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  1. Question... The OP seems sure this person was a fake/phoney/fraud posing as a U.S. Marshall so why is the badge from this LE office posted here ? http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=485883546408&set=a.416475396408.189323.379649931408
  2. You can't "find," something if you already know where it is. Logging your own caches or those you've helped hide as finds defies the entire premise of the game/sport and shouldn't be allowed. It's that simple. The more laid-back something is the more some people will take advantage.
  3. I used to get upset when spoilers were posted in found logs on our challenging hides. We would spend hours hiding a great cache and then the hide would be totally given away by the first finder. Deleting logs IS NOT the answer because, as stated above, the person who "gave away," the hide, most times, doesn't even realize it and probably did so because they were excited to find your challenging cache ! I have learned that deleting logs is both insulting and hurtful and I think blocking logs would induce the same feelings. Now, if someone posts what I think is a spoiler, I simply write to them and politely ask them if they wouldn't mind editing their post. I've never received a negative response and the logger has always edited their post. It's tough asking someone to edit their thoughts/words/experience, but if you do it in a polite and respectful manner, you'll get positve results. I used to think that protecting the "secret," of a cache was really important but I have since learned that it's more important to protect and respect your fellow cacher. Does that sound dorky ? This is just my experience and what I've learned.
  4. Instead of asking what your country can do for you.... ask what you can do for your country.
  5. We'd like to thank everyone who replied to our topic and ask a moderator to lock this thread at their convenience.
  6. We'd like to thank everyone who replied to our topic and ask a moderator to lock this thread at their convenience. Happy Caching !!
  7. This is a Red Morph Northern Screech Owl we encountered in Campton Hills Park, St. Charles, Illinois. This little guy is fully mature and stands only 8"-9" tall. His roost strangely is only 8' off the ground. My camera was 2' from his face and he didn't give a HoOt ! We found him while checking one of our caches. His roost was only 10' from our cache which has since been moved. He showed absolutely no fear of us for the 2 hours we were there. We've gone back several times to find him napping in the exact spot. The park district was so thrilled with our photos they're sending their ornithologist out there along with the President of the Kane County Audubon Society and the park's Restoration Manager. To spot one these little cuties so close to the ground is very rare and even more rare, according to the ornithologist, is the fact that it shows no fear of humans ! We're wondering if it got used to seeing geocachers hunting our cache ?? Anyway, we call him our Teacup Owl and he's one of the cutest things I've ever seen in my life and by far the coolest preserve sighting to date ! I got really excited because I recently did A TON of research for our Lure of the Wilderness: The Great Horned Owl cache in this park. This little owl looks EXACTLY like a mature Great Horned so it's size really threw me as young Great Horned's look like little old Ostrich's and Northern Screech's are typically grey and black. Turns out Northern Screech's come in several different colors in this area. The Red Morph was one I'd never heard of. Above you can see how he has elongated himself. He looks a lot "fluffier," in the first photo ? This is a camouflage tactic they use and by elongating themselves they blend in more with the branches of a tree. Pretty cute huh ? In the above photo you can better tell how small this little owl is ! This is either his roosting place where he sleeps during the day and hunts at night or he may be performing his spring duties whereas he's guarding a nest and helping the mother feed her young. When we first spotted him we thought another cacher was playing a joke on us by placing a fake owl in the tree because in this park we have a big fake Crow cache container at our Lure of the Wilderness: Caw of the Crow site !
