. Well, that's certainly a new policy. Thanks for sharing the info. Best of luck with your situation, sounds like you have extended an olive branch. Thank you WhiteUrkel ! We would also like to address one further thing and that is the reason we were banned for 30 days which was mentioned by the OP.Maybe,hopefully,this will save one of you from making the same mistake we did.This also has to do with,in part,deleted logs. We have a few local cachers who have destroyed the terrain at all of our cache sites on the GWT.When I say "destroyed," I mean obliviated the ground and every living thing on it. Skinned trees,pulled up plants(native & non),busted up logs/fallen/stumps smashed into a thousand pieces and thrown around the area and trees have literally been left without branches.The situation went on all summer and it started because we wouldn't give them hints to our very first cache.We believe this induced anger and it never stopped.They left logs with cussing words,deleted them and then logged them again.They sent us abusive emails using fake Geocaching names etc...On and on and on. Finally,we had had enough and were beside ourselves.We posted the information about the terrain destruction on one of our cache pages.Someone didn't like it and reported our "ranting." Turns out our "speaking out," in this way,on the site, is considered an "agenda," which violates GC.com's,"Terms of Use Agreement." That's the agreement that you "sign" everytime you click that little box at the bottom of the page when you submit a cache.Actually,you agree whenever you use their site.We now have the TOU on our list of favorites and we know it backwards and forwards and have NO plans of violating these terms in the future. GC.com had every right to suspend us and we hold no ill will.It's their site and we, (unknowingly),violated their terms.We will continue to support the site with the renewal of our yearly membership. So speaking out ended with that cache being archived as well as 3 other caches that made mention of "them" and the destruction.We just want them to stay away from our caches and when we returned after being suspended,they were back and each logged one more cache of ours.Needless to say,we deleted those logs and needless to say,the logs were reinstated several days ago.Those 2 logs and the log from the OP on this thread were the only logs we ever deleted and we didn't take it lightly. As Geocachers we have to be aware of terrain destruction at all times or we will find our sport going the way of the dinosaurs.Our cache sites along the GWT are completely visible from the major road that goes by,(Rt.64),due to this destruction.It is unlike anything we've ever seen at any cache sites in the 1+ since we've been caching.I stood at one of our cache sites where there's a tree that's older than the hills and when I saw the humongous pieces of bark ripped off and hanging there blowing in the wind I was actually so sad I cried. Eventually,the non Geocaching community is going to start to notice this destruction and then the cat is out of the bag and DeKalb will be yet another county that requires permits.We thought of archiving all of our caches.Caches that took us weeks during our spare time to place.We wrote to them and wrote to them about what they were doing with the hopes they would stop.We gave away our first hide to protect the terrain.Should we give away all of our hides because these few bad apples who throw tantrums and destroy terrain can't find our caches?Maybe we should and maybe we should just move to a different county in a whole different direction.Please note:These 2 cachers have nothing to do with the OP of this thread! She is not the terrain destroyer! So,you see,no matter how bad it gets,it doesn't matter.You cannot delete logs for personal reasons no matter how ugly they get. We hope that what we've learned about 'log deletion' and,"agendas," and the bad situations we found ourselves in, might help you in the future.Please don't make the same mistakes we did. Remember;"Agendas...right or wrong,noble or bad," are not allowed on the GC.com site.That is a quote from the GC representative that we dealt with during our suspension. That's it.We won't be responding any further. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE ! TeamSeekAndWeShallFind Carl & Kimberly