  8. We can answer our own question... 2 weeks ago we went out to one of our series, it's 18 caches, to check on all the containers because the park had just done a burn and a MAJOR tree trimming. While at the park we not only checked to make sure all of our containers were still around but decided to check for wet logs that might need replacement. We live in an area that doesn't get lots and lots of visitors so we noticed something odd about the signatures almost immediately, starting with cache #1 in the series. We only noticed this particular person's signature because we've never seen it before. In the end, one particular cacher logged all 18 as finds on-line but only actually signed 3 of the logs. Scary thing about that is they also logged our new 20 cache series that we haven't even revisited yet ! What do you think the chances are that they're signature IS NOT on the logs ?? I think the chances are EXCELLENT ! They also logged a single cache at another park where we have the single cache and a 17 cache series. We visited the single cache log and guess what ? That's right ! NO SIGNATURE FROM THE SAME CACHER ! So, just for the fun of it, when we went for our Saturday walk last weekend we said, "Let's visit each cache log again only this time, let's write down all the signatures that are on the logs and compare them to the on-line found logs." There was NO WAY ON EARTH we thought we'd find anything but we did. 2 more cachers logged the entire series but did not sign all the logs. In the past when we brought up this same subject we got bombarded with replies like, "It's just a game," or ,"So what, who cares," or our particular favorite, "How can there be cheating when there aren't any rules?" There are lots of ways to, "cheat," in Geocaching but when a cacher(s) logs finds on-line and doesn't sign the log(s) I would say THAT IS DEFINATELY CHEATING ! For one, it doesn't do, "the cheater," any good except to rack up numbers and complete the smileys in a given location. Two, it's not fair to those cachers who actually take the time, do the hike, hunt the cache and sign the log. Three, it's not fair to cache owners, wether it's a single cache or a series of 18, who take the time, sometimes over days, to place caches. A lot of you will say what I stated above, "How can there be cheating when there are not rules ?" You're right, Geocaching doesn't have many rules but it does have ONE and that is YOU HAVE TO SIGN THE LOG TO CLAIM THE FIND ! When a cacher(s) violates that one rule, thereby cheating, they ARE NOT Geocachers because they cheat themselves, you and me ! It's so sad that someone would do this but it's the truth and it makes me wonder how many of you out there have NUMEROUS found logs posted on your hides where the person never even found your cache ! It happens more than you think because cachers are obsessed with racking up numbers more than they are about the challenge, the experience or the journey. If you don't care then you don't care about being part of a game/sport that's fair ! Edit: I wanted to add this... In one of the on-line logs from one of the other 2 cachers we discovered, "cheating," he talks about how it took him longer to find the cache than it should have blah-blah-blah and then he goes, "left a nice GC behind." Two days later another cacher comes along to the same cache FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF SWAPPING GEOCOINS and guess what ? That's right ! NO GEOCOIN in the cache ! Gee, what a surprise isn't it ? She goes on and on about how the coin is missing and she hopes it wasn't stolen etc... He left the part about the geocoin because he knew his log was a lie and in his consciousness of guilt wanted to make his log look really legit. After all, what cache owner, who might question his post, would think he was "cheating," if he left a geocoin ? It's all so sad isn't it ? See how "cheating," affects others ??
  9. I suppose I'll answer my own question with some information I received from a cacher via email. She uses an unpublished cache page to upoad photos to which is a great idea so you don't have a ton of pics listed with the little gold frame on your active cache pages. It seems, as of now, the photos will stay on your cache page if you delete the pics from the gallery but that might change. If you have cache pages like us with dozens of photos you might want to leave the pics in the gallery so you don't have to replace them down the road if they do disappear !
  10. If you upload images to a cache page gallery so you can put them on the cache page, do you have to then leave them in the gallery or can you delete them once their posted on the cache page ? What I'm trying to find out is if you delete them from the cache's gallery will they eventually disappear from the cache page ? Thank You
  11. Groundspeak has said that it has no intentions of closing the "back door" method, which allows regular members to log a premium member only cache without ever accessing the cache listing page. If you enjoy deleting logs from children, spouses and friends of premium members, you will need to find a new outlet to keep you happy. We asked a simple question and will no longer reply to rude comments but for your information we opened up 14 of our caches to a non premium member last month so a premium member's son could log the caches so before you post a rude comment why don't you find out the facts about the person you're directing the rudeness to.
  12. These were a popular ALR within twenty miles of my home coordinates, they are no longer allowed as ALRs: Additional Logging Requirement: You MUST be a subscriber to log or find this cache: Required Subscriber-Only Caches Some caches are only available to premium members. This has been a request of many geocachers who want to put more energy into designing a cache for dedicated geocachers. As the cache owner, you can make any of your caches "subscriber only," so folks will need a subscription to seek it out. ** This cache IS at the listed coordinates. (Note: member only caches may not be any better than public geocaches. Each cache is managed by their cache owner.) An audit log is a list of users who have viewed your premium member-only cache on the web site. Click on the user's name to visit their profile. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If your account user name does not appear on the Audit Log, your *find* will be removed. As a failsafe, I will check your profile page prior to removal. If you are a subscriber, and logging this cache the correct way, you WILL be on the cache audit list. If you are NOT a subscriber, and logging this cache an alternative way, you will NOT be on the cache audit list. So can a non PM log a PMO cache or not ? If they can, what's the point of PMO caches ? Don't get it. If we list all of our caches as PMO but GC.com/GS gives non PM's a back door way to log our caches it makes no sense. We've taken a ton of s*%$ because of all of our PMO caches. We thought we were supporting GC.com/GS. If GC.com/GS is giving non PM a backdoor to log or PMO caches PLEASE let us know. It makes no sense that we're getting beat up for having all PMO caches when the very entity we're supporting isn't backing us up.
  13. Is this for real? There's always a lame sob story(first time I have been physically able to.....) blah-blah-blah..... If you wanna log the PMO cache, then buy a membership. OMG !