  10. We are the owners of the cache/deleted log in question.We haven't responded to this thread since it started and we will not get into our personal "issues" with the OP here now. What we will say however is we've been speaking with a representative from GC.com about the subject of log deletion and we've gone into it EXTENSIVELY over the course of the past 5 day.We told the rep THE WHOLE STORY. Trust me when I tell you that no matter how bad your situation might get with another cacher(s),you CANNOT delete their logs because of it.Cache owners ARE NOT ALLOWED to delete logs due to personal issues with other cachers.Period.They have assured us that they have reinstated many,many deleted logs because of this reason and they have assured us that they would do the same for us if our log(s) were deleted. If you delete someone's log because of a personal issue and that person contacts GC.com they WILL reinstate the log.So please,save yourself the trouble and don't delete the log. We went through every single aspect of the reason we deleted the log and GC.com does not care how ugly your personal situation is with the others involved.They might feel bad for you but that's about it. The only reasons cache owners can delete logs are listed in the cache placing guidelines under "Maintenance." So,we wrote a letter to the OP a few minutes ago and not only apologized for deleting her log and invited her to relog, but we also asked if we might make a fresh start and put the past behind us.We may never be friends but we need to at least respect eachother as fellow Geocachers. It's our hope that she'll respond in a positive way and we can move forward from here.If you have a situation going on with cachers in your area,why not take this time,the holiday season,to drop them a note and do the same. Wether you started the problems or they started the problems,if it's not life threatening serious,let it go. I will tell you that since writing the note and speaking to the representative from GC.com, we feel a whole lot better than we have during the past 5 days. Thanks for Listening...TeamSeekAndWeShallFind (I edited because I forgot to say that of course,we invited her to relog).We're not really privy to how forums work but we do know that editing is kind of frowned upon. Thank You
  11. This is a great topic! Who would've ever thought that reading about pens would be interesting? Wonder if they sell this one on Ebay? It looks great and the fact that you can hang it on your beltloop or whatever is a plus.Makes me think of the time I was carryin a pen in my cargo pants pocket and slipped on my last step coming out of a tree and got stabbed pretty good in the leg! Mark is still there ! Like that no bleed Sharpie too.Looks like that would be a good one for snow caching! Thanks for all the tips !
  12. This is easy.If you found 2 of these OBVIOUS and sad imitations of pipe bombs,muggles found the cache,know all about geocaching etc...,and planted them there just for this purpose. Hats off to them.Instead of stealing the cache or leaving some disgusting scribble in the log,they decided to be more creative. Mushroom marker? I don't think so!
  13. I'm already questioning your motive by your thread title and withholding key information that may explain the deletion.
  14. BadAndy,I agree TOTALLY with every word of your post ! Very well said ! I believe cachers themselves might be the eventual downfall of the sport.We're really bummed about the new rules.Kane County is huge and I'm looking at a KCFPD property map right now from 2006 and it owns(at that time,not sure how much new land they've purchased or how many preserves have been expanded),14,683 acres and approximately 50 preserves along with approximately 15 miles of our Great Western Trail,parts of our Fox River Trail that run through some of their preserves and a small part of our Prarie Path which runs from Elgin to Chicago(with tons of forks that go off in all sorts of directions). I don't know,it's just a sad day for us because we won't be placing caches in our own county.What's kind of funny is every preserve in the county already has at least 5 caches in it !!!
  15. Thank you for the very informative response.I started this topic for both reasons;to vent and to maybe acquire information about other states and counties,like the information you provided,to see where we stand amidst it all.It's all very interesting and in my opinion,Kane County is still looking OVERLY strict and a bit ridiculous with the rules that caches must be clear,a certain size,5 per preserve,no micros,renewal every year,meeting with fp personel. That's strict and I've only spoken to 9 other cachers that we know and NONE of them will be placing caches in Kane County again.Between 4 of them so far, almost 100 caches have been and will be archived and need to be picked up. As for Fish & Wildlife areas,we were NEVER able to put caches there under any circumstances and I'm really surprised that Florida allows caches in those areas there. Well,I learned a lot from your response so THANK YOU !
  16. Was this a stupid topic to start? Is this kind of thing commonplace,the norm ? I'm glancing around at topics and I've seen "permits" mentioned in the topic where the cachers found a cache that wasn't listed? We've cached in maybe 8 other counties and none have these rules but ours. No, Kane County is stupid. Jim
  17. We have 3 fairly inexpensive gpsr's:Etrex Summit HC,Etrex Venture HC and a plain old Etrex. I use the Summit and I love it.My better half carries the other 2 and he SWEARS,SWEARS,SWEARS by the less expensive one which is the plain old Etrex;$200 vs. $100. He says the Etrex takes longer to latch onto the satellites than his Venture and therefore it makes his compass read better? Wether this makes sense or not,we have not had a DNF since we started caching almost a year ago and him and his Etrex have an uncanny,very scary nack for finding micros everywhere and anywhere!! We were in the deep woods the other day with some serious canopy and it had just stopped raining,zero open sky,major cloudiness.We're in this serious mess of thousands of downed branches and humongous downed trees looking for a micro with one of those lovely clues that goes something like this,"Container is attached to a downed branch with a wire." Real nice when you're in the rainforest getting eaten alive by Mosquitos. Anyway,I got the Summit on and he's got the Venture on.After 10 he says (in not so nice words),"F"orget this!" and takes out the cheapo Etrex.He lays it down on a log,lets it latch onto the llites, it reads 4',BOOM cache is in his hand in 30 seconds.True story.He LOVES his Etrex.Most inexpensive but very reliable! Note:All gpsr's are accurate to within 15' no matter how expensive/inexpensive they are. The more expensive units only have more fancy stuff that you probably won't use anyway!
  18. Was this a stupid topic to start? Is this kind of thing commonplace,the norm ? I'm glancing around at topics and I've seen "permits" mentioned in the topic where the cachers found a cache that wasn't listed? We've cached in maybe 8 other counties and none have these rules but ours.
  19. Here in Kane County Illinois we now have to get a permit sticker for any/every cache we place.They've also limited the number of caches to 5 per preserve! These permits must be renewed every January and any cache found after January 1,2009 that doesn't have a permit affixed to it,will be "disposed of." Caches must be see-through and no larger than 4x8x12. If you want to place a cache you have to go out to the "potential" site with a Forest Preserve District employee! Are there any other counties out there like this? What's going to happen after January 1,2009? Are taxpayers going to be paying for Forest Preserve District personell to go Geocaching so they can pick up illegal caches ? We think there are a lot more serious things going on in our Forest Preserves than Geocaches.We've seen things going on in the woods that we never imagined but our county is worried about rogue Geocachers who might be planning on hiding that 6th cache or a cache without a permit sticker ? As Geocachers we've seen things out there that the KCFP people probably have no idea about but they seem to have targeted us instead of concentrating on "other things" that are taking place in our preserves,serious things! Cache owners in our county are now archiving handfuls of their caches at a time because they don't comply with the new rules. KCFP decided to take over our sport and the freedom of our sport.What about caches that have been around for years without causing a single problem? Shouldn't they be "grandfathered?" Caches the KCFP never knew existed? They say if they find them they're going to "dispose of them?" What about the all the journeys and experiences attached to those old caches?? What if these caches have Geocoins and/or TB's in them? They've just decided to come in and take over and the attitude is,"If you don't like it,too bad." We've only been caching for 1yr. 2 months but there are cachers in my county,like every county, who've been around since the beginning and I actually feel worse for them than I do for us and we really feel badly for cache owners in our county who have spent countless hours hiding numerous great caches in our preserves only to have to remove them now. We had just planned,2 days before these rules took place, to finally hide our first series along 10 miles of bike path, and just purchased a dozen ammo cans from Ebay.Now we can't hide them there because our containers are too big,not SEE-THROUGH and there's NO WAY we would EVER request a permit to hide a cache!! We own 1 cache,an adopted oldie from 2001 and THANK GOD it's not in Kane County. (Edit: I forgot to mention that micros are NOT ALLOWED because they don't have PERMIT STICKERS that are small enough!! They might allow them later when they get PERMIT STICKERS that'll fit !