  14. Have you found yourself or are you still looking? you obviously log your own caches.
  15. Have you found yourself or are you still looking? you obviously log your own caches.
  16. TOOOOOO MUCH COFFFFFFEEEEEEEEEEE! But still always fun to read. May be every one needs a coffee break now and then, instead of stressing over something that will not affect their lives in any way other then giving them selves a heart attack. I have never logged any of my own caches. My kids have their own accounts. I have logged some of their hides that I did not help with and the ones I did help with are just that. Ones I helped hide, so no smiley. As for the way others log. Why waist so much time and energy on how some one else lives their life or in this case plays a GAME. Will it give you a bigger paycheck? Will it change your life and how you live? (well in this case in may change your life by shortening it) I have hidden a lot of caches and I could care less if you log a bogus find on it. It’s your life and if that is how you wish to live. O Well! It won’t change mine or stop me from having the fun I HAVE GEOCACHING with my kids. That’s what this game is about. Corrections: Maybe......everyone....themselves....waste....someone else....and it's not, "I could care less," it's, "I couldn't care less..." and in closing it's, "Oh well," not, "O Well."
  17. If you wanna play the game, pay the host. The audit function is, "cool," for awhile but after you have so many caches hidden out there, you don't look at the log anymore. PAY THE MAN !!
  18. We live in the boonies where there's maybe a dozen cachers. Believe me, we notice the snub but we love the snub ! The snub proves that the snubber is intimidated by you for some reason. We have one snubber in particular who thinks he's a hard a** so here's what we did....We placed an evil micro hide 600' from the back door of his place of business !! One good snub deserves another !!!
  19. What kind of micro has room for a log AND a Zip-Lock Baggie ?? Not any micro I know of.
  20. We placed several caches in a subdivision in our area about 1 month ago. This subdivision is all million dollar homes. We had no idea there was a cemetery there until we drove around to the other side to check out the remaining part of the wetland that sits in the center of the subdivision. There stood maybe 8 headstones, 3 intact and readable, the rest either broken or so worn we couldn't make out the engravings. There are 2 huge mansions overlooking the plot. We would NEVER place a cache in or immediately next to this or any other cemetery. We walked approximately 1,500 ft. and placed our cache almost in the road. On the way in and out I took photographs of the graveyard and when we got home I started my research. Turns out one grave is that of a Civil War soldier, another is that of the first settler of the township and another is that of the infant son of the township's Justice of the Peace. In my quest for information, specifically about the Civil War soldier, I purchased a 1 year membership to a Civil War site just to find out how he died . The story is long and extremely intriguing and the cache page has taken me about 3 weeks to create. When I'm done it will tell the story of each individual who lays at rest in what was once, "Round Grove Cemetery." Hours and hours of research. Long story short...This is the right way to do it if you're going to place a, "cemetery cache." Show respect for those who are at rest there. Our cache titled, "My Soldier," will be published this week.
  21. I'll respond to this by first stating that all of the above questions are not from someone who is," fairly new to caching." Ok, here's the logic behind why all of our caches are PMO....First: We spend our hard earned money on containers, camo tape, paint, wire, logbooks, pens/pencils, swag etc...Second:We spend hours over days in the field placing our hides. Third: I spend hours on our cache pages, take a look. Fourth: We visit/maintain our caches on a regular basis which is why we have ZERO, "Needs Maintenance," logs posted on our cache pages. Fifth: Foremost, we use the GC.com site EVERY SINGLE DAY and so we pay for it. If you want to hunt our caches cough up the $30 for the year and pay your dues to the site. Most of you spend more than that in a week at Starbucks ! We spend the cash and put out the effort to hide our caches so if you want to hunt them you have to spend the cash too. Why should you get to hunt our hides for free ? Why should you get to use the site for free ? Tell me about one other thing in your life that's free ! If all 75 of our caches sat forever with nobody looking for them because nobody wanted to cough up the $30, then so be it, they would sit.
  22. Have you ever played a card game at a friend's house and the guy sitting next to you peeks at your cards and cheats ? Also, to say, "If GC didn't want people to log finds on their own caches they would make it so you can't," is so completely ridiculous, I'm rendered speechless....which takes a lot ! If 7-11 didn't want customers to steal their deli sandwiches they would lock em' up ! You can steal their sandwiches right ? They're not locked up ?? Why don't you steal them...after all, you can !!! Because IT'S WRONG that's why !!!
  23. Ugghh. I have never in my life witnessed so many twisted tales about making a wrong a right ! It's truly amazing what people come up with. Slice it. Dice it. Chop it up. Spin in this direction. Spin it in that direction. Twist it. Turn it. Chew it up and spit it out but it still comes out the same....LOGGING YOUR OWN CACHES IS WRONG ! I haven't told my grandmother where my caches are hidden but maybe I'll log all 75 of them as finds and say she found them and sign her name to the logs.....TeamSeekAndWeShallFind's Grandma !! We share the same account.
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