  20. I really enjoyed reading some of the stories here. We've had many "interesting" moments but one that sticks out was what happened while we were doing "Scout Master",the final in the Boy Scout series. I would call it "The dumbest thing I ever did to reach a cache." Scout Master resides on a little island along the mighty Fox River.We took our inflatable fishing boat there,got out and started the 450' hike to the cache.All of a sudden,20' into the hike,our legs were ON FIRE!! When I say "on fire," I mean ON FIRE!! I was like "Man, are your legs burning?" He's goes "Yeah,what the hell is that?" Then the 'needles' started.On top of the intense,bone-deep burning it felt like a million tiny needles were being poked through our skin(mind you,we have heavy,army issue camo pants on!!). THEN the incredible itching started. Imagine burning,needles and itching all at the same time. We realize it must be the swarm of these very unassuming thigh high plants that must be causing this.They were EVERYWHERE and there was NO WAY around them.The island was covered in them like a blanket from end to end and everywhere inbetween!! We keep going and there's nothing else to think about except the burning.At one point it was so bad,I started pounding on my legs to make it stop.The pain from the pounding was better than what I was feeling.We reach the cache and as we had known from the satellite map,it was on the VERY EDGE of the island right at the water, and that edge was vacant of these plants.Problem was,when we took off from the shore on land the current was so rough we couldn't row across it sideways fast enough to end up at the edge of the island so we had to trek in from the spot we landed which was almost in the middle of the island. The moment we get out of the plants and stand at GZ,the burning starts to subside."Ahhhh.What a relief." We sign the log,trade swag and start the trek back.THE VERY MOMENT we stepped back into the plants it started all over again.This is where I started ballin' my head off. Yeah I know,there's no crying in geocaching right ? I used to think that too,but there is and this was the 3rd time I cried while geocaching!! First time was when I slipped in the wet leaves during a .4 hike in the woods and my knee SLAMMED down on a log and I thought I was gonna be crippled for life.That was last year and the knee still acts up anytime I hike over 8 or so miles.The 2nd time was when we got attacked by a SWARM of vicious,man-eating Mosquitos that flew around our heads,in our eyes,in our ears and in our mouths BUZZING AND BUZZING AND BUZZING!That was the first time we ever ran out of GZ and like the 2 fools we are,we went right back because this cache was #25 in a series of 25 that took us 7 hours to finish(Centennial Trail #25-Willow Springs to Lemont). Anyway,we can't find our boat so we ended up walking an extra 250' in the stuff.By the time we got to our boat I was crying like a baby and almost hyperventilating.Anyone and everyone up and down the river must've heard me.I was petrified to lift up my pants leg because I thought my legs were gonna be charred and covered with blisters.They weren't.They were only flaming red and after 10 minutes or so it started to cease.I later discovered,from the photos I managed to snap while crying,that the culprit was the Wood Nettle plant which shoots Folic Acid from the hairs on it's stems!! I was traumatized for life and since then have found the plant at several other caches and am petrified of it.It's been my mission to inform the Geocaching world of this evil,evil plant.I'm posting photos here so you'll recognize it.Hope I do it right
  21. WE DID! ABOUT 5.4 WORTH ON THE R. SCALE FROM BONE GAP!!! Teacher? Can we do a state to state comparison between indianalostland and Illinois cuz last time I checked,ILLINOIS had a lot o MONEY and indianavilleland didn't have any !
  22. No, nobody from Illinoise will talk to you. But, if you ever get to the Ft.Wayne INDIANA area, we'll be glad to take you caching with us!! Free hotdogs and Poptarts, too. Lots of long hikes in the woods and cemeteries, too. what's this guy's problem? I know,he lives in a broken down trailer in fort winn dixie and all he can afford is hotdogs and poortarts which obviously have WAY too much processed sugar.
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